Wizard 467

Chapter 467 Happy Party and Memories of Long Ago

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 Two days after Shinji received advice from Hayate. It is the day of the party to celebrate the marriage of Alvin and Milis.

 The servants of the Beltz family in <Nord> are busy preparing for the party in the morning. However, Christina has already informed the servants of the day’s events, and they are not wavering in their preparations. Now, the servants are hard at work, doing their jobs.

 Alvin and Milis, the main players of the party, also getting ready in the morning.

 Alvin, dressed in a fine formal suit with the Wolf family crest embroidered on it, and with his hair pulled back in an all-back style, is a handsome man, and his well-trained and toned body gives him the dignity of the most talked-about aristocrat of the moment.

 Milis also showed off the results of her thorough polishing in the past two days. Her body is lean and toned with no flab. She looks beautiful in an orange dress that matches her Alvy’s eyes, with a slim waist that reveals the fullness of her big breasts and the shape of her hips.

 Now that they are dressed, Alvin and Milis take a seat at the table and review the names and faces of the nobles who will attend the party. With all the time they spend staring at the documents, the time flies by.

 ”Al-sama, Mil-san. It’s almost time to go”

 ”…It’s almost time, huh? Thank you, Chris”

 Alvin looked up at Christina as she entered the room with a knock at the door.

 Christina was wearing the same dress as Milis, which was the same color as Alvin’s eyes. This was done to show to the outside world that Milis, his wife, and Christina, the future second wife, were getting along well and that both of them were dear to Alvin.

 ”Chris, I’ll finish up right away, just give me a minute. Mil, could you give me the files while I clean up?”

 ”I understand, Al-sama”

 ”Yes. Please, Al-kun”

 Alvin puts away all the materials that he and Milis have been reading. He then gets up from his seat and puts the materials in the lockable desk drawer. As he does so, he looks at Milis and Christina, who are waiting for him, chatting and smiling.

 The sight of them wearing their favorite colors and laughing together is more than enough to convince Alvin that they are going to have a happy family relationship from now on.

 ”Shall we go, Mil, Chris?”


 ”Yes, Al-sama”

 Milis’ hand wrapped around Alvin’s right hand and Christina’s hand wrapped around his left hand. With their warmth, Alvin feels certain happiness.

* * *

 The party began with Alvin accompanied by Milis on his right and Christina on his left, both of them holding flowers.

 Shinji, wearing the same uniform as the guards, watches as the families of a high-rank line up to congratulate Alvin, the host of the party.

 [There is no strange magical reaction. Well, I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to make a scene here]

 [Just in case things go wrong, I will be there. If nothing happens, that’s good-noja]

 Shinji’s role today is to guard the venue. He is on the lookout for anything magical, and he has asked not only Freri but also Flair for help. It will not be easy to get through the vigilance of two high-ranking spirits, and it will be impossible to use magic to escape their eyes.

 [Shinji. Be careful]

 […I knew he was coming…]

 Even without Freri’s warning, Shinji sensed his approach. He looks ahead and sees a man with the same dark hair as him.

 He is his biological father, Blade-Valencia. Despite his inner turmoil at the arrival of such an unpleasant person, Shinji looked around the venue and seemed to be engaged in his work, keeping a normal face on the surface.

 Blade’s eyes are sharp as he looks at him, and he closes the distance to talk to him.

 (…I still can’t believe we are strangers…)

 Although the magic tool had once denied their blood relationship, Blade could only see Shinji as his son who was supposed to be dead. Because he was not convinced, he continued to gather as much information as he could about <Running Wolves> and Shinji.

 The result was he had no information about Shinji before he registered with the Adventurers’ Guild, nor did he know where he was born. In addition to his secrecy and unwillingness to talk about his past, he has the same amount of magical power and release as his son. And after the leader (Alvin) became an honorary knight, and he started to associate with the nobility, his behavior is that of avoiding all contact with the nobility. Because of this investigation, he becomes more and more unconvinced of the results of the magic tools.

 However, he could not move without clear evidence.

 After all, when he learned of Shinji’s existence, Shinji was already connected to the Beltz and Mazzola families and the Temple, and therefore, he was in a situation where he could not touch him. Even if he was a commoner, he could not make enemies with the nobles of the same rank or the temple. Regardless, it is the Valencia family that is in trouble if they find out what is going on.

 (Isn’t that you? Jin…)

 Before, he was planning to take out the <Running Wolves> once their reputation is destroyed. But now they have become the most powerful Wolf family in the kingdom. So, there is no way he can get rid of the man (Shinji) quietly.

 The moment Alvin has risen to power, Blade is dead. Then, the only thing left for him to do is how reduce the damage to the Valencia family.

 And Blade-Valencia is coming to this party with a determination to bear his grudge. The sharp look in his eyes was an expression of that determination.

 [I’d like to talk outside]

 [I’m at work]

 [It’s not something we can talk about here. You know what I mean, Jin]

 As their thoughts fly back and forth, Shinji’s attitude does not change when he is called by his discarded name. Shinji is doing his job as a security guard with no escape plan because he has already created a situation where Blade can no longer touch him.

 [I am Shinji. I am not Jin]

 Jin-Valencia is dead. The dead bear no grudge against the living. He does not care about his biological parents who are no longer a threat to his life, nor does he want anything to do with them. Because Shinji has an important foster parent, the succubus parent.

 [Shinji’s consistency is what makes him so special]

 Shinji’s consistency has left Blade with no choice but to remain silent. He made him understand that he would not even admit it in words without clear evidence.

 ”Excuse me, I have to go somewhere else”


 With a polite bow, Shinji leaves Blade and leaves the party hall. Blade watches his back as he leaves. And there is one more person who pays attention to them.

 (…They really looked alike…)

 Christina is standing next to Alvin. She happened to see Shinji and Blade standing facing each other, and she is also staring at Shinji’s back as he walks away.

 (Al-sama and others said that they really look alike. But Al-sama said they are not related…)

 Christina feels that Shinji and Blade look more alike than she had heard. As she digs through her memory of the Valencia family, she remembers a face and a name that was reported dead more than 10 years ago and erased from the nobles’ directories. She remembered a face and a name that had been erased from the nobility list.


 A boy she met once, a long time ago. She remembered it when she was invited to a party at the Valencia house. At that time, the tomboyish Christina was too bored, so she exploring around and found him standing alone and forlorn in a remote corner of the mansion.

 The opposite of love is indifference.

 Shinji is not interested in his family of birth. His stance is that he does not want to be involved in the family when his life is no longer in danger.

 Jin is dead.


 The name Shinji is derived from Jinshi, read backward.

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