Wizard 461

Chapter 461 Reunion with Charlotte

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 After leaving <Heliotrope>, Alvin and the others went to the Adventurers’ Guild in <Medio>.

 Alvin has been working at the Adventurers’ Guild for a long time, so he knows many of the staff there. He comes here to tell the guild officials about the suspension of <Running Wolves>, and they will go to the royal capital <Nord> tomorrow. After that, they will return to Wolf territory.

 The guild is regretful that Alvin tells them that he will not be an adventurer for a while and that he will mainly work as a lord. However, the guild is grateful for Alvin’s promise to work in case of emergency, and they accept the suspension of the <Running Wolves>.

 Afterward, Alvin and the others go around to say goodbye to their acquaintances. Unless they have something special to do, they do not leave the Wolf territory. Therefore, Alvin wants to say goodbye before leaving the town, so he takes time to go around the town of <Medio>.

 For this reason, Alvin decided to make his last visit to <Yadorigi-tei(Mistletoe)>, where he had been staying for a long time until he bought the party house. He gives a gift to the innkeeper and his wife and daughter, who have taken care of him since he first moved here.

 Shinji is not among the people who talk there.

 After the greetings, he left Alvin, Milis, and Renka, who had agreed to meet at the Beltz place, and went to <Hidden Dragon Inn(Doryuu-tei)> where he had been staying.

 The reason for Shinji’s separation was due to Charlotte.

 ”Good afternoon, Morse-kun. It’s been a long time”

 ”Oh, Shinji-san. It’s been a long time!”

 Even though it has been almost a year since his last visit, Morse responds to Shinji’s sudden visit with a bright smile. This is because he is now at the peak of his happiness. The reason is clear, and Shinji knows it.

 ”Congratulations. I heard the baby was born safely”

 ”Thank you very much! Yes, that’s right! A girl was born. She has the same color hair and eyes as Charl”

 Morse recalls his wife’s (Charlotte) days of childbirth and expresses his heartfelt thanks for her labor.

 Her (Charlotte) hyperemesis did not get as bad as he had heard from his mother and Charlotte’s mother-in-law, and she did not get sick. She was so energetic that she was doing housework and working at the inn until the time of the birth, which worried people around her more.

 Naturally, Morse would care more about Charlotte, who acts as his wife and the young innkeeper.

 However, he does not know that the reason for Charlotte’s good health is that she is pregnant with Shinji’s child, the Goddess’ apostle and that the mother and child are protected by a low-ranked spirit.

 And Shinji does not have a hobby to mention it to Morse to cause him despair. So, to keep the truth from coming out, he naturally presents the bag of congratulatory gifts.

 ”I know it’s sudden, but I’ve brought you something to celebrate. I hope you don’t mind if I talk to her for a bit”

 ”Yes, of course. That’s all right. I’ll take you to see Charl and my daughter”

 ”I’m sorry that I bothered you”

 ”Don’t worry, and come this way”

 Although he wasn’t sure whether to take Shinji or not, Morse trusted him and decided to meet his wife and daughter with him. Assuming that he was Alvin’s companion, a well-known person, he would not do anything strange, and he knocked on the living room door at the back of the inn.

 ”Charl. Are you okay now? Shinji brought us something to celebrate…”

 ”I’m fine. Thalys has just slept”

 ”Okay. Come in, Shinji-san”

 ”Thank you. I’m sorry to bother you”

 Shinji enters the Hidden Dragon Inn’s living room through the door Morse opened. There was a brand-new crib and a baby with the same light brown hair as Charlotte sleeping in it.

 Sitting right next to the crib, Charlotte looks slightly more plump from Shinji’s point of view, indicating that she is in good health.

 ”Hello, Shinji-san. It’s been a while. Sorry for coming all the way here”

 ”It’s been a while, Charlotte-chan…or is it Charlotte-san? I’m glad to see you are well. And congratulations”

 ”Fufu, thank you very much~♪ Please look at my daughter”

 ”Charl, I’m sorry. I gotta get back to work…”

 ”Yeah. Good luck, Daddy~♪”

 Charlotte smiles and beckons Shinji to join her, and Morse leaves the room to return to work at the inn. As the door closed, Charlotte took Shinji’s hand as he stood by her side. The welcoming smile on her face disappears, and she looks up at Shinji with a reproachful expression.

 ”You finally came to see me, Shinji-san… I thought you might not be coming anymore”

 ”I’ve been so busy. I was out of town a lot”

 ”I know, I know about the success of the <Running Wolves>. Your leader, Alvin-san, has become a nobleman”

 ”And I’m his vassal now”

 ”That’s great. It’s a big promotion, isn’t it?”

 ”But I prefer the life of a carefree adventurer”

 Shinji’s attitude does not change under her gaze, and Charlotte cannot find the right moment to say what she wants to say to Shinji, who is still talking to her in the same tone as before the impregnation.

 (I thought we were done with this…)

 Charlotte instinctively understood that she was pregnant with Shinji’s child.

 Her guilt toward Morse, which was small at first, increased as she spent more time without seeing Shinji and more time with her husband (Morse). No matter how much she devoted herself to her husband, her guilt only increased… even more so when she became pregnant, and Morse started to do things for her.

 But she does not dare to tell the truth, and Charlotte has kept her secret to this day. She has a daughter, Thalys, and they are happy together… and while they are enjoying their happy life, she swears to herself that she will never make a mistake again and that the next time she meets Shinji, she will stop being his saffle. That was the plan.

 And yet, when she met Shinji for the first time in a long time, her heart was shaken, and she took his hand on the spur of the moment. The face of a woman who had been asleep, not a mother, is awakened. Her body, which has been developed and corrupted, remembers the greatest pleasure in front of her master (Shinji).

 If she said, “I won’t see you again,” Shinji would be gone. Then, she would never be able to experience that pleasure again. Thinking like that, she would never be able to find the right moment.

 If she leaves it ambiguous, there is no need to say goodbye to Shinji, as long as he keeps the secret as before.

 While Charlotte is still struggling in her mind, Shinji looks at Thalys and gives her a gift.

 He has no doubt that, like Nanaka, Charlotta’s daughter is possessed by a low-ranking spirit and that she will grow up to be a healthy child unless something goes wrong, so Shinji steps away from the crib to leave.

 ”Well, I’d better get going. If you need anything, call me, and I’ll do my best to help”

 ”But there’s a lot of distance between us…”

 In the end, Charlotte is unable to say goodbye. And after releasing her hand, which was shaken by love and lust, Shinji pressed the seed of a plant into Charlotte’s palm.

 ”If you hold this seed and pray, you can talk to me through the spirit. Well, I can’t respond when I’m busy, though”

 ”Geez, if you had something this useful, you should give it to me first”

 ”Well, this is very valuable, and it’s time for me to go. I don’t want to keep Alvin and the others waiting”

 In fact, Freri would give him if Shinji asked her, but there was no way for Charlotte to know that. After she nods vaguely, Shinji turns to leave the room.

 ”If you ever want to be embraced again, just ask me at night, and I’ll come over”


 Unlike Shinji, who has a lot of composure, Charlotte cannot speak and can only watch Shinji walk away.

 It’s been a long time, Charlotte!

 Her daughter was born, and it is Shinji’s child.

 She had been calm once, but when she met Shinji, she was back to her former self…

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