Wizard 464

Chapter 464 Re-dyeing Charlotte, Part Two

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 After getting a lot of cum in her mouth, Charlotte returns to how she used to feel when she was being held by Shinji. She becomes obedient as if the resistance she had shown in the beginning had never existed, and she takes off her clothes as Shinji asks her to do.

 In the living room with her family, Charlotte sits between Shinji’s legs on the sofa while Shinji wraps his arms around her stomach. His muscular chest plate rests against hers, and his cock also rests against her ass.

 Charlotte’s heart beats wildly in anticipation of experiencing again the pleasure that once took precedence over anything else. Meanwhile, Shinji brushes her wavy light brown hair and licks her ear, which causes her to let out a pleasant sigh.

 ”I noticed it as soon as I touched you. Your breasts, they are getting bigger”

 ”Ah, mmm… my breast are bigger now… because of Shinji-san…♡”

 ”That’s right. Thalys is my daughter, isn’t it?”

 Shinji’s hands crawl over her breasts as if he’s working on them. His gentle touch is frustrating for Charlotte but strangely comforting as if he is handling a broken thing.

 ”Sorry I couldn’t tell you this during the day, but I’m glad you had my baby, Charl. You did a good job”

 Shinji’s gentle whispering in her ear penetrated Charlotte’s heart. Shinji wanted her to have a beautiful daughter, Thalys.

 For Charlotte, who feels guilty about Morse, Thalys is her emotional support. She knows it is her fault for conceiving an illegitimate child and Shinji impregnating her.

 Therefore, Charlotte was very happy when Shinji, who was an accomplice of the evil secret, expressed his joy at Thalys’ birth and his concern for her.

 The feeling of forbidden happiness, which she must never know, covers her guilt toward Morse. And her mind and body reaffirm that she (Charlotte) is this man’s (Shinji’s) woman. Now, as Shinji’s fingers soak up the mother’s milk dripping from her nipples, Charlotte rubs his p*nis between her butts.

 ”I’m… worried about you not coming to see me, Papa… Mmm…♡”

 ”I’m sorry. Next time I’ll come to see you sooner…”

 ”Mmm~♡ It can’t be helped now, Papa… Haah, ah~♡”

 Shinji apologizes in her ear while rubbing her breasts and playing with her nipples with his fingernails, and the pleasure of it makes Charlotte feel bonded to him. She is so desperate for a cock to throb between her juices-slick buttocks that she can’t think of anything else but s*x.

 The frustrations, the anxieties of pregnancy. Forgetting all that, Charlotte begs Shinji to penetrate her. She turns her head, and her eyes are covered with lust. So much so that a heart mark appears in her eyes.

 ”Please make me feel so good that I’ll forget everything…♡”

 ”Of course. I’ll take care of it, Charl”

 ”Hyan~♡ Ah~♡ Papa’s cock, aaaaah~♡”

 Shinji pushes Charlotte down on the sofa. He takes a position between her spread legs, and Charlotte finds Shinji more attractive as she looks at his toned body and toned abs, which are different from her husband’s.

 His erect cock is thrusting into her tender, male-seeking pussy, and sinking into her. And from the moment the glans sinks, Charlotte’s entire body shudders with delight.

 (Ah~♡ This~♡ is much more than beforeeeeee~♡♡)

 Charlotte’s brain was fried by the sensation of a p*nis, obviously bigger than she remembered, pushing its way through the walls of her vagina. She slumps over, gripping the couch tightly, and her hips buckle. But then, Shinji grabs her hips and pulls her until they touch each other.

 Immediately, Charlotte’s uterus was pushed up by the glans.


 Charlotte twitches. It was obvious that penetration alone had caused her to cum. The tightness of her vagina, which was begging to be filled with cum as soon as possible, was very comfortable, and Shinji watched Charlotte’s whole body as she came without moving his hips.

 The difference between a year ago and now is clear to Shinji because she has stripped off all her clothes.

 Charlotte’s body has changed to the point where she can bear a child. Her waist and hips have become softer due to the slight weight gain, and the shape of her breasts has changed due to the effects of milking.

 These changes make Shinji excited.

 When he impregnated Charlotte, she was married to Morse. Still, she did not look like a married woman because she was newly married.

 But now. Shinji feels the scent of a married woman from Charlotte. As he observes her body, Charlotte’s eyes are downcast with embarrassment, which makes Shinji’s genitalia flare up even more.

 ”You’re beautiful, Charlotte…”

 ”~♡ But I’ve gained some weight…♡”

 ”You still look beautiful. So could I move already? I can’t take it forever.”

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ It’s amazing~♡ It’s really amazing…♡ Ah~♡ Papa’s big cock, it’s amazing~♡”

 Shinji’s piston movement begins as if his words are no lie. Shinji slams his latest cock knowledge into Charlotte’s tight vagina as he uses his powerful hips to show off his muscularity.

 ”I’m cumming~♡ I’m cumming, Papa~♡ Ah, ahhh~♡”

 Shinji is pulled tightly into Charlotte’s arms, which have shifted from the sofa to Shinji’s body before he knows it, and Shinji covers Charlotte.

 Her face was so s*xy and ecstatic that he licked away her tears of pleasure and waited for her vagina to calm down, raining kisses on her neck and breasts.

 As Charlotte climaxes, again and again, every inch of her body is being savored by Shinji. Her vagina was completely adapted to Shinji’s size, and he sucked her down to the very bottom.

 Charlotte does not know how many times she has climaxed and cum. She just feels good and happy. The man (Shinji) who embraced her was the best male, and she was proud to have conceived and borne his child.

 She loves the heat of her cum-filled womb, and his hips are working hard to give her one last shot. It was like when she was conceived with Shinji’s child, and she thinks that Shinji’s words are all that matters to her.

 Now, Charlotte is out of breath from cumming so much, and in her daze, Shinji rubs the words into her.

 ”If you want a second one, just tell me… I’ll impregnate you, Charlotte”

 ”Yeah…♡ Of course…♡”

 ”So, take care of Thalys. Tell me if you need anything, okay?”

 ”Yes…♡ Yes…♡”

 She is no more and is no longer with Morse, whom she had planned to start over with. Instead, she has turned into Shinji’s woman again. And seeing how she had fallen again, Shinji gave one last hard thrust deep into her vagina with a lecherous smile on his face.

 ”Ah~♡ No~♡ Mm, haah~♡ Ah~♡ Cumming~♡ I’m cummming…♡”

 A twisted vow kiss is made between the glans and the uterus. Charlotte feels the heat of the sperm in her womb, and she is knocked unconscious.

* * *

 ”Good morning, Charl”

 ”Yes. Good morning, Morse”

 The day after, Charlotte indulges in a lewd dream.

 Morse greets his wife as she wakes up and gets dressed to work at the inn. He notices that his wife (Charlotte) has an amulet of the goddess cult around her neck as she puts their daughter (Thalys) to bed in her crib.

 ”Is that the amulet, the one you bought before the birth?”

 ”Yes, Morse bought it for me. I took it off the shelf to put it on again”

 ”Well… it’s been a blessing. I’m glad you’re wearing it again, Charl”

 ”Yes… I’ll take good care of it, Morse”

 Charlotte smiles happily as she picks up the small bag of amulets with her fingers. But inside the amulet, which she holds with great care, is the seed of a plant given by Shinji.

 The wife (Charlotte) smiles happily.

 However, her husband, Morse, is unaware that once she tries to end the relationship, she has once again become Shinji’s woman…

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