Wizard 462

Chapter 462 Balancing the Way of Life Between the Child of Human Being and the Child of Succubus

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 Shinji leaves <Hidden Dragon Inn> and joins Alvin and the others at the Beltz family mansion as planned. Then, after dinner with Christina, Shinji returns to the assigned guest room.

 The room was fully furnished. And of course, Shinji does not intend to hold his wife (Renka) in the Beltz’s guest room. However, he would want to touch her if he slept with her, and today, he was glad to have a separate bed.

 ”*Yawn*… I’m going back to my room”

 Renka, who has been talking in Shinji’s room, gets up with a slight yawn.

 She also returned to the guest room after dinner so Alvin, Christina, and Milis could talk freely. Of course, she also wanted to spend some time alone with Shinji.

 ”So tomorrow we leave for Nord, huh…? The party keeps on going, doesn’t it?”

 ”Yes. Although it’s easier now that Al and the others are the main attraction. Being a noble is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I can see that from the way Mil and the others are talking to each other”

 ”I agree. Ties with other people, old customs, and obligations that arise… it’s not just about living a rich life as a noble. As a lord, one must protect one’s people”


 Perhaps to reassure Renka, who looks somewhat uneasy, Shinji smiles at her.

 ”But as long as we don’t forget about our current worries, we’ll be fine. The Beltz family is a decent noble, and Christina-san is their daughter. I also don’t see any problems with how she is managing the Wolf territory. If she continues to do her job for the territory, it won’t be a bad thing”

 ”…Fufu, you’re right! Shinji, thanks, and good night~♡”

 After telling Shinji what’s on his mind and easing her fears, Renka bends over and kisses him lightly as he sits on the bed. She waves her hand and leaves the room with a radiant look.

 [Shinji. Charlotte hid the seed]

 [As I thought… she seemed to want to end the secret relationship, though she didn’t say so in words]

 The report from Freri was as Shinji had expected. Unless she faced difficulties with the child, she would not have used the means of communication that Shinji had given her. That was his guess.

 If she was unsure when they were face-to-face, it would not be surprising if she broke off the relationship with Shinji when she had time to cool down like her original plan. Shinji thinks this would happen if he hadn’t seen her for almost a year after impregnating her.

 [Hmm… Then, can I retrieve the seed? If you’re going to release her, there’s no reason to keep the seed anymore]

 The other party has already given birth. From the point of view of Freri the succubus, Charlotte is a woman who has already been entirely consumed. Whether Shinji chooses to give her up or not, it doesn’t matter either way.

 [I think it can wait for a while. I mean, I want you to invite Charlotte to a lewd dream tonight]

 [I don’t mind. But why?]

 Freri tilts her head, thinking that Shinji will take advantage of the situation and release Charlotte.

 [Charlotte has changed to my liking. I want to corrupt her again]

 Charlotte had given birth to his child without physical problems, and her body was the same as before. In fact, Shinji sees that her breasts have gotten a little bigger.

 When they parted, she was more like a friend of Shinji’s, but when they reunited, she was more like a young wife, Morse’s wife, and Thalys’s mother. Besides, he could not miss Charlotte, Morse’s wife, who had changed his liking for cuckolding.

 As Shinji was thinking about it, Freri suddenly appeared before him.

 Her usual expressionless face is replaced by a wicked smile and a thumbs-up.

 [Shinji, you are still the son of uncle and auntie. I’m relieved]

 [Is it because I was quiet at <Nizio>’s?]

 [Hmm… The old Shinji would’ve at least made a move on Milis and Renka’s mother, but you didn’t do anything]

 [Well, Renka and her family are special. Besides, I wanted to concentrate on the ceremony at that time]

 Shinji’s face turns calm, completely changing from the wicked smile with which he decided to corrupt Charlotte. His kindly expression is in line with his public image but not to Freri’s liking. She prefers the wicked smile Shinji wears when he is up to his tricks.

 Although she is happy for Shinji’s happiness, she does not want him to be a man who is only kind. And with such mixed feelings, Freri jumps on Shinji head-on. And because he is still sitting on the bed, Shinji loses his momentum and is pushed down.

 Immediately, Shinji feels the softness of Freri’s body through her thin dress and sweet fragrance, which is peculiar to her as a flower spirit. His cheeks relax, but he lightly slaps her back. But immediately, her face comes close to his, and his lips are stolen.

 [What’s going on all of a sudden, Freri? Ngu… Nmu…]

 [*Lick Lick*… Mmm, *Slurp*… *Smooch*…]

 Freri’s tongue invades Shinji’s mouth. She sends her saliva into his mouth, and her tongue twirls freely in all directions. At the same time, Shinji rubs and strokes her plump butts as her body rubs against his, and he is irresistibly aroused. And after she releases his lips, Shinji’s face looks like a man searching for a woman.

 [Hmm. I like the way Shinji looks now~♡]

 [Yes, yes… I’ll be careful from now on. Good grief, it’s all finished…]

 Shinji and Freri have spent a lot of time together, and he understands what she didn’t like about him and why she took his lips away. So, he tries to show <The Way of the Son of Succubus> instead of <The Way of the Son of Human Being> in front of Freri.

 After all, if Freri gives up on him because he is not worthy of being a contractor, he is doomed to be a fool. Though Renka is important to him, Freri is also an important partner. Shinji reminds himself that he should give due consideration to each of them.

 (It is difficult to live both ways, isn’t it?)

 Freri also does not want Shinji to cut his contract now. For her, there is no one better than Shinji to be a contractor, and she does not want to give up the comfortable relationship she has now. Therefore, when Shinji is willing to come to the table, Freri also comes to him. That is what a partner is.

 [Do you want to be squeezed once before inviting Charlotte into the lewd dream…♡]

 [Will you do that for me? But take it all in so you don’t mess up the room]

 [Hmm… With Shinji’s favorite breasts~♡]

 In a room filled with the sound of water slurping up, they discuss what kind of lewd dream they are going to invite Charlotte to.

 Overnight at the Beltz residence.

 Then, playing a trick with Freri. And a little bit of everything.

 Freri is worried about Shinji, who was quiet in Renka’s hometown. But now that the devious spirit is present, they lock on to Charlotte.

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