Wizard 442

Chapter 442 Arrangements for Returning Home

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 Alvin and the others had returned to the Lord’s house in the morning of the next day. Now, Alvin, Milis, Christina, Shinji, Renka, Emily, and Akane are in the office.

 Alvin and Milis are talking about the situation in the villages they have visited, and Shinji and the others are listening to them.

 ”And that’s what happened. We were welcomed very well because Shinji and Emily had done the work in the territory before us!”

 ”They were really happy to see us! Thank you, Shinji-san and Emily-chan.”

 Shinji cleared the farmland that had been ravaged by the monsters, and Emily’s well-trained soldiers defeated the monster that were surrounding the villages.

 Villagers who were forced to evacuate from their villages due to the monsters felt relieved to have the presence of the lords’ soldiers to help them defeat the monsters, and it was natural that they were grateful to the Lord (Alvin) who sent them.

 Of course, in the past, soldiers had been sent from the country. However, the people had the impression that Alvin’s soldiers, who had risen to power through force of arms, were stronger than those sent by someone unknown.

 In fact, the area around the village is now safer than before, as some of Alvin’s admirers have become soldiers.

 ”I will continue to train the soldiers well! Leave the management of the army to me!”

 Alvin and Milis nodded to Emily who patted her chest with a big smile. As they went around the villages, they saw firsthand the work of Emily’s trained soldiers.

 They behaved in a manner befitting of a legionnaire, and it seemed safe to trust Emily to lead them in the future.

 ”We were in a hurry this time. But, next time I would like to take it a little slower. It was tiring and I think we should hire another wizard to help us.”

 Shinji is not too pleased when the people thank him. Though, it was worth the effort to visit the village every day.

 But with Shinji alone, when problems occur, he has to deal with them in turn. Shinji says that he can’t handle problems that occur in more than one place.

 ”If you can do this kind of work, Shinji-san alone should be enough, unless something happens to you, right? The cost of maintaining a good wizard is high and puts a strain on the coffers. Al-sama, even if you hire a wizard, it would be better to hire him only after the territory is settled and tax payments can be expected from the people.”

 ”…Hmm… you’re right, Christina-san.”

 Christina, who was speaking in an orderly and logical manner, looked at Shinji sideways and broke off her opinion. Shinji also looked at Christina sideways but did not say a word.

 However, if it is said that the atmosphere is not so bad, it is not so. Rather, there is a good sense of unreservedness, as if there is no problem in saying harsh things, and Shinji shrugs his shoulders and makes a pose of surrender.

 Alvin can’t help but laugh at the two of them.

 ”Haha, Shinji can’t beat Chris either!”

 ”Yeah. Alvin will get a strong wife. Christina-san will see problems that we don’t even know we have.”

 Christina gives a half-lidded look at Shinji as he says something unnecessary.

 ”Al-sama was right, Shinji was an excellent wizard and treasurer. So, we need him to work hard. Don’t you agree with it, Al-sama?”

 ”Yes. Shinji, don’t talk too much…”

 ”Huff, I stirred a hornet’s nest”

 ”I’ll make sure I’m going to work on my schedule”

 Alvin and the others laughed because Shinji seemed to be out of his depth. It would never have occurred to them that Shinji and Christina, who have been at each other’s throats as if they were dogs and cats, had been having intercourse every day until the day before they came home.

 ”Speaking of plans, Al-sama. The rest is up to the hard work of the people”

 ”Is that so? Then, Chris…”

 ”Yes. If Al-sama and the others return to their hometown, it will not be a problem. While Al-sama is away, I, Emily and Akane will take care of the house.”

 As the second wife, Christina will be Alvin’s deputy, Emily will oversee the soldiers, and Akane will be in charge of the house in general. The roles had been discussed before Alvin’s return.

 So, during the period when Alvin and the others returned to their hometown, had a wedding, and came back to the territory, these roles can be handled without any problem.

 ”Thank you, Chris! Okay, Mil! Renka! Shinji! Let’s get ready to go back!”

 ”Al, calm down! Let’s just wait a couple more weeks and see if anything happens, okay?”

 Renka stopped Alvin who was so happy. The two-week wait had been discussed beforehand with Christina and the others.

 To begin with, Alvin and Milis had gone out to patrol the territory as soon as they arrived. They thought they should spend a reasonable amount of time in their own territory before returning home immediately.

 ”Well, I’m going to stay in my hometown for a while and I think I should go through the Lord’s work in <Bejin> before I do that.”

 ”Al-kun. I think you should write first and tell them you are leaving.”


 Alvin turned red as he was stopped not only by Renka but also by Shinji and Milis, who tried a perfect spin.

 ”It’s been a while since we’ve seen a pattern of Al’s outbursts, hasn’t it?”

 ”Well, well. That’s how much he wants to have the wedding with Milis as soon as possible.”

 ”Geez, Al-kun…”

 Shinji and Renka look at Alvin warmly, as if remembering his vigorous days before he became an aristocrat. Milis smiles wryly and there is no one to follow Alvin’s lead.

 Thus, Alvin and the other decided to stay in <Bejin> for a while before they return to their hometown, and Alvin, who had been in a state of flux ever since he was given a territory, finally had time to spend peacefully.

 Alvin and Milis had returned.

 Thanks to the hard work of Shinji and the other members of the team, the major problems have been taken care of. All that is left is to solve the daily problems as Lord.

 Shinji and Christina exchange a few words in front of Alvin.

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