Wizard 456

Chapter 456 With Renka and Milis For the Last Time Before Marriage, Part Two

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 Shinji puts his lips on Renka’s and moves his hand to hold her close. In response, Renka sticks out her tongue and twirls it with Shinji’s as Shinji rubs her shapely breasts, which fit perfectly in his hands.

 ”Nnn~♡ *Slurp*~♡ Jupa♡ *Lick Lick*~♡ Haah…♡ Shinji, I love…♡ Chuu~♡ *Slurp*~♡”

 ”Shinji-san’s, already so big…♡”

 While Renka is absorbed in the exchange of saliva with Shinji, with her arms wrapped around his neck, Milis, who sits opposite her, slips her one hand inside Shinji’s pants and underwear and gently grips his already stiff erection, her favorite part.

 She then presses her breast against his, whispers in his ear, flicks her tongue in Shinji’s ear, and rubs his p*nis, creating a very lewd atmosphere that surprises Renka, who has only been having one-on-one (lovemaking) with Shinji recently.

 ”Ah~♡ Shinji-san’s hands…♡ Touch me so hard…♡”

 Milis makes a sweet, debauched sound as Shinji rubs Milis’s breasts, which are too small to fit in his hands. At this sight, Renka could tell that Milis had fallen completely.

 ”Puha…♡ I knew it would come to this. Mil really can’t help it”

 ”Because… I can only be satisfied with Shinji-san’s cock. His cock is really great…♡”

 ”You just like my cock, don’t you Milis?”


 Affirming Shinji’s words with a fascinated face, Milis pulls Shinji’s cock out of his pants. Once she pulls it away, she moves her face toward this thick, hard, and magnificent cock and starts to suck it without hesitation.

 ”Ohh… That’s good… Milis…”

 ”I’m glad…♡ *Kiss*~♡ *Kiss*~♡ *Slurp*~♡ *Lick*~♡ Nfu~♡”

 A few words of praise for Milis’ aggressive blowjob escaped Shinji’s mouth. These words arouse Renka’s rivalry with Milis, and she decides she can’t lose to her and kisses her lover even more deeply and fiercely with her tongue.

 ”*Kiss*~♡ *Smooch*~♡ *Lick Lick*~♡ Mmm… Shinji, I love you~♡ I really love you~♡ *Kiss*♡ Mmm… *Lick*~♡…”

 Renka not only kisses but also slips one hand under Shinji’s top, tracing the bare skin from his stomach up, and traces his nipples with her fingers. Under the ever-aggressive caresses, Shinji lets himself be caressed by the girls, but does not forget to caress their bodies.

 Shinji’s fingers explore around the secret parts of Renka and Milis, and then he removes their panties by <Undress> magic. Their exuberant vaginas are so wet that they immediately accept his fingers and drip their love juices as he works on them, increasing the sensitivity of their vaginas.

 Now, the room is filled with the sound of water as all three of them try to make each other feel better. The girls were getting desperate for Shinji’s p*nis as he continued to stir their vaginas, and Milis focused on the glans in order to make him ejaculate once as usual so that he could insert his p*nis into her vaginas as a reward.

 ”Haah…. I’m going to cum…!”

 Shinji shot a large amount of cum into Milis’ mouth without being able to hold back the ejaculation that was soon to come. Milis, who drinks the semen as she has been trained to do, climaxes lightly as Shinji continues to play with her vagina.

 (After all, Shinji-san is amazing…♡ The smell, the chemistry…♡ Hurry up, I want him to put it in me…♡)

 For Milis, who is completely fascinated by Shinji’s cock, mouth ejaculation (Gokkun) is just a reward and a spice to make her anticipation for vaginal ejaculation (Nakadashi) grow. She looks up at Shinji greedily, but her gaze is interrupted by Renka, who is holding Shinji’s gaze.

 ”Shinji, you look so comfortable…”


 (I won’t lose, I’m Shinji’s number one, after all…!)

 Renka’s rivalry with Milis burns within her. She pushes Shinji’s upper body down on the bed so as not to be outdone by her childhood friend (Milis), whose lewd gestures have grown to suit her too much.

 ”Mil, it’s my turn next. Give me back the p*nis”

 ”Geez~… Okay~…”

 Milis, who was the one to be mixed with Renka, had no choice but to comply with Renka’s request. She separates herself from Shinji and lies on her back beside them, and Renka straddles Shinji.

 Renka then strips off her clothes and exposes her naked body, and as she tries to put Shinji’s cock in the cowgirl position, the glans moves through the folds of her vagina. Shinji’s p*nis fits perfectly in Renka’s vagina, and she sighs in ecstasy at the comfort of his p*nis.

 In the midst of all this, Shinji does not forget Milis. He pulls Milis toward him, who looks somewhat displeased, and with a <Undress> magic, strips her completely naked and takes the tips of her ample breasts in his mouth.

 ”Hyan~♡ Ah~♡ Mmm…♡ Ahhh~♡ Shinji-san’s finger…♡ is good~♡”

 ”Ah…Ah~♡ Shinji… Already~♡ Mmm~♡ Bigger~♡ Than usual~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Haah~♡”

 Shinji squeezes Milis’ big breasts, bites her hardened nipples, and stirs her vagina with two fingers. Renka, on the other hand, moves her hips up and down on him while her beautiful breasts swaying as well.

 Even with Milis’ breasts blocking his view, Shinji thrusts his hips and pushes his glans up into Renka’s vagina in time with her movements. The thrusts make Renka lean back and let out a loud and charming cry.

 However, thanks to Shinji’s magic, their voices do not echo out of the room. So Renka and Milis continue to scream their hearts out, letting their impulses take over without restraint.

 ”Ahhhh~♡ This is amazing…♡ Shinji~♡ I’m cumming~♡ I’m cummmmming~♡ It feels so good~♡ I’m cumming~♡”

 ”Ahhhh…♡ I’m cumming too…♡ Shinji-san’s making me cum…♡ Ahhhh…♡”

 All three of them climaxed at the same time.

 Shinji’s cum poured into Renka’s tight vagina, and a happy heat spread through her womb. Renka’s hips shuddered at the sensation of the thick semen, which was intended to impregnate her, and she was enraptured by the afterglow of her climax.

 Milis, who had been made to cum by Shinji’s fingers, shoved her large breasts into his face and jerked her legs. Shinji feels the softness of her breasts pressed against him so hard that it is difficult for him to breathe, but it gives him the greatest feeling of happiness, as he loves big breasts.

 As the three of them slowly bask in the afterglow of their climaxes, their three different sighs echo through Renka’s room. But this is not the end.

 He caresses each of their bodies with his hands, urging them to continue the s*x.

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