Wizard 454

Chapter 454 Dress Completion

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 A few days before the wedding, Shinji was visiting Renka’s house.

 Renka’s parents and brother are working in the berry farm, and Shinji is alone with her in Renka’s room.

 Renka’s room at her parents’ house has a similar atmosphere to the one when she lived in the Wolf mansion or the party house, and it is a comfortable room for Shinji as well, although he has only been there a few times.

 In that room, Shinji saw Renka in her wedding dress.

 ”Shinji, what do you think? I think it looks pretty good…”

 Renka’s white wedding dress is a simple slender-line gown. The long skirt of the dress floated in the air when she turned on the spot to show off the shiny, high quality fabric.

 ”It looks great on you, Renka… Did this dress have the same design as the one Mother-in-law wore?”

 ”That’s right. The fabric is different, but everything else is the same shape.”

 A wedding dress that exposes the neck, shoulders, and arms is a common dress worn by ordinary people. The bride and her mother would sew lace, decorations, and frills onto the dress to make it their own.

 ”I see… So all we have to do now is wait for the wedding. My suit also is already prepared.”

 Shinji is wearing an ordinary white tuxedo, and so is Alvin. Both of them thought that the bride would be the star of the show, and they had no particular preference for a tuxedo, so their outfits were easy to decide on.

 ”Yeah. I’m really looking forward to it…”

 With a happy, calm smile on her face, Renka turned her back to Shinji. Even if she doesn’t say a word about wanting to take off her wedding dress, Shinji uses his “undress” magic on her and makes her take off her dress in an instant. The wedding dress would have taken her a long time to put on and take off, but with Shinji’s magic, it came off easily and beautifully.

 ”Thanks~♪ Can you wait for me while I put the dress away?”


 Renka, who was wearing only a white bra and panties, showed her bare back to Shinji, and it was no wonder that Shinji, who was watching from behind, couldn’t help but touch her.

 ”Hey, wait, Shinji…”

 ”Sorry. It was just that there were so many openings…”

 ”Geez, you’re such a perv…”

 Renka stops Shinji’s hand from lightly stroking her shapely ass. Despite her words of reproach, she is smiling and not angry. As proof, Renka quickly puts on her normal clothes and sits down next to Shinji.

 ”Well… but now we can relax until the day of the wedding”

 ”Yeah, we’ve been in a rush so far… We’ve been working a lot in Wolf territory, and now we have to prepare for the wedding when we get back home.”

 ”It would be a disaster if we couldn’t get the clothes ready in time. We’ll have to take a break from adventuring while we are back in here, so what should we do?”

 <Running Wolves> has informed the Adventurers’ Guild in this town that they will return home and stay for a while, but the party has decided not to be active in the guild. The <Nizio> branch is very disappointed, but the wedding is their top priority, so they will only accept work offers in the event of a dire emergency.

 ”Once again, I’m bored… or rather, I’m bored when there is more free time. Whatever I do, it’s not as good as <Medio>.”

 ”That’s true… Helping out in the farm… it doesn’t feel like a day off, does it?”

 ”Renka is doing the housework now, right? If that’s the case, I don’t mind if you and Mother-in-law take care of the farm.”

 During their stay at her parents’ house, Renka does the cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc. while her parents and brother work in the fields.

 This allows the two of them to have a lot of alone time every day, and Renka is very happy about it. Freri and Flair, perhaps reading the mood, do not show up either, leaving Renka with Shinji, the most exclusive time in the past.

 While they were talking about this and that, Renka, who was sitting side by side with Shinji, leaned her body against him. Naturally, her well-shaped breasts pressed against Shinji’s arms, and Shinji supported Renka.


 ”Mmm~…I want to do it…♡”

 Renka’s head is pressed against Shinji’s as if wanting to be pampered. Shinji felt a strong s*xual desire for Renka, and when he felt her love, he wanted to lay his body on top of hers. To this desire, Shinji has always responded perfectly, giving her an unparalleled sense of euphoria.

 What to the outside world might seem like an abrupt invitation is a normal occurrence for both of them, and Shinji does not hesitate to lock lips with Renka.

 ”Mmm… *Kiss*… Mmm…♡ *Lick*…♡ *Lick*… *Lick*…♡ M…♡”

 He slowly lays her down on the floor, savoring the saliva that is infused with affection and the aggressive use of his tongue that seems to show his love for her.

 ”Haah…♡ Shinji…I love you…♡”

 ”I love you too”

 Shinji’s hands caress Renka’s flushed cheeks as he gazes into her moist eyes, and Renka squints her eyes comfortingly. Her appearance is adorable, and Shinji kisses her lips again and again.

 He tries to take off her clothes, but…

 [Ane-san! Milis-san is here!]

 Renka’s brother, Vento, calls out from outside the house, and they have no choice but to stop. As they look at each other, Shinji and Renka laugh.

 ”…See you later, okay?”

 ”Yeah…♡ *Kiss*…♡”

 Shinji and Renka lightly lock lips for the last time and leave Renka’s room to greet Milis.

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