Wizard 448

Chapter 448 The Night Before Departure, Three

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 The cock that Shinji pulled out of Milis is still erect, showing its immorality to Akane and Neru.

 Then, as Shinji moves away from Milis and lies on his back on the bed, Akane, who had been waiting her turn, removes only the skirt of her maid’s uniform and straddles him.

 She brushes back her dark red hair and looks down at Shinji with lust in her eyes, and her flushed cheeks are a sign of anticipation. Her upper body, which hides her breasts, which are not as large as Milis’, is still dressed in a maid’s uniform, showing off her black lace garter belt and panties.

 ”It’s a nice view. I find black more bewitching than white.”

 ”I’ve tried to suit your taste, Master…♡ Well then, I’ll serve you… mm… fuuh… mmm…♡”

 Akane moves her panties down with her fingers, grabs the rod, and leads it into her vagina. She then slowly lowers her hips and sits on Shinji’s hips, letting out a sweet sigh of ecstasy at the sensation of his p*nis filling her vagina.

 (Shinji-san…♡ Make me feel so good…♡)

 From the time when she started dressing up as a maid at the party house to the time when she became the head maid, Akane has often been with Shinji. When they have s*x, she calls him “Master”.

 Shinji is the lover of her best friend (Renka), who helped her to overcome her painful past. She understands that there is a big difference between her (Akane), a failed adventurer, and Shinji. So, she will not get involved with him unless he wants her as a partner, no matter how much she feels indebted to him.

 Therefore, she never expresses her feelings more than that of a partner, preferring to act as Shinji’s favorite “maid,” a maid who serves her master (Shinji).

 But among Shinji’s s*x partners, Akane stands out from the rest in that she mainly serves to make Shinji feel good, not to make herself feel good. Therefore, Akane’s s*x is always devoted.

 ”Mmm~♡ Mmm~♡ Fuuh, mmm~♡ Mmm~♡ *Pant*… Mmm~♡ Fuuh, fuuh~♡ Mmm~♡”

 While she had her hands on Shinji’s chest, her hips are swinging, emphasizing her large breasts. She moves her hips in a gentle rhythm, giving enough pleasure even without Shinji’s movement, trying to make him ejaculate. At this sight, Neru could not help but gasp and stare at the sight of the matured and glamorous figure of the maid doing the cowgirl’s work.

 (The head maid… is so lewd… and yet so beautiful…)

 The quiet communion reminded Neru of Akane’s appearance as a graceful maid during the daytime. She thought that because Akane was devoted to serving Shinji without making vulgar moaning noises.

 And for Shinji, who loves maids very much, it is a very satisfying experience. There is a goodness that can only be taken from “service” by Akane, the maid, and now he even considers it desirable.

 (A graceful maid by day, a lecherous maid by night. Akane knows what I like, I can’t help it…!)

 The pure pleasure is not as good as Freri and the others. But Akane’s attitude and the situation in which she tries to be Shinji’s ideal maid make his p*nis harder, bigger, and more aroused than ever.

 So Shinji accepts Akane’s cowgirl position silently… well, willingly. All he does is put his hands on her fleshy hips and thrust up in time with her movements. This is a rare pattern, even for Shinji, in which Akane takes the lead in the service s*x.

 ”Akane… I’m about to cum!”

 ”Mmm…♡ Haah…♡ Whenever Master likes…♡ 〜〜…♡”

 Gentle but forceful, Akane receives the long ejaculation in her womb. At the same time, a deep climax comes on her. She stifles her voice and endures to keep herself from cumming wildly. She is very strong as she holds herself back from collapsing into Shinji’s chest with her hips bucking.

 After a while, Shinji pulls her arm and hugs her close to him. He then covers Akane’s lips with his while enjoying the feeling of her breasts being crushed by his chest.

 ”*Kiss*… Master…♡ Mm, mmm… *Slurp*…”

 When Shinji asks her to do something, she responds with an open and honest attitude, which is also very charming. The way their tongues entwined with each other’s tongue was more than enough to show Neru how much Akane was into Shinji.

 ”Puha… I’d like to go on like this one more time…”

 ”*Pant*… Yes, I understood, Master…♡”

 Normally, Shinji would have been the one to take the offensive, unmasking Akane as a servant maid and holding her until she became a slut, but today, Neru and Milis were present.

 Akane knows what Shinji is trying to do without words, and after a short kiss, she retreats back from on top of him, but his trobbing cock is still strong, showing Neru just what an adulterer he is.

 ”Now Neru, it’s your turn. Let’s see how you serve Master… okay?”

 Akane sat down next to Shinji’s waist. She seems to be inviting Neru to join her, as she wiggles her hand over her cum and love juices.

 Milis also sits beside Shinji and beckons Neru to her with a glamorous smile on her face.

 Two women accompanying one man. Milis and Akane look at Neru with a look that says they are not satisfied yet, and Milis and Akane look at her with a satisfied woman’s expression.

 Neru knows it is unethical to accept this invitation. But the lewd atmosphere, the overpowering aroma of male-female intermingling, the pleasure of knowing and the debauched thoughts rob her of her ability to make normal judgments.

 ”Yes, Head maid…♡”

 Everything will be fine because she’s with the others. She also want to be satisfied just like others. And with the sense of solidarity of having a common secret that they can’t tell anyone pushes Neru’s back and makes her straddle Shinji.

 ”Mm…♡ Nnh…♡ Ah…♡ As I thought, it’s big…♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡”

 ”That’s good for a start, Neru… Just get used to Master’s size first~♡”

 Shinji finds it indescribably pleasurable to watch Akane, who used to be Renka’s teacher, teach Neru how to do things. He also looks up at Neru, who is bucking hard on top of him, and then, he inserts his fingers into Milis and Akane’s vagina.

 ”Ahhhhh…♡ Shinji-san’s finger… is good too…♡”

 ”Mmm…♡ Master…♡ Mmmm…♡ I’m still in the middle of teaching her…♡ Mmmm…♡”

 ”Ah…♡ Ah…♡ It’s good~♡ Shinji-san’s…♡ going deep inside me…♡ Haah~♡ Ahh~♡”

 Women squeal around Shinji, and feeling the harmony of their voices, Shinji’s body rages even more.

 One by one, he pours his semen into her womb, changes positions, and reinserts it into the next woman. Milis and the others are repeatedly distracted and then regain consciousness from the seemingly inexhaustible energy and brain-burning pleasure.

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