Wizard 463

Chapter 463 Re-dyeing Charlotte, Part One

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 Charlotte falls asleep earlier after Thalys is born. This is not surprising since she is responsible for putting Thalys to sleep.

 (It really helps that Morse and mother help me out)

 Charlotte can stay in the bedroom with her daughter ahead of them because her husband (Morse) and her mother share the household chores so that she can take care of her daughter rather than the household chores. That’s why.

 (I should only see Shinji-san in case of emergency. Sorry, Morse…)

 Charlotte hides the means of communication given to her by Shinji, whom she has not seen for a long time, behind her desk. She cannot say that her daughter Thalys is not Morse’s child.

 The price of indulging in pleasure is high, and with regret, Charlotte falls asleep. But her defenseless mind is lulled into a lewd dream by Freri. And Charlotte, who is only a village girl, has no way to prevent it, and that night she is trapped in a lewd dream.

* * *

 The scene of the lewd dream created by Freri is an exact replica of the living room of Shinji’s visit to the “Hidden Dragon Inn”. Charlotte’s consciousness remains asleep, but Freri keeps her standing. And Shinji stands in front of Charlotte and taps her shoulder lightly, which awakens her consciousness.

 ”Oh, huh…? I’m…”

 ”What’s wrong? Charl. Suddenly you seem to be in a daze.”

 Shinji wraps his arms around Charlotte, who blinks at him, not understanding what’s happening. At the same time, he casts a lewd spell to rouse her. Charlotte tries to move away from Shinji as quickly as possible, but her hands are caught, and the blush on her face as she looks up at Shinji is not strong enough to resist.

 ”S-Shinji-san, stop it! I can’t be with you anymore, Shinji-san”

 ”Are you sure? You called me here because you’re finally ready to have s*x, right?”

 Shinji’s suspicious eyes on her and his softly rubbing her breasts through her bra over her thin pajamas caused Charlotte to let out a pleasant gasp.

 (W-Why did I call Shinji-san? I didn’t mean to call him…)

 The lewd dream has made Charlotte believe that she has called Shinji herself. She is tormented by regret and thinks it is strange that she has been trying to get rid of him, but when she comes face to face with him, and he touches her, she reacts to his touch without her permission. Her heart throbs with anticipation. She knows she shouldn’t do it but is swept along with the flow.

 ”Look, I just squeezed your breasts a little, but they’re already like this underneath…”

 ”No… Ah~♡ Ah, stop~♡ Mmm~♡ Haah, haah~♡”

 Shinji’s fingers press down on her pajama pants, and there’s a sound of water. Charlotte’s brow furrows impatiently as the water stain on her pajamas increases in coverage from the rubbing through her clothes. But Shinji’s hands do not stop, and he brings his lips to hers, staring into her moistened eyes.

 ”Mmm…*Kiss*… Mmm, haah, *Slurp*… …♡ Ah, hmm, an~♡”

 Charlotte’s light brown eyes are downcast as her tongue is entwined in a forceful lead. It was a pleasant deep kiss that melted her heart, different from the gentle kisses she and Morse had been used to, where they just touched each other. The numbing kisses brought back memories of almost forgotten pleasures. And before she knew it, her arms were wrapped around Shinji’s neck.

 Her normal thinking ability seemed to be jolted, melting away from her intertwined tongues. And by the time their lips parted, Charlotte’s face was in a state of debauchery, and saliva was dripping from her half-open lips.

 ”I thought I hadn’t been able to do this with Charl in a while…”

 ”Ah…♡ Amazing…♡ You’re already so much…♡”

 His exposed p*nis was completely erect, and Charlotte gasped. The magnificent figure seems more muscular than her fading memory of him. In fact, it is.

 While Charlotte is pregnant, Shinji continues to hold various women. From human beings to high-ranking spirits, mature succubus, and even Goddess, he has been having s*xual intercourse with them.

 Shinji, who embraces the finest women, has been trained as a man. The result is that he has satisfied not only a high-ranking succubus (Freri) but also a goddess.

 The instinct of a corrupted woman turns Charlotte from a mother to a woman. Then, without a word from Shinji, Charlotte removes her arms around his neck, kneels on the floor, and positions her face in front of his p*nis.

 ”Mmm *Kiss*… …mmm, *Kiss*…♡ *Lick Lick*…♡ Mmm, Mmm~♡”

 There’s a moment of hesitation, but then Charlotte kisses the glans. Shinji’s reaction to this oral service, which she has not given in a long time, is reflected in how she looks up at him as she gradually moves into a more daring act. She sticks out her tongue and licks the backside of the big gem, the side of the pole, and the glans of the cock, smearing her saliva on it, and finally takes it into her mouth.

 (No way, it’s bigger than before… My mouth is painful, but it makes my pussy tingle…♡)

 Charlotte starts sucking hard on his cock and checks its size by giving a no-hands blowjob, moving her head back and forth without using her hands. Her breathless, teary-eyed Look is the most tantalizing of all Shinji’s conquests as he places his hands on Charlotte’s head.

 Charlotte feels Shinji’s eyes looking down at her as if to say, “You’re my woman,” and she can’t deny it. This is proof that Charlotte has completely degraded.

 Forgetting about her family, Charlotte continues to suck a man’s cock as a woman. After a while, Shinji ejaculates for the first time into her mouth, where she gives him a hard blowjob with a fawning face and a healthy urge to ejaculate.

 ”Okay, Charl. I’m going to cum once soon, so just drink it”

 ”Nfuu, Mmm, mm…♡ *Gulp*… *Gulp*…♡ Mm, mmm…♡”

 The ejaculate is too much for Charlotte to contain in her mouth, and a white cloud mixed with saliva drips from the edge of her mouth. However, she could not remove the cock from her mouth because of Shinji’s hand on her head. So, she has no choice but to swallow the thick sperm.

 ”Yes, keep licking it carefully… Yes, that’s good”

 ”Phew~♡ Mmm… *Kiss*… *Kiss*…♡ *Slurp*… *Kiss*… Mmm…♡ *Kiss*…♡”

 Charlotte continued to suck on his p*nis, which remained hard in her mouth even after he had finished ejaculating until Shinji was satisfied.

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