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Chapter 468 Christina and Her Childhood Memories

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 After the party had ended without trouble and the aristocrats who visited the Beltz family had left. Alvin and the others went back to their rooms to rest and recover from their fatigue.

 The same goes for Christina who returns to her room, but her mind is occupied with the thoughts of the party. She continues to think quietly by herself.

 (…Is he really Jin…?)

 In the past, Christina had gathered information on Shinji just like Blade. Therefore, she knows that his origin is unknown and she is aware of his magic power.

 She was uncomfortable with Shinji’s desire to be a treasurer and his behavior of avoiding the nobles, but she could understand it when she heard about his troubles with the Valencia family. But if Shinji’s true identity is Jin, then it is possible that he wanted to stay away from the noble society in order to hide his true identity.

 No doubt the situation is that Shinji = Jin. However, she, like Blade, could not be sure because of the clear evidence that the magic tool denies blood relation.

 (But he has a strange magic. Like this magic that binds me…)

 But Christina knows. That Shinji has a strange magic that is different from ordinary magic. And that he is careful to prepare carefully before he acts.

 Although there is no proof of this, Christina’s intuition tells her that Shinji has somehow tampered with the results of the magic tools.

 (…Jin was not dead)

 When she has finished all her thoughts, she is convinced that Shinji is Jin-Valencia. Then the next question that comes to mind is why Jin calls himself Shinji and is estranged from the Valencia family.

 (I can see now that Jin was not treated well. He was alone in the house in the middle of the Valencia family party. It was not like being the eldest child of the heir to the family)

 Christina thinks back to the first time she met Jin.

 She met Jin at a party held at the Valencia family’s house. She attended the party with her father, Noah, but she was bored and decided to sneak out of the party and explore the garden of the house.

 Running through the garden, Christina found a small cottage. And by chance, she found a boy who was looking out from the room… It was Jin-Valencia.

 He was staring with lonely eyes in the direction of the lively party hall, but when he saw Christina, he was surprised and told her not to enter.

 However, Christina, disliking his lonely mood, forced her way into the room. She then drags the bewildered Jin out of the gloomy room.

 ”Let’s go there!”

 ”U-Uhh… Wait a minute…”

 If her parents were present, they would have warned her to behave like a lady, and children her age are not allowed to run around because of their noble upbringing. In fact, Christina also had an aristocratic upbringing, but her naughty nature still prevailed at that time.

 Meanwhile, Jin was treated roughly, and there was no way he could resists, so he ran with his hand in hers. And for the first time, he runs through the garden with her like a storm that suddenly appears.

 ”So slow! Next time, that way!”

 ”Hey! Wait~!”

 They run around the garden to their heart’s content until Noah Beltz finds them, looking for the missing Christina. That was the only time, ever, that Christina and him ran around the garden to their heart’s content.

 (My father found us and got very angry with us. After that, as I recall… I asked my father if I could play with him, but the Valencia family refused to let me)

 Christina digs hard into her memory and she tries hard to recall the conversation her father had with her when the invitation was turned down.

 (It seems to say that he was weak and sickly…. Running around made his health worse. But it made me feel guilty… So, I tried to be a lady, like my father said. Instead of running around, I thought if I had a cup of tea and a chat with him, I would see him again)

 After that day, Christina’s tomboyish attitude has been reduced. Her nature remained the same, but on the surface she began to act like a lady. Nowadays, this has become the norm, and her true nature is seldom revealed. Even in front of her beloved Alvin, Christina is still unable to shed the mask of a lady.

 (It was a while after that that I heard about Jin’s death. I was so heartbroken that I cried a lot… so much so that I couldn’t even attend the funeral)

 The young Christina was deeply saddened, but the passage of time healed her grief. After all, it was a one-time and short-lived event and it was inevitable that Christina would spend less and less time thinking about Jin in her life.

 (…But now, Jin is still alive. I can see it from here…!)

 The eldest son is treated unfavorably and he fakes his death. And from his attitude of avoiding any connection with his birth family and the way the head of the family confirms Shinji’s kinship, Christina can guess whether Shinji is trying to break off with his birth family or not from this much information.

 (Something must have made the Valencia family want to kill him…)

 Christina is convinced that this is true, though she doesn’t know why. However, just as she is about to leave, she suddenly feels the presence of a person behind her. When she turns around…

 ”Hello, Tina.”


 ”I can’t believe you know that name which is not even in the nobles’ registry anymore. Tina is really amazing. I’m really surprised”

 A wizard of the <Running Wolves>, a vassal of the Wolf family, a legitimate son of the supposedly deceased Valencia family. Shinji known as Jin-Valencia was staring at Christina with a wry smile on his face.

 Christina realizes who Shinji is.

 They are close in age and share the same title. They have the same family in common and have met only once in the past.

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