Wizard 457

Chapter 457 With Renka and Milis For the Last Time Before Marriage, Part Three

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 Shinji carefully pulls Renka down from above, lays her on the bed, and then, pulls Milis up onto the bed. Instead of resisting, Milis gets on all fours and gets on the bed, where she stands on her knees with her ass in front of Shinji and shakes it lewdly.

 After giving him a blowjob, sucked on her nipples and climaxes with a handjob, Milis’s body is completely prepared by these actions. Shinji thought that there might be a heart mark in her eyes. After all, her eyes were so wet with lust.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting, Milis, but I think you’ve reached your limit, haven’t you?”

 ”Ugh, hurry up if you know already…♡ Shinji-san, please…♡”

 ”Okay, here we go…”

 ”Nnghhhhh~…♡ There it is… Ahh…♡”

 Shinji gripped her waist with both hands and penetrated her vagina in one breath. Her body, which was not satisfied with the s*x with Alvin, accepts Shinji’s big cock with a strong sucking action as if she had been waiting for it.

 The walls of her vagina tighten even more as Shinji pushes his cock deeper and deeper into her vagina. Her vagina, which had become so accustomed to Shinji’s cock, not Alvin’s, kept filling Milis’s brain with a sense of fulfillment and euphoria.

 Spontaneously, Milis’s hips move, and a gentle thrusting movement begins.

 ”Ah…♡ Ah… Ah… Ah…♡ Shinji-san’s p*nis…♡ Ah…♡ Ahhh…♡”

 ”Milis, you’re so greedy. You’re sucking on it like crazy…”

 ”Shinji… Please kiss me, *Kiss*~♡

 Renka, who had recovered from watching Milis’s plump ass that rippled with every thrust, hugged Shinji from behind. She puts her arms lightly around him, so as not to interfere with his movements.

 Renka’s adorable coaxing makes Shinji happy as she presses her shapely breasts against his toned backside. However, despite the deep kissing, Shinji kept his hips smooth and kept pumping rhythmically.

 At the same time, Renka again played with Shinji’s nipples with her hands, and in response, Shinji’s p*nis reacts pleasantly.

 ”Mmm…♡ It’s getting bigger and bigger…♡ Oh, god, ahh…♡ If you do that, I’m going crazy…♡ Ahh…♡”

 ”*Kiss*~♡ *Lick*~♡ *Smooch*~♡ Haah…♡ Shinji, I like… I love you, Shinji…♡”

 Milis’s happy and charming voice also causes Shinji’s hips to grind more boldly in proportion to her sound. Each time he pulls back, her vagina tightens, and when he pushes his hips back, the walls of her vagina writhe, begging him to come deeper. Because of the tightness of her vagina, which was as if she wanted to be seeded quickly, Shinji was at his limit.

 ”Mmmm~♡ Cummmming~…♡”

 Milis also reaches the same time. She pushes her hips against Shinji who pulls her hips tightly against him, and she is soaked in the pleasure of the sperm pouring into her descending womb.

 (It’s great… but it’s too bad I can’t impregnate her…)

 After a long ejaculation, Shinji pulls out his cock while entwining his tongue with Renka’s. But while watching the white semen flowing out of her, he was thinking about impregnating her.

 However, it is difficult for even Shinji to fool the magic tool to believe that there is no blood relationship between Milis and him. Especially the eldest son who succeeded to the territory could have been checked more strictly.

 This is the result of Alvin’s great success, which prevented Shinji’s mendacity. He is so disappointed that everything did not turn out as he expected.

 (If the first one doesn’t work out, I’ll think of something before the second one. If not, so be it. Anyway, Milis has already been fully corrupted)

 For now, Shinji pulls his hand away from Milis, who is still holding her ass up, unable to move and gasping for breath, and instead, embraces Renka. With Milis looking at her shamefully and lewdly, Renka hugs Shinji back and straddles him as he sits down on his knees. They were joined in the face-to-face position, which is Renka’s favorite position.

 ”Mmm…♡ You’re exhausted after Mil’s done, so take it easy next time, okay?”


 Shinji smiles at Renka as she moves her hips gently up and down. Enjoying Renka’s more aggressive movements, Shinji engages her, and Milis, who has returned from her climax, engages him… and the three of them continue to fuck each other.

 Fortunately, Renka’s family does not come back to the house, and Shinji, Milis, and Renka continue to have s*x as long as they can.

 As the sun begins to set, Shinji learns from Freri that Alvin has left the temple.

 Just then, Renka and Milis are cleaning up Shinji’s p*nis, which is sitting on the edge of the bed, after he ejaculates by double-titjob.

 ”It looks like Alvin has left the temple, so I think it’s time to end this… Uo…”

 ””*Lick, lick*~♡ *Lick*~♡ *Kiss*~♡ *Smooch*~♡ Puha~♡””

 The two of them lick the sensitive tip of Shinji’s p*nis from both sides after ejaculation, and he can’t help but let out a faint sound. Their tongues reach out and lick the pole like kittens begging for milk, and he gently puts his hand on their head and strokes their sweaty, sticky hair.

 Without words, Shinji understood that Renka and Milis were trying to make him cum one last time. So he ejaculates to show them that they are his women.

 ”I’m going to ejaculate…Renka, Milis…!”

 Just before ejaculation, the girls did not turn their faces away from their swollen p*nis, and Renka and Milis were showered with sperm that was sprayed with such force that it was hard to believe that Shinji had ejaculated many times.

* * *

 ”That was great, thank you…”

 Shinji’s magic had cleared away all traces of their s*x in no time, and they were now dressed and sitting side by side on the edge of the bed, just as they had been before they started having s*x.

 Renka and Milis are sitting on either side of Shinji, holding him in their arms. They were filled with womanhood in body and soul, and their heads were still resting on Shinji’s shoulders with a dreamy look on their faces.

 ”It felt so good for me too…♡”

 ”Mil… Al will be here soon, right?”

 ”Ah, yeah…”

 Milis’ regretful attitude makes Renka suspect that Milis might be having a change of heart. However, she does not express her doubts now that the wedding is just around the corner.

 She knows that Milis wants to marry Alvin because of her wedding dress and the way she prepares for the ceremony.

 (Al’s propensity is also a factor… even if I say so myself and things get complicated, huh…)

 Renka tells herself that each couple is different, and quietly surrenders herself to Shinji.

 In contrast to her, Milis, after all this time, still leaves Shinji’s body. Milis really wanted to stay in the afterglow, but Alvin’s name was mentioned, and she had to leave.

 (…I wonder when we can have s*x again~♡)

 Milis’ thoughts immediately switch to the next opportunity. It is true that she is looking forward to her wedding and married life with Alvin. But it is also true that she is looking forward to a life of physical intimacy with Shinji.

 Between them, Shinji smiles to himself. It is a smile that comes from the fulfillment of a wish he made when he first met Alvin and the others, a wish that he had made with all of his desires.

 (…I can finally relax and going forward…)

 Shinji looks ahead to after the wedding. While remembering the succubus parents who raised him, he hugs Renka’s shoulder.

 It was a very special time.

 After a long time, Shinji has achieved his original goal.

 Well, so did Alvin!

 (Though he got cuckolded…)

 The next chapter is the end of 11th volume.

 Although Alvin’s goal of this volume has been accomplished, Shinji’s adventure still continues. He still hasn’t finished cuckolding Christina yet!

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