Wizard 451

Chapter 451 Milis’ Family Home

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 Milis’s house is a store and a house. Her family is the only pharmacy in the village, and they are very important.

 In front of the store, there is a woman who is sprinkling water on the ground. She has the same golden hair and the same hairstyle as Milis, and her face is very similar to Milis’.

 That is not the only similarity. Her breasts, which could be seen through her clothes and the apron she wears over them, are as big as Milis’.

 It is no wonder that Shinji is surprised to see such a youthful figure that it is hard to believe that she has a daughter, although he does not show it in his expression. As Milis rushes out, her mother notices.

 ”Mom! I’m home~!”

 ”Milis! Welcome home!!”

 Milis, who looks younger than her mother, jumps to her mother. Alvin and the others followed her as Milis hugged her, revealing her true self, not an adventurer or the wife of a honorary knight.

 ”Sheena-san, it’s been a long time!”

 ”We are back safe and sound! I’m glad to see you are well.”

 ”Alvin-kun, Renka-chan… Welcome back!”

 Milis’ mother, Sheena, smiles as she ruffles Milis’ hair and buries her face in her ample chest. She then turns her attention to Shinji, who is standing behind Alvin and the others.

 ”Nice to meet you. My name is Shinji. I am an adventurer on the same party with the three of them.”

 ”You are too polite… I am Milis’s mother, Sheena. I’m indebted to you for looking after my daughters… please, come in. My husband’s here, too.”

 ”Mom, where’s brother?”

 ”He’s out picking herbs. He’ll be back soon. Come in, everyone.”

 Milis looks up from where she has buried her face and laughs with Sheena. This exchange of trust between mother and daughter is so funny that Alvin and the others naturally smile.

 Milis’ family consists of her father, mother, brother, and herself. Milis is able to leave home and become an adventurer with Alvin because of her brother. If Milis had been an only child, she would have followed in her parents’ footsteps and become a pharmacist in the village.

 Now, Sheena leads Alvin and the others into the house. The interior of the house has a calm atmosphere, and the subtle aroma of medicinal herbs makes Milis feel that she has come home.

 Then a mature man with short-cut blond hair appears from the back room. Milis’s eyes light up when she sees his calm face.

 ”Dad! I’m home!”

 ”Oh… Welcome back, Milis. I’m glad you’re back safe and sound… Alvin, thank you for protecting my daughter.”

 ”Caserta-san… Yes! It was a promise between a man and a man!”

 Alvin walks up to Caserta, Milis’ father, who is dressed in work clothes soaked in the scent of various medicinal herbs, and shakes his hand firmly.

 Caserta had been opposed to Milis becoming an adventurer. It is natural for a parent to stop a beautiful daughter from taking a dangerous path. Moreover, Caserta’s family is a pharmacist and has enough income to support two children. Besides, the only reason Milis wants to become a dangerous adventurer is to be with the one she loves (Alvin).

 However, Caserta, who could not persuade Milis and could only watch over her, made a promise to Alvin that he would protect her. This is what Alvin calls “a promise between a man and a man”.

 ”It’s been a long time, Uncle!”

 ”Welcome back, Renka-chan. Is that your lover, Renka-chan, that you wrote about in your letter?”

 ”Yes. Come here, Shinji.”

 ”Hello. My name is Shinji. Milis-san has always been a great help to me.”

 Just as he did with Sheena, Shinji smiles and bows his head in a friendly manner. Milis’s parents are not wary of Shinji, assuming he is a good person if he is chosen by Renka, who has been close to Milis for a long time.

 (I was surprised to learn from the letter that he and Milis seem to be getting along well. Good for you, Milis.)

 Milis’ parent were surprised when they found out that Renka started dating Shinji through the letters from their daughter (Milis) that they receive regularly. They knew that Renka had feelings for Alvin before. Therefore, they thought that Alvin, Milis, and Renka would become a couple if Alvin became successful.

 However, Milis’ parents are convinced that the mild-mannered Shinji is the reason why they have a good relationship without any complications. They would never have guessed that their daughter is having unfaithful relations behind their backs.

 ”My name is Caserta. Please take good care of my daughter.”

 ”Yes. As a fellow party member and a servant of the Wolf family, I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

 ”Then, please take a seat while I make some tea.”

 It was a simple, commonplace greeting. Caserta nods his head in satisfaction at the polite response. As the wife, Sheena, looks at her husband with kind eyes, Alvin and the others take their seats at her suggestion.

 ”We’re going to Renka’s house, too, so we’ll just have one drink.”

 ”Oh, you mean…”

 ”Fufu, Shinji will do his best~♪.”

 Shinji sits next to smiling Renka, and his eyes are drawn to her. Shinji nods his head and takes Renka’s hand, even though it makes him feel very awkward.

 ”I have to make sure I greet them properly. We’re going to have a joint wedding, after all.”

 ”I’ll make sure to introduce you properly, Shinji.”

 Renka’s sincere smile is adorable and makes Milis’ parents, her partner of many years, smile.

 Renka’s love for Shinji is conveyed without words, and the couple smiles at each other. They feel relieved that the four of them are going to have a happy married life.

 After that, Alvin and Renka continue their conversation until the cup of tea runs out, then they leave Milis’ house and go to Renka’s house.

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