Wizard 465

Chapter 465 About the Time for Child-bearing

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 The following day, Alvin and the others leave <Medio> as planned. Accompanied by Christina and her servants, they slowly make their way to the capital, <Nord>, by carriage.

 They arrive at <Nord> without incident and stay at the Beltz family mansion in <Nord>. And since Alvin is now a nobleman with his own territory, he has to attend a party in the royal capital.

 For now, he can use the Beltz house for living because Christina is his fiancée and she is the daughter of the Beltz family. But this will not be the case if she marries the Wolf family. If she marries, the Wolf family needs a place on <Nord>.

 Besides, as a member of the aristocracy, Alvin has to keep up appearances. Therefore, it is a common custom to have one residence in the royal capital and one in the territory.

 ”Having many mansions is a kind of status. It is a sign of wealth… But it costs money to keep a mansion, huh?”

 ” That’s right, so why don’t we just stay at an inn?”

 ”Well, I think an inn should be used when taking a trip. And the only place to relax is in your own house, right? It’s a feeling that adventurers can’t imagine”

 ”That’s true… But I’ll have to buy a place in the capital too…”

 ”I guess it’s a necessary expense…”

 Alvin and Shinji are talking in the living room, enjoying a glass of wine. Meanwhile, Milis, Renka, and Christina are absent because they are busy with their beauty treatments.

 Normally, only Milis and Christina, who are the stars of the party, should be polished, but Christina agreed to have Renka polished by the maids as well.

 Because of this, the two men talk endlessly over a glass of wine. Aside from Shinji, Alvin could not wander off on his own.

 ”By the way, Haruto’s daughter was so cute…”

 ”Yes. He was always bragging about his daughter in front of you, wasn’t he, Alvin?”

 ”Yeah, that was fun. I could see how much Haruto cares about his daughter”

 Alvin’s mind is filled with the image of Haruto’s sloppy smile and Hana’s face that somewhat resembles Haruto’s. Her hair color is her mother’s, and she has a face like Haruto’s. Even Milis smiles as he recalls her enthusiasm for the two-year-old daughter.

 But because of that, after returning to the Beltz family and hearing Milis’ desire to have a baby, Alvin told Milis that they would start trying for a baby when they returned to Wolf territory. Needless to say, she agreed.

 ”And, uhh, Shinji… What are you going to do about the baby?”

 ”…What do you mean, what am I going to do?”

 ”You see, when we lived in the party house, we went on a double date, right? Remember what we talked about?”

 Alvin says to Shinji as if he is asking him how Shinji feels about it.

 ”Oh, right… we were talking about having a child at the same time…”

 ”Yes! That’s it! Well, you know. I thought it was about time for us. But I’m not sure about Shinji and the others”

 ”Well, Alvin needs an heir to the Wolf family, that’s for sure. But, Renka and I have talked about having a baby too. And we’ve also thought about discussing it when we get back to Wolf territory and settle down”

 ”Oh, yeah! That’s good to know!”

 Alvin is relieved that Shinji does not feel discomfort in responding to the sensitive topic of making a baby. And once Alvin senses he is ready to talk, he continues the conversation with his usual attitude.

 ”Still, I want to make it possible for us to hold the child together like Mil and Renka were talking about. Shinji, I need your help to do so”

 ”I’m willing to help, but a child is a gift. It is not always possible for both of them to get pregnant at the same time”

 In fact, Freri’s lewd magic can make Milis and Renka as fertile as possible. However, Shinji does not intend to publicize the existence of this magic. Even when it involves only his own people, Shinji’s stance remains the same: secrecy.

 ”I know that. I’m just talking about lifting the ban on child-bearing”

 ”If that’s what you’re talking about, I guess it’s okay. But there will be a lot of things to think about, like how to compensate for Milis and Renka’s loss of work”

 ”Well, w-we’ll have to think about that too…”

 ”Hahaha, good luck, Lord”

 Shinji smiles at Alvin’s face as he continues to talk about this and that, while Shinji thinks about how and when he will use the lewd magic.

 (It turned out as expected. It’s too bad, but it can’t be helped. It would be too risky to impregnate Milis now)

 The first child of a nobleman is important for the lineage. And Shinji does not think he can fool anyone with his clever manipulations. He felt too bad because he had just finished corrupting Milis. And because Freri also felt the same way, she sent her thoughts to Shinji without warning.

 [Alvin, you let him play too active a role]

 [I can’t help it with Hateyama. If I didn’t push Alvin forward, it might have led to my position as apostle being found out and attracting unnecessary attention]

 [Muu~… Alvin, lucky guy]

 With Freri’s atmosphere that she can’t give up her immoral mendicancy, Shinji can take care of himself. But her desire comes first, and she keeps thinking about how Shinji can impregnate Milis, and her thoughts keep flowing.

 [Maybe Uncle and Auntie can do something about it]

 [Surely, Father and Mother might know something, but I don’t have time to go looking for them…]

 They are an eccentric succubus couple who pick up human children and raise them. They are also responsible for Shinji’s propensity for cuckolding. And since they are the parents of Shinji’s cuckoldry, it’s not surprising that they have mastered unusual succubus methods.

 But it is clear that Shinji will have to work in Wolf territory to make up for Milis and Renka. There would be no time to go to another world to look for his parents.

 […It’s unintentionally prevented]

 [ That’s right. Besides, Alvin is very perceptive. He will unconsciously know this, and in no time, he’s going to find out. You don’t want trouble, right?]

 […Hmm, okay. See you later]

 Freri’s thoughts are interrupted as she answers Shinji’s reminder. Then, Shinji continues talking with Alvin, thinking he should follow up on her sulky, bored look.

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