Wizard 441

Chapter 441 Christina’s Body can’t Reject

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 After being held by Shinji in the office, Christina is forced to continue her work with semen in her womb. She cannot have a conversation with Akane, who is working without knowing her, and so Christina goes about her work in silence.

 As a fiancée, Christina does not have the right to make decisions on the Wolf family business. However, with Alvin and Milis’ approval, Christina’s decision-making power in the Wolf family is already like that of a second wife.

 Therefore, it is understandable. There is nothing wrong with Shinji’s work with Akane, who turns out to be his collaborator. When he says that he is not after the property, but Christina’s body, he really means it.

 (I really don’t understand… It’s not like he likes me and wants to take me away from Al-sama, he just wants to hold me. It doesn’t make any sense…)

 Christina, a proper noblewoman, would never think about Shinji’s way of living as a succubus’s child. His way of life is the opposite of the aristocratic way of life that prioritizes the interests of the family.


 ”Yes. May I help you, Christina-sama?”

 ”…Well, why are you helping him? You know this is unforgivable…”

 Akane closes her eyes at the question because she doesn’t understand it. Recalling the horror of her past, her body no longer trembles with fear.

 Still, the dreadful experience has not been erased. However, she is no longer a pathetic woman stained by monsters, but a woman who has been dyed by Shinji in body and soul.

 ”I am sorry, Christina-sama. I can’t tell you why, but I can only say that it is my role to fulfill Shinji-san’s wishes, no matter how small.”

 Akane’s smiling eyes are so strong that Christina can sense her will not to talk no matter what. Those are not the eyes of someone who is being threatened and forced to listen to what Shinji says, but rather the eyes of someone who is speaking her true intentions.

 ”…I see.”

 Christina gave up and concentrated on her work, realizing that it was impossible to find out anything about Shinji no matter what she asked.

 After that, Christina’s maid changed from Akane to Terentia. Even when Shinji is away, Christina does not leave her hired maids by her side, and this does not change when Shinji and the others return home at nightfall.

 Christina is alert for Shinji’s approach, but he does not come near her, and after taking a bath, she goes to bed and is able to fall asleep.

* * *

 Christina always wanted to have Enrica or Terentia by her side, but there are times when this is not possible. It was when Christina was working in the office.

 The maids think that they are safe as long as Akane, the head maid, is there. Therefore, during Christina’s office hours, they leave the office to take care of Christina’s room and the mansion.

 Christina wants to ask the maids for help, but she is unable to do so because of the lewd crest, and Shinji appears just in time to see them off. Once in the office, she has no way to escape.

 Now, Shinji’s touch is enough to make her crotch wet and her power to resist is taken away. Then, once he inserts his cock into her, she becomes a prisoner of the pleasure he gives her, rocking her hips and clenching her vagina, begging for cum.

 It has been three days since Alvin left, and not a day has passed without Shinji’s cum. Alvin had said he would be back in a few days, but thanks to the enthusiastic welcome he has received in the villages, he has not been able to go back as expected. The letter explaining the situation had arrived the day before, and today there was another one.

 ”Alvin and the others are coming back tomorrow.”

 ”Haah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Finally~♡ Al-sama is back…♡ Ah~♡”

 On this day, Christina is being held by Shinji while standing back. Her vagina, which had learned how to pleasure Shinji’s cock after the s*x they had had every day, was tightening, giving Shinji a pleasant sensation of pleasure.

 ”This is the last time I can hold Tina in the office today. It’s a shame.”

 ”Finally~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Too strong~♡ Ah~♡ Haah~♡”

 ”You like this position so much that you’re willing to shake your hips. Well, Tina is only honest with her body.”

 Christina, who has resigned herself to being called Tina, blushes up to her ears in shame. Her body reacts even though she knows Shinji is speaking mean words on purpose.

 ”Shut up…♡ Why don’t you just… move your hips~♡ Mmm~♡ Ah~♡ Don’t~♡ That place~♡”

 Christina’s hips are becoming more and more proficient. She moves her hips in time with Shinji’s pistons, pressing her peach ass against his hips. She has learned that this feels the best, and she responds even more when he knocks on her weak spot.

 ”Ah…♡ It’s good…♡ Mmm…♡ That place…♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡ I’m cumming…♡ I’m going to cum…♡ Cumming~♡”

 Christina’s mouth is full of lewd words. And having learned from her lewd dream, there was no way for Shinji to discipline her again.

 Then, as a matter of course, he ejaculated inside her vagina.

 Today, too, Shinji’s satisfied sigh was blown into Christina’s ear as she was entranced by the heat of the abundant cum poured into her.

 ”Ah…it feels so good… it’s the best”

 ”…Me too… It felt good…♡”

 Such words, which should have been unpleasant, soaked into Christina’s euphoric body and mind. Apparently, repeated sharing of happiness day after day was gradually peeling away the armor of her heart.

 She even said in front of Shinji that s*x feels good, something that the old Christina would never have said. Though she still thinks Shinji is a jerk.

 After Shinji pulls out his p*nis, he cleans himself with magic and begins to talk to Christina, who doesn’t hesitate to pull up her panties before the semen drips out of them.

 ”When Alvin and the others come back, we can report that the heavily damaged farmland has been cleaned up”

 ”…Yes. Although much earlier than planned. Thanks to you, all the urgent matters have been taken care of.”

 ”Though, you got a little carried away.”


 Christina glares at Shinji’s words. However, the look in her eyes was not as sharp and disgusting as before, but more of a sense of shame that she should not say such an embarrassing thing. The proof is that she is blushing up to her ears.

 ”This will make them think it’s fine to leave the territory for a while. Alvin wanted to have a wedding, and I think they’ll say they’ll go home soon.”

 ”That’s right. We should prepare for that…”

 Christina thinks about the arrangements needed for the Alvin’s wedding party. But, Shinji pats her buttocks as she thinks seriously about it.

 ”…Please, don’t interrupt me…♡”

 Christina frowned, but she did not shake his hand off.

 Christina had been through this once before.

 Her resistance to s*x has decreased, and she has reached a certain point of degradation where she no longer feels rejection of physical contact.


 <The man who forcibly embraced me, whom I hated>


 <A weirdo and a jerk. But he is good at s*x and is indispensable for the development of the territory>

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