Wizard 452

Chapter 452 Renka’s Family Home

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 After leaving Milis’ house, Alvin and the others go to Renka’s house. No one was waiting outside while Alvin and the others were at Milis’ house, and they arrived at Renka’s house.

 ”At this time, they should be in the berry farm in the back. Follow me.”

 ”I’m glad to see that Renka’s house hasn’t changed, Al-kun.”

 ”Yeah. I used to help at harvest time!”

 Alvin and the others follow behind Renka into the back of the house. As Renka walks along the narrow path that the three of them used to take when they were children, the scene that unfolds in front of her is exactly as she remembers it.

 There is a wooden fence supporting a neat row of berry ivy, and in the midst of the magnificent berry fields, there is a red-haired couple wearing hats.

 ”Father! Mother!”

 Renka’s voice draws a reaction from the couple, who are working.


 The couple comes running to Renka, abandoning the farm tools in their hands. Renka’s mother hugged her daughter whom she had not seen for a long time, and her father patted her head.

 Renka’s mother looked so much like her daughter that it was easy to tell at first glance that they are related. She has the same medium-length haircut and a well-defined face, which is what one would expect Renka to look like when she gets older.

 His father is an ordinary man of medium height with a sincere smile. He has an unremarkable face but is cleanly dressed, and he and Renka’s mother are a good match.

 ”I’m glad to see you’re doing well…”

 ”Geez, father is a worrier.”

 ”I’m your parent. How can I not worry about my daughter? Especially after what happened to Akane-san. Now that she’s with Renka, I’m relieved that she’s okay.”

 The grief in the voice of Renka’s father, Prato, is evident. He has seen with his own eyes that Akane came back to the village tired in mind and body, and that she had to leave the village.

 Sometimes he shivered at night in fear that his daughter (Renka) would suffer the same fate, or that the day would come when he would stop receiving her letters. However, instead of the letters ceasing, he was surprised but relieved when he found out that Akane was going to live with her, and secretly told Akane’s parents about it.

 He can still recall the look of deep relief on her parents’ faces when they learned that their daughter (Akane) was doing well.

 ”So, Renka… is that man the one who is important to Renka?”

 Renka’s mother, Quila, turns to Shinji, who was standing behind Alvin and Milis.

 Prato and Quila know that Renka had feelings for Alvin before. But they were surprised to learn from the letter that she has a boyfriend named Shinji, thinking that Alvin and Milis will be a couple in the future.

 Then, at Renka’s mother question, Shinji leaves behind Alvin and Milis, and walks to the front of Renka and Milis, who are having a skin-to-skin relationship with him. Shinji was nervous, which was out of character even for him. However, he puts his hand on his chest to suppress his heartbeat and bows his head politely.

 ”Nice to meet you. My name is Shinji, and I am dating Renka.”

 ”Nice to meet you. I am Quila, Renka’s mother.”

 ”Nice to meet you. I am Prato, Renka’s father.”

 Shinji and Renka’s family exchange very formal greetings. In fact, Renka’s parents were also very nervous.

 They had already agreed in a letter that Renka and Shinji would get married together along with Alvin and Milis. They also agreed that if Alvin and Milis are in favor of the wedding, the parents will not oppose it.

 Nevertheless, they are relieved to see Shinji in person because he seems to be a warm-hearted young man. Even if they can tell about a person’s character from a letter, it is impossible to tell about his appearance.

 ”Fufufu, even Shinji is nervous”

 ”Anyone would be nervous in this situation… Umm, I can’t seem to see your little brother…”

 Shinji was told by Renka that she has parents and a younger brother. His brother was the heir to his family’s berry farm, which is why Renka was able to become an adventurer.

 ”He’s out shopping right now. But he will be back in a little while. If you want, you can wait for him at home.”

 ”Then, I’ll take care of the farm, so, Renka, you show Shinji-san the way with your mother. I’ll come by the house when I’m done.”

 ”Okay. Come this way, please.”

 Prato returns to the berry farm to do his interrupted work, and Quila takes off her hat and starts walking home. Alvin and Milis, who had been watching Shinji and the others, looked at each other and nodded.

 ”Now that we’ve said hello to aunt and uncle, we’re going back to Mil’s house.”

 ”We haven’t talked much with my mothers yet… Shinji-san and Renka too, please take time to talk with aunt and uncle…”

 Once the meeting was over, there was no reason for Alvin and the others to stay. Shinji looks at Renka’s family and says that all that is left is for him to do his best to get along with them. Shinji responded with a light wave of his hand.

 ”Thank you. Alvin, see you later.”

 ”Yeah! See you later, Uncle, Auntie, I’m sorry to have disturbed you.”

 ”I’ll be back later!”

 ”Alvin-kun, Milis-chan, come again.”


 Shinji and Renka left Alvin and Milis, and went into her house. Renka’s house is also quite ordinary. Just as Milis’s house smelled of medicinal herbs, Renka’s house had a sweet scent of berries.

 ”Shinji-san, please sit down.”

 ”Mother, let me help you. Is the place where things are placed differently?”

 ”No, it’s the same place it’s always been. Then please do.”

 Shinji and the others sit at the family table, and Quila prepares tea. Renka is standing next to her mother, preparing tea together.

 Different from the pampered look Renka gives to him, her face shows the trust she has in her parents.

 (…I wonder if they are doing well, both of them…)

 Shinji looks at Renka and her parent, thinking of the succubus parent who raised him.

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