Wizard 439

Chapter 439 With Christina in the Office, Part One

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 After seeing Alvin off, Christina returned to the office. She had other things to do, such as checking the report on the results of Shinji and his team’s work.

 Of course, Christina is not the only one who returns to her room. She is accompanied by Akane, the head maid. Needless to say, this is to avoid being alone with Shinji.

 (Actually, I would have preferred Enrica and Terentia…)

 They are Christina’s clear allies, but they have their hands full with Alvin and Milis. So, Akane, who was trained as a maid by the Beltz family, is chosen because she would not leave Christina alone with Shinji.

 This choice is not a mistake. Shinji and Christina are never alone in the office. However, it is a wrong choice in terms of the deterrence she expected.

 The work is done with a minimum of conversational interaction. After an hour or so, when the sounds of crunching letters and turning papers echo through the office, Shinji makes a move.

 ”Let’s take a break, shall we?”

 ”…I don’t need a break. Shinji-san, please go ahead.”

 Shinji stands up from his seat and approaches Christina, who continues to look through the documents without even looking at him. Christina expects Akane to be there to prevent Shinji from making any easy moves, but against her expectations, she doesn’t prevent Shinji from placing his hands on both of Christina’s shoulders.

 ”Tina should join us”

 ”What…! Akane-san, this is… ah…♡ This feeling again…♡”

 An aching sensation rises in the pit of her stomach. And with the activation of the lewd crest, Shinji moved his hands from her shoulders and caressed her breasts on her dress, making her weak to resist.

 And most of all, Christina found it puzzling that Akane, a servant of Alvin, was not surprised or protesting at the outrageous act of touching her master’s fiancée, but rather reacting by staring at Shinji with half-open eyes.

 ”Shinji-san… is Christina-sama also?”

 ”Yeah. Don’t tell Alvin.”

 ”I can’t tell him, can I? But please have s*x with me again.”

 ”What… you…!? Besides me, you’ve done this to others…! Fuah~♡ Ahh~♡ Stop~♡”

 Akane’s words make Christina angry, thinking that Shinji had forced his way into her. However, her anger is quickly dissipated by the pleasure she feels.

 Her body, which has been developed through repeated s*xual intercourse with Shinji, is easily sensitive, and if Shinji tweaks her nipples a little, she is unable to think or speak.

 (My body is going crazy…♡)

 Shinji’s fingertips slowly, slowly caress Christina nipples. The pleasure is weak and frustrating, perhaps because she is wearing a dress. body shakes as I try to rub my nipples in time with his finger movements. Akane understands that Christina’s actions are different from her repulsive words, and that she is becoming addicted to s*x with Shinji.

 ”I have been with Akane since before Alvin became a nobleman. I told him about my relationship with Akane because I thought it would prove that I wasn’t after his fortune.”

 ”What… do you mean? Ahh…♡”

 ”Tina still thinks I’m after the Wolf family fortune, right?”

 Christina silently shakes her head in affirmation. Shinji continues his story as the sound of Christina’s repeated hot breaths echo through the room.

 ”Before he became nobles, I could fool him as much as I wanted if Akane and I cooperated with each other. But we didn’t do it. Tina saw the proof of that, didn’t she?”

 ”Haah…♡ Haah…♡ Mmm…♡”

 ”That’s because I don’t ask for more money than I need. Now that he is a nobleman, it’s the same. I’d rather have Christina’s body than his fortune.”

 ”Oh, really…♡ Hah, mmm…♡ Really, that’s the only reason…?”

 Christina, who has been suspicious of Shinji, finally begins to understand that he is not after the Wolf family fortune, but Christina herself. The revelation of Akane’s existence is so significant for her because it must not be revealed.

 While she thinking this, Christina’s shorts are getting wet before she knew it. Shinji continues to stroke her nipples as she rubs her knees together in discomfort and vaginal urgency.

 ”I don’t want the Wolf family to fall. I just need my workplace to prosper. So, I’m counting on Tina’s ability to do that.”

 ”What you’re saying is a mess… fuaah…♡ If Al-sama knew about this… Ah…♡”

 ”You know, Tina’s a great girl with a great body rather than your fortune. You’re worth the risk. And I don’t care about your money.”

 ”I’m not happy to hear your praise…♡”

 Christina said exactly what she thought. She had no intention of pretending. But her body is delighted to be praised by Shinji, the man who gives her the greatest pleasure.

 (No…♡ Why am I so wet…♡ I’m not even happy…♡ He’s such a lousy man…♡ Why do I want him…♡)

 Christina feels her love juices dripping down her thighs and onto the chair. Her body’s reaction is different from her mind, which puzzled her a lot. But she is relieved that Shinji’s purpose is clear: he wants Christina, not her fortune.

 Above all, she does not feel bad when Shinji, who is a good wizard even though she hates him, says that she is worth more than the Wolf family fortune.

 Christina, who has never been passionately seduced by Alvin, is overwhelmed by Shinji’s willingness to embrace her at all costs, even at the risk of sin.

 She thinks that there is no way she can compete with such a strong willed man. Thus, this is the first time, a crack appears in Christina’s will to defy him at all costs for the sake of the Wolf family.

 (If I… be… patient… this man will work for the Wolf family… If only I could be patient…♡)

 When there are cracks in her resolve, her thoughts begin to flow in the direction of convenience. She will have every reason to be embraced by Shinji. While she thought his, Shinji puts his face close to Christina’s ear.

 ”I have to leave the house soon. Once I leave, I won’t be back until nightfall. So… stand up, Tina.”

 ”…~♡ I understand…♡”

 I can’t go to work with this impatience in my heart. For now, she thinks she has no choice but to endure and be embraced.

 Making excuses in her mind, Christina gets up from her chair to be embraced by Shinji.


 In the office.

 She tells Christina about her relationship with Akane and says that she is not in it for her fortune but for Christina’s body.

 Christina can’t understand Shinji’s desire to do such a thing, even if it means doing something shady.

 In the background, Akane plays the role of an assistant. She is always doing what Shinji asks her to do. She appears in a few scenes at…

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