Wizard 459

Chapter 459 Wolf Family Goes to Medio

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 After their wedding in <Nizio>, Alvin and his wife Milis could enjoy the honeymoon life as commoners, albeit for a short period of only a week or so.

 In addition, because of the maid’s absence, Milis could enjoy an ideal honeymoon life with Alvin by providing him with home-cooked meals. After all, once she returns to Wolf territory, she will have to act as the wife of an honorary knight (Alvin) and a nobleman’s wife. She cannot directly take care of Alvin by herself as she does now.

 In contrast to Alvin and Milis, Shinji and Renka are still commoners, so not much has changed. However, they have more free time because of taking a leave of absence from work, and they can spend more time together than at the mansion.

 Despite the hard work of preparing for the wedding, it can be said that they had a fulfilling time.

 After their one-week honeymoon, Alvin and the others leave <Nizio> after saying goodbye to Milis and Renka’s families. They didn’t go to Wolf territory but to the Beltz family mansion in <Medio>.

 There they met up with Christina and together they went to <Nord>, the royal capital. The purpose of the trip is to celebrate the wedding of Milis and announce that Christina and Alvin are now happily engaged, and throw a party hosted by the Wolf family.

 After rushing on their horses, Alvin and the others arrived at the Beltz house at high noon and were greeted by Christina.

 ”Chris! I’m glad to see you well!”

 ”Al-sama, welcome home. The servants and I are in good health, and there have been no problems at the Wolf territory. Everyone should be tired, right? Please come in”

 Christina leads the group all into the mansion.

 ”Al-sama, are you going to leave tomorrow morning as planned?”

 ”Yeah, that’s the plan. Thank you for everything, Chris”

 Alvin smiles at Christina, who walks next to him, and she nods happily with a blush on her cheeks.

 Christina’s heart dances as she sees the man she loves to smile at her for the first time in almost a month. After all, Alvin’s appreciation is her greatest reward for Christina, who tries to be a good and supportive wife to her husband.

 ”Yes~♪ it’s my duty to support Al-sama, and from what I saw, I’m glad you all had a good time”

 As a young couple, Alvin and his wife, Milis, have spent a lot of time together and do not have a newlywed look. However, Christina feels their mood has become more relaxed as if they have changed their mind.

 ”Thanks to Chris-san, I really appreciate it”

 ”Yeah, we’ll be there when it’s Alvin and Christina-san’s turn”

 ”Thank you very much. I will rely on you two at that time”

 Renka is grateful, and Christina is genuinely happy to hear her thanks, but Shinji’s words seem bland.

 (Now, the best thing I can do is to avoid him from touching me in the future)

 This thought is her undeniable truth. However, her body is seeking Shinji. After all, when Shinji walks behind her, Christina notices his eyes are fixed on her butt.

 And just like that, her heart beats faster, her cheeks flush slightly, and her vagina becomes moist. That was the natural result of a month of celibacy that had built up a lust inside her. Even the mere sight of Shinji as a woman reminds her of the pleasures she has experienced.

 However, no matter how hungry her body is, Christina controls her body and mind with her strong spirit. But, Shinji likes how she resists her body’s hunger so that she does not fall into it.

 She is strong to the core, never wavering from her core strength even if she cannot refuse and is driven by her body, which was slowly corrupted when she was penetrated. Shinji thinks as expected of the Beltz family’s daughter and a very talented noblewoman.

 (Still, I wonder how Tina will react when she discovers Alvin’s propensity. Well, whatever her reaction will be, I can control it anyway I want because of the crest)

 Christina is already finished when she gets the lewd crest. She never notices it, and Shinji is looking forward to seeing Christina’s reaction as before.

* * *

 After taking a break at the Beltz house, Alvin and the others decide to visit <Medio>’s acquaintances in the light of day.

 Because <Running Wolves> has been active in <Medio> for the longest time, they have many acquaintances in common. Therefore, Alvin and the others decide to visit their acquaintances in turn.

 Their first stop was <Heliotrope>. Haruto, a former party member of Shinji’s and Alvin’s friend, owns the store. The store’s appearance is the same as before, but two guards are standing at the entrance, which gives the store a particular atmosphere.

 (I remember that Hayate told me about this. Because of Alvin, the aristocrats have started to give them jobs, and they have decided to hire guards because of the precious gems they use)

 While remembering what Shinji had heard during the meeting after the Hateyama incident, they enter <Heliotrope>. The two guards can’t help but stare at the face of Alvin, the leader of the group. They have seen Alvin win the tournament and know he has become an honorary knight.

 They had heard that this store was related to Alvin-Wolf, but they did not expect to see him in person, and they became rigid.

 Unaware of the guards’ state of mind, Alvin entered the store and was recognized by Hayate in an apron. She greets the <Running Wolves> with a big smile.

 ”Welcome! Everyone, it’s been a long time!”

 ”Long time no see! Is Haruto here?”

 ”Yes. I’ll get him right away”

 Hayate goes to the back of the store to call Haruto. He comes out of the back of the store shortly after. Haruto is holding his daughter Hana in his arms, and the two-year-old daughter looks at Alvin and the others curiously.

 Milis and Renka are mesmerized by the daughter’s cuteness as they exchange words of reunion. Well, because they have just finished their wedding, it seems they want to have a child, so they look at the young girl and imagine their future with a child in their arms.

 ”Isn’t my daughter cute~?”

 ”Here we go again, Haruto’s bragging about his daughter”

 ”Why not? Besides, Shinji will soon find out. You will quickly understand the joy of holding your own child”

 Haruto, rubbing his cheek against Hannah’s face with a tight expression, assured Shinji of this.

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