Wizard 445

Chapter 445 Christina Takes Advice

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 Alvin and Christina arrive at the office on time. They did not neglect their work as lords and second wives just because they made love the day before.

 In fact, Alvin’s energy is very high. The fact that Christina, a noblewoman, said that she wanted to be with him even if she had to break the rules of the marriage was because he could feel her strong desire for him.

 (She is also active in erotic matters…!)

 Alvin was very satisfied with Christina’s service, which was like a morning rush, and left the mansion in high spirits to go on an inspection.

 Christina, on the other hand, is working in the office after seeing Alvin off, but she is not in the mood to rejoice with her hands up like Alvin.

 The reason was that she had failed to have intercourse with Alvin in the morning. Her plan was to have Alvin attack her when he got excited by her service, however, in reality, it ended in a violent outburst. And it was inevitable.

 Although she was happy to have finally made love last night, as well as this morning, she is still frustrated that she couldn’t fully enjoy it.

 In such a state of mind, she could not make any progress in her work, and Milis, who is in the same office with her, worries about her.

 ”Chris-san, if you feel sick, why don’t you rest…?”

 ”I’m fine… Don’t worry, Mil-san.”

 ”Please don’t push yourself too hard, okay? I’ll be out for a while. Terentia-san, please.”

 ”Certainly, Madam.”

 Milis leaves the office with Terentia, leaving Christina and Akane alone in the room. Thinking that it is now or never, Christina is about to open her mouth but Shinji enters the office without knocking at the right moment.

 ”…Please at least knock, Shinji-san.”

 ”I’ll be careful next time… and don’t be so cautious, I won’t come on to you today.”

 ”I don’t trust you. Although he’s not here right now, Mil-san will be back soon.”

 Shinji nodded with a wry smile at Christina’s reminder that Milis had left the room to go to the bathroom.

 She is wary that if Shinji embraces her now after she and Alvin have finally tied the knot, the afterglow will be washed away, but in other words, she is saying that she preferred Shinji to Alvin.

 ”Well, okay. Then let’s talk briefly about what I want to talk about. As I said before, don’t worry about anything, okay? I think Alvin is rather pleased with Tina’s proactive attitude.”

 ”…How did you know…!?”

 The events of last night and this morning are known. At this, Christina’s face turns pale at the horror of it all. She had no idea how Shinji knew.

 Of course, it was because of Freri’s eavesdropping using the flowers in Christina’s room, but Shinji is not honest about it.

 ”I won’t tell you how I did it. But that’s not what I want to talk about. You know, Alvin likes girls who are s*xually active.”

 Christina can only wonder what Shinji means when he says this as if it were true. However, Alvin’s reaction this morning is just as Shinji described, and she can’t help but show a certain understanding.

 ”But I can’t tell you because for some reason he wants to look cool. Maybe if you had just let Alvin take care of you, you wouldn’t have known about it.”

 ”…Then why didn’t you just tell me? Is this why you made me like this…!”

 ”No, it wasn’t. Tina, the only reason I held you is because you have an attractive body. I hope you’re not mistaking that.”

 At first Christina is furious, but her anger soon fades. She is not angry at all, even though she has good reason to be angry.

 After all, she has been with this man whom she has been with many times and whom she admires for his ability. Her admiration for Shinji, a male symbol superior over her future husband (Alvin), reminds her of the euphoria of being held by him, and of the pleasure of being a woman.

 These conflicting emotions are so mixed up that Christina is unable to continue.

 ”That was just advice. And that’s all I want to talk. Since Tina has been with Alvin for a shorter period of time than Milis, I thought it might be helpful.”

 ”It’s none of your business.”

 ”Of course, it’s not my business. Still, I’ll continue to hold you on occasion and it’s up to Tina to make the most of it. Well then, I’m going to go back to work.”

 Shinji leaves the office, telling Christina that he will not stop touching her even after she has been with Alvin. Christina was unable to speak to him as he walked away.

 As Shinji left, silence filled the office.

 (…He really didn’t touch me…?)

 She felt disappointed because she had expected him to make a move for some reason or other. It seems unfortunate for her, who is frustated…

 (No… this is fine. I don’t know why… but I will take his advice and I can forget about this feeling if I make more love to Al-sama)

 Christina puts a lid on her feelings. Her rational mind is still intact and her thoughts turn to how to seduce Alvin and arouse him.

 She does not know that this is exactly what Shinji wants her to do.

 Christina begins to think hard about how to make love to Alvin. It is obvious that she can come up with all kinds of ways to make love with Alvin, since she has the memory of being disciplined by Shinji.

 Then, when she and Alvin meet again and again, and continue to expose themselves to each other, revealing all their desires to each other, they reach the end of the process.

 Alvin will tell Christina about his desire to be cuckolded, which is aroused by the sight of his lover being held by another man (Shinji).

 (Today is Mil-san’s turn, so let’s try it tomorrow… Al-sama, you can count on me~♡)

 Unaware of such a reality, Christina is lost in lewd fantasies about Alvin.

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