Wizard 443

Chapter 443 Christina, Alvin and

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 A week has passed since Alvin returned to the Lord’s mansion.

 It has been a peaceful week indeed. Alvin has been spending a meaningful time around Bejin town, interacting with the townspeople, recruiting a knight belonging to the Wolf family, training with the soldiers, and taking up horseback riding as a hobby.

 Milis and Christina are mostly making arrangements after their homecoming. Their wedding in their hometown will be held only with their family and local people, and the Wolf family needs to have a reception party on another day, which is the most difficult thing to prepare.

 To be honest, this is a world that Milis does not understand at all, and Christina is the main person in charge of the preparations, and Milis is the one who hears from Christina and approves it.

 ”I’m sorry, Chris-san… I have to rely on you all the time… Although I’m the main wife, I don’t know anything about manners and etiquette…”

 ”This is something that can’t be helped. The manners and rules of nobility are not something you learn quickly. Mil-san, please memorize this invitation list next. Let’s check and memorize the seating as well.”

 ”I-I’ll do my best…!”

 Christina smiles at Milis, who is staring at the documents with such concentration that smoke seems to be coming out of her head, and picks up the next document to be processed in the office.

 Suddenly, Christina’s eyes leave the documents. Milis tilts her head at her, looking unusually dumbfounded.

 ”Chris-san? Is something wrong?”

 ”Hmm? I’m sorry. Maybe I’m a little tired. Maybe I should take a break?”

 ”Yes~♪ Akane-san, please prepare everything.”

 ”Understood, Madam.”

 Milis believed Christina’s words, but Akane could tell it was a lie. Akane does not bother to point it out, though.

 (Why do I remember… After all, I don’t have to be pressured here anymore…)

 Christina was looking at the wall, the place where Shinji held her when Alvin and the others were away. With her hands on the wall, Christina has never been able to forget the pleasure she felt from behind as she stood there.

 Since Alvin’s return, Christina has not been held by Shinji. She keeps Enrica or Terentia by her side when she is in the office. She knew that Shinji would not press her in the presence of other people’s eyes.

 ”Here you are, Christina-sama.”

 ”…Thank you, Akane.”

 A cup of steaming tea was placed in front of her, and when she thanked her, Akane gave her a perfect and presentable bow. The reason why she is in a good mood and strangely glamorous is obvious to Christina by the red mark on her neck like an insect bite that she sees for a moment.

 (He really does whatever he wants…! How many women is he having relations with?)

 Considering Shinji’s tactics, Christina is not so dull that she can’t imagine that he is having relations with other women besides Akane. But she did not expect that Milis, who is right in front of her, was involved.

 The more she thinks about Shinji, the more frustrated Christina becomes. It is not only frustration. Knowing the happiness of being held by Shinji, her body, which has blossomed as a woman, is now frustrated and longing for that happiness again.

 Christina’s body has been made so that when she comforts herself, it is no longer enough, but her heart has not fallen so far that she desires Shinji.

 What will she do?

 It is a rule of nobles not to have physical relations until they are married and become a couple, but Christina is now working as a second wife and is treated as such.

 They are practically a married couple. That is how Christina sees it. Therefore, she has decided…

 ”Mil-san, I have something important to tell you…”

 ”What is it? Christina-san.”

 Christina says in a quiet voice to Milis while she is drinking tea in a very beautiful way, as if taking a break was also an exercise in manners.

 ”…I want to be united with Al-sama before Al-sama and the others return to the hometown… will you forgive me…?”

 She tells his main wife, Milis, that she wants to sleep with Alvin.

* * *

 That evening. Christina sits on her bed in her room waiting for Alvin’s visit. After receiving permission from Milis, Christina invites Alvin to visit her, but she still feels uneasy at the thought of her beloved’s arrival.

 (I-I hope there’s nothing wrong… Enrica and Terentia both said this would be fine…)

 Right now, Christina wears shorts and a thin, transparent white babydoll. The fabric is thick enough to cover only the tip of her panties, but the rest of her body is almost completely exposed.

 She is too embarrassed to wear such outfit, and she could not wait for Alvin without the gown.

 Her only concern is that Shinji has taken her virginity. She has an excuse, of course. It pains her to lie, but if Alvin is concerned about it, she has a bleeding spot from a horseback-riding practice. Maybe that’s when it “ripped”.

 ”Chris, can I come in?”

 ”Y-Yes. Al-sama, come in…!”

 Alvin enters the room after Christina gave her permission. When he sees Christina, he clears his throat.

 She is a noblewoman, the exact opposite of her daytime appearance of dignity, dressed only to be embraced by a man. Her well-groomed golden hair, her soft breasts, her skin behind her transparent babydoll, her slender but comfortable body… everything arouses Alvin.

 ”Chris… You look beautiful…”

 ”Al-sama…♡ I’m so happy…♡”

 Alvin’s hands remove her gown and Christina is pushed down on the bed. In close contact, Alvin and Christina look at each other and finally kiss each other.

 (Al-sama…♡ I love…♡ The kiss, I’m so happy…♡)

 The hand of the loved one touches Christina’s body. She lets out a gasp of ecstasy at the comfort. However, it is not long before she can no longer feel the happiness of the touch.

 ”Ah, mmm… Al-sama… mmm, mm…”

 ”*Pant* *Pant*… Chris…!”

 Alvin’s finger caresses Christina’s fully developed body, but Christina can’t get enough of it. It feels good, but it is frustrating and makes her want more.

 Still, without expressing or saying a word of dissatisfaction, Christina lets Alvin take care of her. She believes that Alvin will make her feel as good as Shinji does.

 (Somehow, it’s going to work…!)

 Alvin, on the other hand, is relieved that his cock has somehow become hard. He was worried if he wouldn’t be able to get an erection, since he couldn’t tell Christina about his s*xuality.

 As it turned out, it remained hard enough to be inserted. Although Christina’s sweet voice is a little muffled, her body, which had been developed by Shinji, is easily wet and already more than wet enough.

 ”Chris… Please keep up the good work. I love you.”

 ”Al-sama…♡ I love you too…♡ Mmm…♡”

 The cock is inserted. Alvin’s hips collide with Christina’s before he can reach her innermost depths.

 ”It’s in…! Chris’s vagina is so tight… It feels so good…!”

 ”Al-sama… are you all the way in…?”

 ”Ah… Chris, does it hurt? “

 ”Yes… it’s okay, Al-sama, you can do whatever you want…”

 ”Okay. I’ll take it slow…”

 Alvin and Christina embrace each other head-on. Christina feels happy to be wrapped in the arms of the man she loves, and she also feels pleasure as he begins to move slowly.

 While she feels warmth in her chest from Alvin’s care and tenderness, her body clearly feels “not enough”.

 Unlike Milis, Christina has only known Shinji’s cock since she started from a succubus’s dream until her real body was corrupted. Her body, which has tasted the cock that makes even a succubus squeal, and has been immersed in the most wonderful pleasure, cannot be satisfied with Alvin any more.

 But on the other side, the tightness of her vagina, which Shinji has trained, causes Alvin to quickly fall. Alvin’s strength is also much weaker than Shinji’s. Still, the happy warmth of her belly is not enough to satisfy herself. Nevertheless, Christina feels a happy warmth in her chest and smiles gently at him.

 ”Al-sama… Thank you. I am happy to be one with Al-sama…♡”

 ”Me too… let’s sleep like this today…”

 ”Yes, Al-sama~♡”

 A completely different, short, one-time act from Shinji. The frustration she thought would be satisfied by Alvin’s embrace is never satisfied. Christina, however, falls happily asleep in the arms of the man she loves.

 She pretends to be unaware of her desire for the pleasure of a completely unfulfilled body and a mind that goes blank.

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