Wizard 450

Chapter 450 Alvin and the Others’ Homecoming

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 Alvin and the others’ journey are without problems. They keep their guard up and continue on their way to hometown, occasionally defeating the monsters that appear along the way.

 Alvin’s hometown is a day’s ride from <Medio>. After passing through the royal city, <Nord>, from <Bejin>’s mansion, Alvin and the others came within sight of the village of their hometown, <Nizio>.

 ”It hasn’t changed…!”

 Alvin’s voice expresses his nostalgic feelings as he is deeply moved by the scene, which is not so different from the one he remembers. Milis and Renka’s voices also sounded the same as Alvin’s.

 ”Come on, Al-kun!”

 ”Dad and Mom, how are you?”

 Alvin led the three happy people on horseback, followed by Shinji. As they approach, a soldier on guard in the village spots Alvin and the others and shouts out to them, blocking the entrance with his spear so that they cannot pass through.

 ”Stop! Dismount from your horse and Tell me why you’ve come to this village…”

 The guard was still too far away to see Alvin’s face when he shouts, but when he sees it, he chokes out the words.

 The soldier had served in <Nizio> for a long time and knew not only Alvin’s face but also Milis and Renka’s faces. Alvin also knows the soldier’s face. When he was a novice, he had seen him frequently in and out of the village.

 ”I’m home!”

 ”Alvin! You’re back!!”

 ”Yes! Can I come in?”

 ”Of course! Milis and Renka, welcome back! Your parents are waiting for you.”

 Alvin gets off his horse and shakes hands with the soldier. Milis and Renka also exchange a few words with the soldier, who smiles broadly and expresses his joy at the return of Alvin and the others, followed by Shinji. It is obvious that Shinji is one of Alvin’s friends, and the guard do not condemn him for his behavior.

 After that, Alvin and the others walk through the peaceful village, pulling the reins of their horses. The villagers who know them begin to murmur as their eyes naturally fall on Alvin and the others. Some of them even rush off to warn others.

 ”Let’s go to my house for now. It should be clean since Sensei is taking care of it. Once we hitch up the horses, we’ll go to Mil and Renka’s house.”

 In the midst of the commotion, Alvin walked calmly without paying attention to his surroundings, and Shinji and the others followed him, chiming in. Due to his aristocratic and imposing appearance, the villagers are unable to talk to Alvin.

 If Alvin had been as casual as he was when he lived in this village, this would not have been the case, but now people can sense a sense of dignity from him. Unless Alvin speaks to them, as he did at the entrance of the village, it is difficult for them to talk to him.

 After a short walk, they arrive at Alvin’s house. Alvin’s house is currently unoccupied, and Galleo has been maintaining the house since he left for <Medio>.

 ”…I miss this place…”

 An ordinary one-story house. This is Alvin’s parents’ house. The exterior of the house and the yard are kept clean and uninhabited. Alvin squints at the sight, remembering the days when he used to play with his parents as a child.

 ”It hasn’t changed, Al-kun. The house is still beautiful, thanks to Sensei.”

 ”Well… I’ll have to thank him again later. Hey guys, the horses are this way.”

 Behind the house there is a garden with enough space for exercise. This place is also very dear to Alvin’s heart. This is where he remembers not only the memories of his parents, but also training with Milis, Renka, and Iris as he ties the reins of his horse.

 ”I will stay at Alvin’s house during my stay in the village, is that right?”

 ”Yes. Mil and Renka are at their parents’ house. With the wedding preparations, it’s only us… ah, it’s exactly the same inside…”

 Alvin opens the front door and enters the house. They enter the clean room, and Alvin goes first to the back of the house. After taking a tour of his old home, Alvin puts his luggage in his room and comes back to the living room where Shinji and the others are waiting for him.

 ”I’m sorry, I was just looking around.”

 ”It’s all right. Which room can I use?”

 ”Oh, I was going to ask you to use my father’s room, but it’s not ready yet. I’ll clean it up later.”

 All Galleo was doing was maintaining the state of things; his late father’s room was unoccupied and there was no way he had made the bed.

 Shinji asked Alvin to show him around, and after putting his luggage in his room, he joined Alvin and the others.

 ”Well… let’s go. First, let’s go to Mil’s house!”

 ”Yes! I think my dad will be home too… let’s go!”

 Milis can’t wait to get out of the house, so she pulls Alvin’s hand and Alvin leaves first. Shinji and Renka follow behind them, smiling wryly at each other.

 ”Oh, Mil… you’re just like you used to be…”

 ”Well, it’s good if it’s your hometown. It’s nice to have fond memories. At least, not for me.”

 Shinji has a feeling he can’t have because he pretends his birthplace, Valencia, never existed. He doesn’t miss it. But Renka takes Shinji’s arm.

 ”You’ll have lots of good memories from now on. I want to show our child to my parents when we have it… and I hope it will be our second home, I think.”

 ”I know. Thank you, Renka.”

 Shinji smiles along with Renka, who is convinced that a happy future will come for her.


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