Wizard 449

Chapter 449 The Night Before Departure, Four

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 While Shinji was holding Milis, Alvin and Christina also made love.

 Alvin is lying on his back on the bed in Christina’s room, and Christina is straddling him. They are naked with nothing on their bodies, and they are making love as they were born.

 Alvin’s well-trained arms and body firmly support Christina from below, and her slender, supple hands rest on his chest.

 Her long blonde hair and well-shaped, good-sized breasts swayed as she moved her hips up and down, and her vagina wriggling and begging for cum, giving Alvin the most pleasurable sensations.

 (I didn’t know Chris would be so s*xually active. The gap between the daytime and the nighttime is huge. But it’s good…!)

 Christina is a devoted support for Alvin and the Wolf family. Unlike her image as a virtuous noblewoman, Alvin is aroused by her aggressiveness for lovemaking.

 The so-called female dominance is something that Milis, who is passive, cannot achieve. The cowgirl position is a typical example, and Christina smiles bewitchingly as she shows off her body without any restraint.

 ”Al-sama… I love you…♡”

 Christina is shaking her hips hard because she wanted to get more pleasure from it. She feels the sensation of a hard object being inserted into her vagina, and it feels good, but it is not enough.

 Despite the fact that she feels happy and that her words of love are true, she still feels unsatisfied…

 The cause of this feeling is obvious. Christina has already experienced better s*x and her body remembers it.

 (More… just a little bit more… deeper…)

 It was especially fatal that the p*nis could not reach the depth of the vagina. The euphoria that covers her whole body, which is felt when she is penetrated at the deepest part of her vagina, and which is evoked by the pleasure that penetrates her uterus with the tip of glans, is not present in her s*xual intercourse with Alvin.

 So, until now, Christina has not yet been able to feel pleasure from Alvin that can replace the intense experience of pleasure that leaves her unable to even think about it. Still, in order to get it, Christina dances lewdly, unintentionally driving Alvin into a corner…

 ”Gh… Ugh…”

 ”Mmm…♡ You’re cumming… Al-sama…♡”

 Alvin is the first to fall. His sperm flow also seems to be less and less, and Christina does not feel satisfied even though it feels good. It’s obvious, after all, despite they had just started to make love, they were repeating the same thing over and over again.

 The p*nis is easily pulled out. And once this happens, Christina knows that Alvin no longer has the energy. Thinking that she could force it to erect, but that would only make him suffer, she lies down next to Alvin.

 ”Chris… thank you. That was great…”

 ”Al-sama… yes…♡ *Kiss*…♡”

 Christina smiles happily in Alvin’s arms and Alvin is unaware of her discontent. After all, she hides her feelings so well that she is not lying about how happy she is.

 Then, pretending not to notice her aching body, Christina falls asleep next to Alvin. Alvin also falls asleep not knowing that Milis is being held by Shinji.

* * *

 Early the next morning. Alvin, Milis, and Renka gather in front of the mansion. The four members of the <Running Wolves> would return to the hometown, and they would ride on horseback instead of in a carriage, in order to prioritize the speed of travel.

 Now, Alvin and the others are waiting for Shinji in front of a well-furred, well-built, and gentle horse prepared by Homac, who was in charge of the stable, while talking to him.

 ”Sorry everyone, sorry to keep you waiting.”

 Shinji comes out of the mansion at a trot, and Christina and Akane come out a little later. Shinji delayed because he stopped by the office to tell Christina that he had forgotten to tell her something.

 It is only a few minutes. That’s not a lot of time to have s*x.

 ”I told you to check in advance, didn’t I? Even if it’s a simple thing, you can’t forget.”

 ”Well, I’m really sorry about that.”

 Shinji shows his remorse at Christina, whose cheeks are flushed with red. Everyone thinks she is flushed with anger, but in fact it is because of her conversation with Shinji who dropped by the office.

 (My body… it’s getting hot… it’s not supposed to be like this…)

 In the office, Shinji told Christina that she would dream a succubus dream tonight. This meant that she would be penetrated by Shinji’s p*nis again. Even though the thought crossed her mind, Christina felt dampness in her panties. Her body’s reaction was honest, as she had been disciplined so much.

 (I only want to do it with Al-sama… why…?)

 There is no answer to the question. All Christina can do is postpone the problem by finishing her conversation with Shinji and going to see Alvin and the others off.

 Alvin smiles at Christina, who suppresses a twinge of pain in her body, and then he tells Shinji.

 ”Calm down, calm down, just leave it at that, Chris. I’m sorry, but I need you to stay here.”

 ”Yes. Al-sama take care. I’ll make sure everything’s organized for the reception.”

 ”Yeah, I’ll leave it to you! Akane, you take care of her too, okay?”

 ”Certainly. Please leave it to me.”

 After they said their goodbyes, Alvin and the others mounted their horses. The horses slowly start to walk away, and Christina and Akane watch them until they are out of sight.

 [Look forward to tonight, Tina]


 Shinji’s thoughts echo in Christina head as they disappear. To shake off these thoughts, Christina returns to the mansion, but she doesn’t realize that her expression has a hint of anticipation in it.

 At night, she is intoxicated by the pleasure of Shinji’s sperm being poured into her in a succubus dream.

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