Wizard 447

Chapter 447 The Night Before Departure, Two

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 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Mmm~♡ Haah…♡ Yes…♡ That part…♡ That’s good…♡”

 A sweet female voice echoes in Milis’ room. The voice belongs to Neru, who has been undressed by Shinji.

 She is lying on her back on the double bed and is being held by Shinji in the missionary position with her hands around his neck. She is already enraptured with a woman’s face and her mouth is slackening slackly, exposing her body to Milis and Akane in a lascivious manner that makes it hard to believe that she has only just been corrupted.

 It is nothing strange to the other two, who know firsthand the pleasure Shinji gives them, and they are just waiting for the man who has captured a new woman to turn his skills and energy toward them.

 ”As I thought, a garter is for a maid. It makes all the difference between having one and not having one.”

 ”You really like maids, don’t you, Shinji-san?”

 Milis noticed that Shinji’s eyes were more excited than usual. It is because the look in his eyes is similar to the look he gives her when he spanks her. Milis knows this because she is the most thoroughly corrupted among all of them and has been with Shinji for a long time.

 Neru, who is being penetrated by Shinji, is dressed in a white maid’s catsuit, bra, panties, garter belt, and socks, which is the very image of a “neat maid” without her maid’s uniform.

 ”When wearing a maid’s uniform and when not wearing a maid’s uniform, I feel your spirit is different… So, when I serve you with my breast, it makes you work harder… Shinji-san, I’m wearing a garter belt today too~♡”

 ”Nna~♡ Ah, ah~♡ So intense…♡”

 Akane pulls up her long skirt to show Shinji a part of the garter belt with black lace, and his arousal for holding Neru increases even more.

 Their conversation does not reach Neru’s ears as she bends over uncontrollably. The heightened sensitivity caused by the lewd crest is driving so much pleasure into Neru’s head that it is taking away her ability to think.

 (It feels good~♡ It feels good~♡ It feels good~♡)

 Neru, who opens her legs in a wide M-shape, is a normal person with average mental capacity. So, she is not even capable of defying the lewd crest, and is not even think about her late husband. She simply and pleasurably exposes her completely degraded female face to Shinji and the others.

 ”Cummmmming~~♡ Ahh…♡”

 *Spurt! Shinji pours his cum into her womb, and the pleasure burns Neru’s head to the point of fainting and making her weak. After a while, Shinji slowly pulls his p*nis out of her womb, and from the corner of his eye, Milis and Akane are looking at him.

 ”Shinji-san…♡ Next is me…♡”

 ”Shinji-san…♡ Whichever you like…♡”

 Milis lifts her soft breasts with her arms folded under her large breasts and shakes them, and Akane rolls up her skirt to reveal a pair of black lace string pants behind a lace garter belt.

 Shinji is momentarily troubled by the two women’s debauched expressions, but it is Milis who reaches out to him.

 ”Ah~♡ Shinji-san, you’re so big…♡ You really like breast and maids…♡”

 Being pushed down from the front and turned over to a doggy position, she happily put her hands on the bed and lifted her ass up for easier penetration. Milis, who had been held the most among the three, easily accepted Shinji’s big cock.

 Meanwhile, Shinji grabs Milis’s fine breast instead of her hips and pulls her closer to him, connecting them deeply. He rubs her breasts with his hand, and a sweet sigh escapes from her mouth, making her vagina tighter.

 ”Ah, I like it. Your breasts are really worth rubbing.”

 ”Mmm…♡ Ah~♡ I like Shinji-san’s p*nis, too…♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡”

 Milis, who has fallen into the deep end, no longer hides the fact that she loves cock. Shinji’s piston movement also becomes more powerful as her vagina stirs, begging for cum.

 ”Ah~♡ Yes~♡ That’s it~♡ That’s what I want~♡ Shinji-san’s p*nis~♡ So good~♡”

 ”Milis, isn’t your body too fond of me? It’s so tight and sucking on my cock.”

 ”Because~♡ Ah~♡ Shinji-san’s p*nis is so good~♡ It pushes me so hard…♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Haa~♡”

 Shinji’s center of gravity is lowered so that he can penetrate easily. And the vagina tightened as he thrust deep inside. Milis, who is red to the ears, also moves her hips in a flirtatious manner. She looked just like a female who wants to be fucked.

 ”…Amazing…♡ I want to be made like that, too…♡”

 ”Fufu…♡ Neru could understand…♡ The size of Shinji-san…♡ It felt so good…♡”

 When Neru finally came out of her daze, the first thing she heard was the sound of water and flesh hitting flesh, and when she turned her head, she saw Milis being violently penetrated by Shinji.

 The breasts shook with each thrust even though she was being held by Shinji, and the face of the woman in a state of debauchery was unexpected from the way she usually gazed at Alvin tenderly.

 Neru swallows hard at the sight, and even feels a tingle in the pit of her stomach again. Akane affirms her and gazes at her with a look of debauchery in her eyes.

 ”Yes… Very much…♡”

 A strange sense of solidarity is beginning to form between Neru and Akane as they exchange glances. The connection between the rod sisters, who are embraced by the same man and know the same pleasure (happiness), entangles Neru’s heart.

 ”Ahh~♡ Cumming~♡ Shinji-san, please cum too~♡ Cumming~♡ Cumming~♡ Ahhh~♡ Nnnhhh~♡”

 ”Kuh… I’m cumming…!”

 Shinji hugs Milis from behind and covers her, pushing his p*nis deep into her vagina as he ejaculates. The position in which he holds Milis down from above gives Shinji the greatest sense of conquest, and Milis the greatest sense of subjugation.

 (Ah…♡ Shinji-san is amazing…♡ My vagina is… so hot… so good…♡)

 Shinji’s cum is more robust than Alvin’s, and the amount of cum he spits out is overwhelming. If there was no contraceptive magic, she would have been conceived… that was appealed to her female instincts.

 Milis’s hand, intoxicated with pleasure, lays on Shinji’s hand rubbing her breast. She feels Shinji’s breath in her ear, and when she turns her head to look at him, she looks at him hungrily, and Shinji responds.

 ”Nmu~♡ *Slurp*… *Kiss*… Nfu~♡”

 Milis lays her lips on Shinji’s lips as he moves closer. To the uninitiated, the kisses seem to be more than just a s*xual encounter, as Milis does not hesitate to kiss him deeply with her tongue.

 However, Milis’s kiss is more of a “thank you~♡” for making her feel good.

 Not only Akane but also Neru keeps looking at Milis with a passionate gaze. Their crotches get wet in anticipation of what they are going to do.

 ”Puha… now, the next one is Akane…”

 Shinji smiles at her as he pulls his lips away from Milis. The night has only just begun.

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