Wizard 455

Chapter 455 With Renka and Milis For the Last Time Before Marriage, Part One

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 ”Renka-chan, Shinji-san, sorry to bother you~”

 Renka and Shinji greeted Milis at the door and the three of them went back to Renka’s room. As soon as they entered the room, Milis took out her wedding dress from a bag she was carrying.

 ”I’ve finished it and came to show it to you. How’s Renka-chan?”

 ”I just finished mine too. Wait a minute…”

 Renka also takes out her wedding dress, which she had put away. Milis’ dress and Renka’s dress are made of the same fabric, so the color is the same white and the fabric has the same sheen.

 The slender line of the wedding dress, which exposes the neck, shoulders, and arms, has almost the same design, and the only difference between the two dresses is the laces and other decorations sewn by each of them.

 If Renka and Milis stand side by side holding their wedding dresses, it is obvious that they look very similar. Seeing them standing side by side in their dresses would be very appropriate for a joint wedding ceremony.

 ”Renka-chan’s dress is cute!”

 ”Mil’s dress is cute too. Did you show it to Al?”

 ”Yes. Al-kun said it was cute too. Since I showed Al-kun my dress, I came here to show Renka-chan’s dress, too”

 Shinji watched in silence as Renka and Renka-chan happily talked, smiling as they showed each other the dresses they had made.

 (They both look good together. Though, I can’t say I want to hold them in their wedding dresses right now. Let’s save the fun for after the wedding)

 At the same time, Milis shows her wedding dress to Shinji, who smiles calmly without letting out his lustful thoughts. Thought, in Milis’s eyes, there was a hint of anticipation.

 ”Shinji-san, what do you think? Does it look good on me?”

 ”Yes, I think it’s cute. I’m looking forward to the joint wedding”

 ”Thank you very much… I’m looking forward to it too~♡”

 Milis smiles happily but her eyes are fixed on Shinji’s legs. It seemed that her head was full of anticipation for the pleasure she was about to have with Shinji.

 It’s obvious. After all, Milis hadn’t done it with Shinji for more than two weeks since they had left Wolf territory. Furthermore, since realizing that she likes Shinji’s “gem”, Milis has been increasingly unsatisfied with Alvin alone.

 And the reason she seems happy is not because of the compliments, but because of her s*x-oriented mindset that being cute excites her and makes her feel good.

 ”Mil, where’s Al?”

 ”Al-kun went to the temple to make arrangements for the wedding. He said it will probably take him until around dinner time.”

 ”I-I see…”

 Renka’s breath catches in her throat as she catches the look of lust in Milis’s eyes and sees the best chance she’s had to make love with Shinji since her return home. Well, she had been monopolizing Shinji since she returned home, and had always been satisfied both physically and emotionally, but now Milis had an awesomeness that Renka did not have.

 ”Renka-chan… Can I do it with Shinji-san…? Today is my first and last chance…”

 Milis’ attempts to be nice were curtailed when she asked Renka to do something for her. However, Renka is very vulnerable to Milis’s clingy gaze and request, and she cannot refuse with or without a hint of threat.

 ”Geez… I have no choice, Mil…”

 ”Thank you, Renka-chan~♡”

 ”Anyways… I was planning to do it with Shinji right before Mil came”

 ”Ah, as I thought. After all, I saw Renka-chan’s lipstick looked funny”

 ”Eh!? Really!?”

 ”Really. You should reapply it properly after kissing”

 Renka’s cheeks turn red as she holds her lips with one hand in panic. She was only wearing a thin layer of lipstick now that she was relaxing at her parents’ house. Needless to say, Shinji was pleased by this teasing effort to make her look as pretty as possible.

 Thinking that Milis’s pushy attitude was quite unusual, Shinji, finally able to move thanks to the conclusion of the girls’ talk, approached Renka and Milis and touched their backs with his hand.

 ”Now that we’ve come to an agreement, let’s put the dresses away. We can’t get them dirty before the real show, can we?”

 ”That’s right. Mil should put her dress away too. Shinji will make it dirty”

 ”Yeah. It’s a precious dress, after all”

 With these words, the girls put their wedding dresses away with care. They put the bags away from the bed so that they would not get dirty, and Shinji sat down on the bed, put his arms around Renka and Milis, and pulled them close to him.

 The wedding is about to take place, but it is Shinji, not Alvin, who sits between Renka and Milis in Renka’s room in their hometown.

 Renka loves Shinji, and Milis, who is fascinated by his “gems”, naturally leans against Shinji from both sides. The position that Alvin had occupied before his departure is now Shinji’s, and Shinji is more excited than ever to realize this fact.

 (Alvin has achieved his dream, and I have achieved mine. We will be together for a long time to come. Then we will have a good life together)

 The Wolf family is becoming the perfect place for Shinji as a cuckold. Its prosperity will continue to bring happiness to Shinji… and to everyone involved with the Wolf family.

 With a determination to continue to work diligently, Shinji lays his lips on Renka’s.

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