Wizard 466

Chapter 466 Advice from Hayate

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 After eating with Renka and the other guests, who had been polished to a shine by the maids, Shinji was in the guest room assigned to him. As expected, as in the case of <Medio>, he and Renka are not allowed to stay in the same bed while staying at the Beltz family’s house.

 This is in consideration of Renka’s common sense that she would not ‘done’ it in the house of her friend (Christina) who is staying with her. Though Shinji could have done so with any other girl, Shinji decided to endure it if it was Renka’s wish.

 (Ah… it’s a pity that I saw her at the dinner table… She was so glamorous. I wanted to hold her…)

 He’s still quite sad about it.

 After being polished by the maids, Renka’s skin became shinier and her beige dress made her even more attractive. No wonder Shinji felt as if he was being killed alive.

 (…I’ll have to wait and see when I return to Wolf territory. Maybe that’s all I can do. Renka seems to be enjoying herself too)

 After finishing their meal, the girls are returning to the beauty salon again. Christina’s idea is to polish them thoroughly until the party, and Freri, who is watching them, says that Renka seems to be enjoying the various treatments. So Shinji decides to give up.

 Now that he has some free time, he thinks back to his conversation with Freri. Shinji thinks about the possibility of impregnating Milis, as does she, but no matter how many times he thinks about it, he can only come to the conclusion that it is impossible in the current situation.

 [If so, why don’t we just change the flow of time? Whether it can be done or not is up to Onii-san and the others]

 […So to speak?]

 Shinji sent a message to Hayate, who had finished her work at <Heliotrope>, to get a third-party opinion. Without mentioning the immoral matter of blood parasites, he told her that due to his busy work in his domain, he had no time to go to another world to look for his parents, and her reply was as follows.

 [Well, it’s the kind of thing that happens often in games and manga. And, Onii-san, you’re going from one world to another, right? There’s a story about a hero and a heroine who get together thanks to the different flow of time between the two worlds]

 Hayate continues, recalling her story.

 [For example, there was a 5-year-old who went missing for a year. In fact, he was transported to another world, and because of the time difference, the boy who was supposed to be 6 years old comes back as a handsome 16-year-old man. And the heroine loves the hero because of the love she has accumulated during their separation. So, Onii-san should change the flow of time too!!]

 Her confident thoughts reach Shinji and he sees the smug look on Hayate’s face in his mind. However, he does not feel annoyed by her face. It is because her words are a complete blind spot for Shinji.

 [The two worlds do not necessarily move through time in the same way? I didn’t know there was such a way of thinking… no, that’s right. Could it be that the room where the Goddess called me is based on the same logic?]

 [Ah, That’s right! You know how in that room, 10 minutes here is a day over there? If only you could do the same thing]

 Shinji’s thoughts are building up in his head as he talks with Hayate. He thought he was completely out of ideas, but her advice was more than enough to give him new inspiration.

 [I think I’ve figured it out. If I could play with the compression ratio of time, it would consume less magic, and more importantly, I could use the magic circle. It is much easier than developing magic without any clues. But I need to find a way to stack it without losing the functionality of the <World Gate>]

 [Onii-san, Onii-san. I don’t understand if you talk too much about the details]

 [Ah, I’m sorry. I’ll discuss the rest with Freri]

 [Please do so? M-o-r-e i-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-t-l-y~♪ My advice was very helpful, wasn’t it? Onii-san~♡]

 Shinji can’t help but laugh at Hayate’s hopeful thoughts. It was a refreshing prompting, which is typical of the honest Hayate, and was even more pleasant. Since the relationship is based on a clear give-and-take, Shinji encourages her to talk to him to hear what she wants.

 [Yes. I really appreciate your help this time. To be honest, I was at a loss, and thanks to Hayate, I could see the way forward. I can’t say I could do everything, but I’ll do whatever I can]

 [Really! Yay~♡ Onii-san, I have a favor to ask you~…]

 [Yes? Can you tell me?]

 [Umm, well, I heard a certain rumor…]

 According to rumors, Hayate wants to go to a top-class restaurant in the capital that the nobles use for secret encounters. Of course, this is no ordinary restaurant.

 It is a place to be used by a nobleman who has the status of owning a mansion and employs a skilled cook, but it cannot be a proper restaurant.

 Of course, it can be used by non-aristocrats as well. As long as they can pay for it. Although Hayate is starting to get busy, she is only a clerk and cannot afford to pay the money.

 However, Shinji is a high-level adventurer and a vassal in the service of a nobleman (Alvin). Shinji, who is in a position to be valued, might be able to pay it, Hayate thought so. So she decided to ask him.

 The secret restaurant is used for a delicious meal, purification of the body, and sleeping together. Hayate recognized it as a kind of top-class love hotel in her original world and begged to go there out of curiosity.

 [Do you think it’s okay, Onii-san…? It doesn’t have to be right now!]


 Shinji knew that this was a request that he would normally have refused, but in this case, he was really gaining a great deal from the advice.

 (I guess it would be better to return the favor for the future)

 He thinks that Hayate’s advice has been very helpful to him since the beginning of the agreement and that he will continue to seek advice from Hayate in the future. So he thinks that it would be a good idea to fulfill Hayate’s request to make her happy.

 [I understand. I’m in the capital right now. But I’m busy so it’ll be after I get settled. Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring Hayate along with me]

 [Yay~♡ Onii-san, thanks! I’m looking forward to it~♡]

 [Yeah. I’ll make sure to compensate you for your contribution. But I’m sorry, you’ll have to wait a while]

 [No, it’s okay!]

 Having finished his conversation with Hayate, who is clearly in a good mood, Shinji lies down on the bed. His mind is occupied with the question of how to incorporate time magic into the <World Gate> magic, and how far he can manipulate the flow of time.

 ”…I’m in trouble. I might not be able to sleep today”

 Shinji’s mind is racing because he has so much to think about. Realizing this, he mumbles to himself and leaps out of bed.

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