Wizard 460

Chapter 460 Nanaka’s Progress in Heliotrope

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 While Alvin is seen with Haruto, who is proud of his own child, and Milis and Renka adore his daughter, Hana, Shinji goes into the back of the store by himself.

 The living space of <Heliotrope> has not changed much since his last visit, except for adding a bed for the child.

 There, Shinji saw Nanaka, and she also noticed him coming into the room. Then she smiled and gave him small waves. She is dressed in loose-fitting maternity clothes that do not constrict her belly, and everything from drinks to sewing tools is provided around Nanaka so that she does not have to move more than she has to.

 It’s a perfect example of what it means to be well taken care of.

 ”Oh, Shinji, it’s been a while”

 ”Yes, I’m glad to see you’re doing well, too, Nanaka”

 Holding a sewing stick in both hands, Nanaka stops her moving hands. She puts the hat and the sewing stick, which she was about to make for her newborn baby, back into the basket full of woolen yarn.

 Even Shinji, a novice, could tell at a glance that both mother and child were doing well.

 ”Compared to Hana’s case, my physical condition is strangely not so bad. Thanks to this, I have a comfortable pregnancy”

 ”And Hayate is here, too. I hear she’s not only designing accessories these days, but she’s also even making them”

 ”That’s right. Hayate-chan is very good with her hands and has some fresh ideas, so she has started to make some nice accessories. You introduced me to a really nice girl”

 Hayate has knowledge of other worlds, and she has been making accessories that were popular in her own world. Her work is a hit with the commoners, and now some of them come to the store to buy her original accessories.

 On the other hand, Haruto takes orders for unique one-of-a-kind items from the aristocracy. Although it started with Alvin, the fact that he has been able to keep his customers is a result of his hard work and talent.

 ”Thanks to you, our sales are going well. It’s worth filling out all the invoices”

 Nanaka is happy to see that the business is the most successful it has ever been.

 ”I think the mental stability that comes from having a stable life is having a positive effect on the business”

 Shinji is convinced that entrusting Hayate to the care of <Heliotrope> has had a more positive effect on <Heliotrope> than he had expected, but then he receives a thought from Freri.

 [The child of an apostle has high magical power and is easily favored by spirits. It will have a positive effect on the mother. Even the Goddess said that]

 [I’ve never heard that before. If it’s true, it’s a great thing]

 Shinji had heard from Goddess Arian that children of apostles tend to be born with high magical power, but he had not expected that it also leads to easy childbirth, and he was surprised at Freri’s thought that he suddenly heard.

 Giving birth is very difficult. Even <Healing> magic does not solve all the problems of childbirth. In some cases, too, one must choose between the mother and the child.

 As Shinji observed Nanaka carefully, he could feel a small spirit’s magic power from her body. It is a weak magical power to Shinji, who knows the high-ranking spirits Freri and Flair. So he guessed that she was possessed by a low-ranking spirit that could not even take human form.

 […I can indeed feel the spirit magic power, but what kind of magic is this?]

 [Hmm… It doesn’t heal injuries like <Healing> does-noja… and it’s hard to put into words. Because I can do it somehow]

 [Well, spirits use magic with their senses…]

 This is why Flair once said that using magic is the same as breathing for spirits. Unlike human beings who cannot use magic without a magic circle, spirits do not necessarily need a magic circle.

 Of course, since it is more efficient to use magic circle, a magic circle is used for large-scale magic, but for small-scale magic, such as <Healing Physical Discomfort>, a spirit can make it happen just by thinking about it. Although the price is the consumption of magic power, the small consumption of magic power is trivial for a spirit, and it does not take much effort to construct a magic circle.

 ”What’s the matter? Shinji. Did Freri talk to you?”

 ”Just now. She said she’s glad to see you’re doing well”

 ”Fufu, please tell her thank you”

 ”Okay. Well, I’d better get going. I still have some places to go”

 Shinji and Nanaka’s natural behavior and conversation do not cause Hayate, who works in the workshop within hearing distance of their voices, to distrust them. She does not think that Nanaka’s child will be Shinji’s. She does not think that Shinji has many women in his life.

 Even though Hayate understands that Shinji has many women and that she is one of them, she does not think that Nanaka, who is married and has a good husband, would have gone against the norm by being held by Shinji and conceived by him. Therefore.

 ”Okay. Come back when the baby is born. I want you to see the second baby”

 ”I’ll be here. And I’ll give you a gift for the baby”

 ”Onii-san, please come again”

 Hayate joins their conversation and says her goodbyes in the most ordinary way.

 ”Oh, Hayate, good luck with your work. And take care of Haruto and Nanaka. Please help them”

 ”Of course! I will do that even if you don’t tell me to!”

 Shinji nodded with a laugh and raised his hand in response to her reply.

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