Wizard 440

Chapter 440 With Christina in the Office, Part Two

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 Christina stands up from the chair as Shinji asks her to do. She has no energy to refuse the s*xual act itself. After all, her body is also so eager for the man that her secret parts are dripping so much love juice that it soaks the chair.

 She also had a dark expectation of the pleasure she would get from being held by Shinji standing behind her.

 ”…Doing it this early in the day…♡”

 ”That’s also good. Maybe the good girl Tina doesn’t understand.”

 ”Of course, I don’t know… mmm…♡ The tip… Ah…♡”

 Shinji hugs Christina and their bodies are pressed together. The hardness of the cock pressed against her, his hand gripping her right breast and his fingers rubbing her nipple, which is so swollen that you can see it through her dress.

 Christina makes a weak, sweet sound and she has never felt such an initial resistance that makes her body tense up. This good sign made Shinji laughs because she is beginning to accept the idea of being made love to.

 ”Umm, at least let Akane out… I don’t want her to see us doing it…”

 ”Why would I let Akane out? Even though she know that you’re alone with me.”

 ”That’s true, but… I don’t want to be seen…”

 Christina is worried about the way Akane is looking at her. For her, it’s unbearable to have her adulterous acts witnessed by the maid of the house. Even if it was known that she had an affair with Shinji, there was a big difference between being seen and being known.

 ”It can’t be helped. Akane, could you turn your head away for a minute?”

 ”Yes, Shinji-san.”

 ”Tina come this way”

 ”Huh! That’s a window…!”

 ”Do you mind closing the curtains?”

 Akane turns toward the entrance of the room and Shinji goes to the window of the office while hugging Christina. Shinji closed the curtains without waiting for Christina answer. Then, when Christina turned around with a look of protest, she saw Shinji’s eyes glinting in hers.

 ”It’s a little darker now. Is that all right?”

 ”…Do whatever you want…”

 If Shinji had wanted to, he could have given Christina the humiliation of being held in a well-lit room with Akane watching. But he did not do that and gave her what she wanted. Christina is not so stupid that she does not understand that.

 This unexpected attention from the unimpressive Shinji makes Christina feel obliged to do what he will ask. She puts her hands on the wall and opens her legs lightly, and Shinji also pulls down his pants and underwear behind her, exposing his erect cock. He doesn’t forget to pull up Christina’s long skirt and pull down her panties to her knees. After preparing this, Shinji slowly inserts his cock into her.

 ”Nnnn… Aaaaahhh…♡”

 Her secret part, which was soaked with her love juices, easily accepted the penetration. Her vagina remembers Shinji’s cock, and she happily accepts the most pleasurable object while it undulates to lead it deeper and deeper into her vagina. When the penetration is over and Christina’s peach butt touch Shinji’s hips, she exhales in ecstasy at the presence of the cock filling her vagina.

 Akane, who overhears Christina’s breath, thinks, “She must feel really good from the bottom of her heart,” and steals a glance at them.

 ”Mmm…♡ Fuaah…♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡ No, not at the same time…♡ oh, Ah… Ah… Mmm…♡”

 (Wow… Christina-sama doesn’t resist at all… She must have been embraced so many times already…)

 Shinji holds Christina, who was standing, from behind. He grabs her breasts with both hands and squeezes the soft swell with his five fingers, sometimes rubbing and pinching the hard tips.

 His hip movements are at a very gentle pace, seeming more like pleasuring her than subduing her.

 The effect is so effective that Christina is now overwhelmed by the slow movement and the two points of her breasts.

 (Why is it so different from usual…♡ Ah, this… this, this slow one, no…♡ He knows what’s nice…♡)

 It’s not the kind of thing that tries to make her give in and crush her, but the kind of pleasure that Christina’s head can handle. It’s not just about the pleasure, but about the use of the hips to know that it feels good to be rubbed here, to be poked there, and so on. Her vagina, which has been accustomed through repeated s*x, firmly clamps down on Shinji’s lady-killer’s cock and enjoys the pleasure.

 ”Tina’s vagina is in good shape. It looks like you’re finally getting used to my size.”

 ”Ah~♡ That kind of thing… Nnhha~♡ No, just don’t poke here…♡ Ah, ah…♡”

 ”Tina, your hips are moving too. It must feel good to move together like this, right?”

 The whisper makes Christina aware of her unconscious movement. She stops moving when Shinji points this out, but her hips move again when Shinji pokes her deep inside the vagina.

 Once she becomes aware of the pleasure that comes from their combined movements, Shinji’s gentle hips are not enough. So, she begins to move her hips with clear intention before she is completely consumed by the pleasure.

 Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound!

 The rhythmic slapping of Shinji’s hips against Christina’s ass echoed through the office. Shinji licks the sweat from Christina’s neck, which is hidden behind her golden hair, leaving a mark on her spotless skin. She doesn’t know it’s an act that leaves a mark, and all she can do is shiver at the tickle.

 ”Ah…♡ Ah…♡ What, what happened…♡”

 ”Don’t worry about it. You’re about to cum. Maybe I’ll cum too…”

 ”Why… Mmm~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ This… This is…♡ This is so hard…♡ Ah~♡”

 The pace of Shinji’s hips remains the same, but his hips have changed to a more forceful, deep-throating thrust for ejaculation. This change is perfectly matched by Christina’s debauched vagina.

 The tightening of the vagina with each push of the glans against the uterus is like an appeal to ejaculate in the deepest part of her body. Christina’s thoughts melted as the pleasure ran from her womb to the tip of her head.

 (This~♡ is the most amazing thing~♡ This~♡ This is~♡ very good…♡ It’s so good and so fluffy~♡)

 Because of her cracked resolve, there is no way Christina can stand it, and she climaxes with an inarticulate cry.

 ”~~~♡ Ah~♡ Fuaaah~♡ Ah~♡”

 Shinji’s ejaculation is almost simultaneous with Christina’s vaginal come. So, the hot semen poured into her climaxing vagina, filling her uterus to the brim.

 She not only accepted the cum but also climaxed while pressing her peach ass against Shinji’s waist. While they are connected in the deepest connection, Shinji hugs her from behind and she could feel his muscularity.

 At the same time Christina climaxed, her hated partner whispered in her ear.

 ”That was great, Tina…”


 His voice was filled with the sincere satisfaction of her labor. That voice tells Christina how good it felt, and how much pleasure she felt from knowing that the other person was also holding her.

 Maybe that’s why. The reason why she let out words of affirmation that the real Christina would never say.

 ”…Me too…♡”

 One word. But still just one word. Shinji hears the small word and smiles with satisfaction. The smile is felt by Christina without her having to turn around, and she finally remembers that the man smiling behind her is not the man she loves (Alvin) and regains her composure.

 ”If you’re done, please go back to your work…”

 ”Oh, sure, of course…”


 Shinji pulls out his cock, which remains firm even after his ejaculation, and Christina feels a strange sense of loss. For her, it was normal to be held continuously and treated in such a way. That is why she feels unsatisfied…

 (Why I feel so bad that he’s leaving… Even though it’s only for a moment…)

 Shinji casts a spell on Christina’s clothes, cleans her soaked shorts and dress, and pulls them up and puts them on her before the semen drips from her pussy.


 ”Well, good luck with your work, Tina”

 Shinji, who has finished getting ready, turns his back on Christina, who is absolutely mortified, and walks out of the office. Christina stares at him with her face red with shame until she can no longer see Shinji’s back as he leaves, promising to make it up to Akane.

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