Wizard 446

Chapter 446 The Night Before Departure, One

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 Since the day Alvin got engaged to Christina, Milis and Christina have been alternately spending the night with Alvin. Alvin is happy to receive love from his wives day after day, night after night.

 These happy days pass in a flash, and the night before Alvin and his wife leave for home has come.

 On this night, Alvin is supposed to spend time with Christina. Christina is therefore polished by Enrica and Terentia, who stay with her from dinner onward.

 The reason for this is Milis’ wish to monopolize Alvin for a month, but also because Neru needs to learn from Akane how to take care of the aristocrat (Milis).

 For this reason, Milis, Akane, and Neru are gathered in Milis’ room.

 ”Are you ready, Neru? First, you put aroma oil on both of your hands. We don’t want Madam to catch cold.”

 ”Yes, Head maid”

 Milis is lying face down on the bed wearing only panties and a bath towel covering her naked body. Neru then nervously applies rose-scented aroma oil on her exposed shoulders.

 Despite being a commoner in the past, Milis is now a member of the nobility. So, it was understandable for Neru to be nervous.

 ”Mmm~… It feels so good… The pressure is just right…”

 ”Thank you, Madam.”

 Neru breathes out a sigh of relief at the sight of Milis’s voice, which is so full of love and joy, and moves her hand forward. Neru pulls up the bath towel, and as she rubs oil into her back and around her waist, she finds that her large breasts, the envy of even the same gender, are squished.

 (I guessed it even from her clothes, but they are so big…)

 Looking at Milis in her nude state, she looks one size larger than usual. Neru can’t help but wonder how they grow so big, but she keeps on giving oil massages with her mind at ease.

 Maybe that’s why. Neru is late to notice that Shinji has entered Milis’s room without knocking.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting, Milis.”

 ”Ah, Shinji-san, I’ve been waiting for you.”

 ”Eh…? Shinji-san…?”

 Neru’s hand stops at the exchange of words between Shinji and Milis in a normal, matter-of-fact manner. He only smiles back at Neru, who stares at Shinji’s face with an expression of utter stupidity.

 ”Thanks to Shinji-san’s advice, Chris-san and Al-kun are getting into it now. But, Shinji-san, I want you to take responsibility.”

 ”Then why don’t Milis do the same? I’m sure Alvin will be overjoyed.”

 ”Well… It’s a little late for that… but I prefer to be penetrated than to move by myself…♡”

 Milis’ embarrassed smile with reddish cheeks was natural, indicating that this lewd conversation was natural.

 ”M-Madam…? Are you and Shinji-san…?”

 ”Yes, I am Shinji-san’s saffle. Since you are here, you must be the same as me, right, Neru-san?”

 ”We’re the same…?”

 Neru is shocked to find Milis smiling at her and not feeling guilty.

 Neru, who has been married before, cannot understand why Milis would cheat on her husband even though she has a husband named Alvin. The weight of this is different from that of her own widowhood and that of Akane, who is unmarried. It was no wonder that Neru, a perfectly sensible person, could not tolerate it.

 Just then, Shinji puts his hands on both of her shoulders. Just by that, her body, which has a lewd crest on it, jumps up and down, reminding her of her interrogation.

 At the same time, she thinks. Regardless of how it started, if she had known that happiness while her husband was still alive… would she have become the same way as Milis?

 That was how satisfied the fellowship with Shinji.

 ”Milis and I have a special relationship. And it has been officially approved by Alvin.”

 ”What does… that mean?”

 ”You see, Alvin enjoys the idea of his wife (Milis) being held by another man. Right, you two…?”

 Milis and Akane nodded at Shinji’s words, and Neru became more and more confused. Basically, Alvin is aroused by the sight of someone holding his wife in front of his eyes, but either way, this is a story that is beyond Neru’s comprehension. She did not know what could make him get excited at the sight of his loved one being held by another person.

 ”Neru. There is no choice but to let it be that way. Renka-san knows this too.”

 ”H-Head maid…”

 ”I can’t tell anyone because of the contents. It will be difficult for Christina-sama and Enrica to understand. But this is what Master (Alvin) wants. I invited you here because I thought you would be able to make the best of the situation.”

 ”Head maid… I didn’t want to know…”

 Knowing how deep the darkness goes, Neru can only wish she could go back to the days when She thought the Wolf Family was a good place to work without knowing anything about it. Shinji, the source of the shock, smiles as he touches Neru’s shoulder, who is still unable to think straight.

 ”As long as you don’t tell anyone, it’ll be the same as before. I may have to ask you a small favor, but it’s just a matter of taste. Think of it as helping your employer (Alvin), okay?”

 ”…If that’s the case… yes.”

 Neru nodded her head in agreement with Shinji, the master of the lewd crest, although she was not quite sure what to think. Even though she has been married before, she would never meddle in another family, even if it is her employer, and she would never tell other people their secret because she is a mature and reasonable person.

 ”Thank you. Then, that’s why…”

 ”Hyaa~♡ Wh-What are you doing… ah~?”

 Shinji’s hands, which had been resting on her shoulders, slide down in the front. His hands move delicately, stroking around her nipples on her maid’s robe as Shinji begins to fondle Neru’s modest breasts.

 ”We’ll be gone for a month, remember? I wanted to make sure that Neru’s body would not forget”

 ”M-Madam and Head maid… Mmm~♡ Ah~♡ Ahh…♡”

 ”Shinji-san, isn’t it me first?”

 ”Then I’ll be the last…♡”

 Shinji laughs as he puts only enough force in his arms to pull them free if he wants to.

 Thus, Neru, who has grown quiet and looks at the unknown with bewilderment and anticipation, Milis, who lies on the bed looking dissatisfied, and Akane, who never forgets to assert herself.

 All the ladies and maids of the Wolf household are looking at one man (Shinji).

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