Wizard 458

Chapter 458 Alvin’s Happy Wedding

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 This is the last chapter of Vol. 11.

 The hectic days passed in the blink of an eye, and the day of the wedding had arrived.

 In the groom’s waiting room of the temple of the Goddess in the <Nizio> town, Alvin, dressed in a tuxedo and with his hair neatly arranged, walked around the room with a nervous look on his face.

 ”Alvin, why don’t you sit down and relax…”

 ”I-I want to do it, but… I can’t calm down!”

 In the same room, Shinji was drinking coffee with his legs crossed. He was dressed in a tuxedo like Alvin, and his hair was neat.

 Shinji and Alvin are the only ones in the groom’s waiting room because both of their parents are absent.

 ”Aren’t you nervous Shinji?”

 ”I don’t know anyone in this town. And I don’t mind the stares of other people.”

 ”I envy you… Haah~, I hope I don’t make a mistake, my heart…”

 ”Well, Alvin is the type of guy who can handle the real thing. You’ve always made good decisions in critical situations”

 Shinji laughs at Alvin’s concern before the event. These words are sincere and reflect his trust in Alvin based on his past performance. His words, which show that he has no doubts about the success of the event, help Alvin regain some of his composure.

 ”The bride is ready”

 ”!! Please!!”

 Alvin replied and the door opened. There stood the two brides in their wedding dresses.

 At the time the dress was completed, Alvin also saw Milis in her wedding dress. He thought it was beautiful then, too. But she looked even more radiant now.

 ”…You look beautiful… Mil…”

 ”I’m happy… Thank you, Al-kun…♡”

 When Milis smiles happily at Alvin, all the tension he had felt before is gone, and he murmurs to her without thinking. The smile gives Alvin an unprecedented feeling of happiness in his heart and lifts his spirits to a new high.

 ”It really suits you! I’m…I’m so happy…!”

 ”Yes! I’m so happy that… my dream came true”

 ”Yeah… me too! I think it’s because Mil helped me to make my dream come true. Thank you so much”

 ”Yes! Renka and Shinji and of course Al-kun. We all worked very hard to make this day possible”

 Alvin followed Milis’ gaze and saw Renka in her wedding dress and Shinji talking with her. Renka blushes with happiness and embarrassment at the compliment. Meanwhile, Shinji looks at her with calm eyes.

 Alvin’s heart was grateful at the sight of his indispensable and irreplaceable friends looking so happy.

 ”Yeah… I think so too. I’m really blessed to have people around me. I was able to make my dream come true because of them. I know it’s going to be harder from now on… but I’m counting on you, Mil.”

 Alvin’s smile was not that of an innocent young man chasing his dreams, but of a man who knew what he had to bear.

 ”Yes! Let’s work together, Al-kun. I’ll do anything for Al-kun!”

 Milis, who looks at Alvin, also decides to support the one she loves. With hopeful faces, Alvin and Milis holding each other’s hands can be said to be the ideal young couple.

 Following this, the wedding ceremony went off without a hitch.

 Alvin and Milis, Shinji and Renka are blessed with their arms linked in front of the nervous priest of the Goddess religion. Watching this scene, the father of the bride cries. Their families also bless them and they smile happily when the brides pledge their love to their respective husbands.

 Accompanied by the groom and groomsmen, the four walk down the aisle of the temple side by side. As they stand in front of the big doors of the temple, the priests open the doors leading to the main square of the temple.

 The main square was filled with people. These people, who had gathered to celebrate Alvin’s departure from his hometown and his great success in life, look at the four standing at the open door and say words of congratulation.

 ”What a sight…”

 Alvin mutters to himself, but when he raises one hand to congratulate them, the people in the square become even more excited.

 They said, “Congratulations on your marriage!” to “Pride of Nizio!”. In addition, there were many yellow voices, and young women were excited to see Alvin in his tuxedo.

 Against such a chaotic scene, Milis and Renka step forward. In their hands, bouquets of colorful flowers attract the women’s attention.

 It is said among the commoners that the girl who takes the bouquet thrown by the bride will be blessed with a good marriage. More specifically, it is the bouquet of Alvin’s wedding. The specialness of the bouquet is so extraordinary that it is no wonder that the young women’s eyes turn a different color.

 ”Al-kun, the bouquet, shall we throw it?”

 ”Yes. Shinji, can you please?”

 ”Yeah. Throw it high and I’ll let the wind carry it to the girls. Whenever you’re ready”

 ”Okay. Mil, let’s go!”

 They smile and nod at each other.

 ””One, two, three!””

 They throw it high above at the same time. With the wind created by Shinji’s magic, the bouquet falls to a group of women who raise their hands high in the air and stretch them out.

 Alvin looks at his friends, who are happy, smiling, and looking at the end of the bouquet.

 (Let’s work hard to make the Wolf family prosper. I hope we can continue to laugh together like this. That’s the best way to make not only me but everyone who has supported me this far!)

 His dreams come true and he renews his vows.

 Alvin looks at his beloved (Milis).

 But he is unaware of it because he is wrapped up in the happiness of the marriage.

 He is unaware of the fact that Milis is being held by Shinji without his knowledge, and of the fact that her s*x with Shinji is supreme in her mind…

 This concludes the 11th volume.

 At last, Alvin and his wife have reached the goal. They are now husband and wife.

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