Wizard 453

Chapter 453 Joint Wedding Arrangement

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 Shinji and Renka sit side by side in the living room at Renka’s family home, with her mother, Quila, sitting opposite them and talking about various topics.

 The topics of the conversation is from Shinji’s joining <Running Wolves> to their becoming lovers and marriage, but excludes the details that her mother would not want her to hear, such as how their physical relationship began and the very lewd nighttime affairs.

 The topics of conversation are therefore exclusively about their activities as adventurers and how they spend their days off, except for intercourse. The conversation is led by Renka, Shinji adds to the conversation from the side, Qula asks questions, and Renka answers again.

 ”Geez, Shinji! You don’t have to tell that… And Mom, don’t laugh at me!”

 ”No, no, I think Quila-san would want to hear it too.”

 Quila smiles at the sight of her daughter (Renka) talking to Shinji happily.

 Renka took care of Alvin, Milis, her younger brother Vento, and the younger children. She had a caring personality and lead the others around her as a big sister.

 She was used to being depended on, and Quila was very happy to see her daughter (Renka), who had only depended on her parents, relying on Shinji and allowing him to take care of her.

 ”You don’t have to keep it a secret, Renka. Mom wants to hear more about it.”

 ”Ugh… Shinji, don’t say anything else, okay?”

 ”Sorry, sorry, I understand.”

 Renka’s face turns red with shame and she looks at Shinji with her eyes fixed on him, and Shinji raises his hands in surrender. The exchange is funny again, and Quila laughs.

 The same thing happens when the brother Vento comes home from shopping and the father Prato comes back from working in the fields.

 Renka’s sweetness and trust in Shinji makes her father and brother accept him as the man she is going to marry. After being accepted by Renka’s family, Shinji is taken care of until dinner and returns to Alvin’s house after dark.

* * *

 The next day, Alvin and his family start preparing for the wedding.

 A commoner’s wedding takes place in a temple of the goddess religion, where the marriage certificate is signed. Inside the church, only the bride, groom, and their relatives are allowed to enter.

 Afterwards, the couple goes out of the temple for a festive party. The wedding ceremony is one of the few entertainment for the common people, and the new couple is celebrated by many villagers. It is also an occasion for the newlyweds to present themselves to the villagers, so that even if they are from other villages, they are widely recognized by the villagers, and it becomes easier for the newlyweds to adjust to life in the village as neighbors.

 Usually, only the newlyweds’ relatives, neighbors, and passersby attend the wedding. But now, the square in front of the temple is crowded to a certain extent…

 ”I think it wouldn’t be surprising if all the people in the village attended the wedding.”

 ”You think so…?”

 ”Well, It’s Alvin’s ceremony, after all. The temple too is aware of the situation. Look, they also sent us a report on the expected crowds on the day of the wedding and how they plan to deal with them.”

 Alvin looks over the paper Shinji gave him and lets out a big sigh. It reads.

 [We expect considerable crowd]

 [As a countermeasure, we will send people from the surrounding village temples]

 There is also a note on the paper. It contains the names and identities of the people from which village they are coming, which shows the concern for Alvin. In this way, Alvin would not need to be concerned.

 ”I’m sorry to bother them…”

 ”Don’t worry, it’s the wedding of Alvin-Wolf. Just take advantage of the temple’s goodwill. It may be a lot of work, but it will be a good memory for them.”

 Normally, when Alvin, who is now a member of the nobility, has a wedding, it is usually held in the royal capital or in a bug town such as <Medio>. In such a case, the priests of small local temple would not have a chance to be involved in the ceremony.

 That is why the priests of the church in <Nizio> are working hard and grateful for their good fortune. It is a privilege to be involved, something to be honored, and they don’t hold any grudges.

 ”Well, Renka and I also enjoy the benefits of this…”

 ”Hmm… it only looks that way because it’s not open to the public, but it would be even more amazing if it turned out to be the ceremony of the goddess’s apostle, wouldn’t it?”

 ”Hahaha. That’s why it’s a secret. Renka’s parents probably won’t be too comfortable with me if they find out about it.”

 Shinji feels closer to Renka’s family after talking to them all day yesterday. He feels that they are caring, of course, but he also feels that they are people with whom he would like to build a good relationship.

 If Shinji revealed himself to be an apostle of the goddess, they might not have been able to get to know each other.

 ”I see. So all we have to do is prepare food and drinks to serve in the square.”

 ”Yeah, we’ll have to ask for large quantities so we don’t run out. Anyway, if there’s too much, we can take it back to the territory.”

 The food and drink served in front of the temple is supposed to be provided by the bride and groom. In Alvin’s case, the quantity would be huge, but he has more than enough money to cover it.

 ”Then… all that’s left is the dress.”

 ”Yeah. Mil and Renka work late every day with their mother. Mil says she’ll have enough time, but what about Renka?”

 ”Hmm, I heard she’ll be fine too. I didn’t think the bride would get stitches.”

 Milis and Renka had heard their grandmother sew a dress together with their mother when they were young, and they had always wanted to do the same in the future.

 Alvin and Shinji thought they would buy a dress, but they decided to listen to what they wanted and gave them the fabric of their choice. The design is also kept a secret, and Alvin can’t wait to see it in person.

 ”What do you think the dresses will look like?”

 ”Well… I think Renka will look good in anything…”

 ”What~? Come on, let me in on it~!”

 Thus, Shinji and the others proceeded with the wedding preparations, while Alvin blurted out in a bored tone of voice.

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