Wizard 469

Chapter 469 Shinji Admits He is Jin

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 Shinji’s visit to Christina’s room was naturally intended to keep her silent. He knew it from Freri, who was aware of Christina’s unintentional remark at the party, and sensed that she had recognized Shinji’s real name.

 At first, Shinji could not believe it when Freri told him. After all, during his ill-treated childhood, Shinji did not remember attending parties of other families. Especially if it was the Beltz family, a family of the same rank as his birth family.

 Because of this, Shinji cannot possibly believe that the daughter of the Beltz family is the same person as the tomboy who broke into the other family’s house and forced him out of the room. Instead, Shinji recognizes that Christina is a special person and that she happened to remember his name from the old nobleman’s list.

 Now, using the lewd crest, he makes sure that she cannot tell anyone about it. He also smiles a faint smile, thinking that in return for the trouble she has caused, he will be allowed to hold her.

 ”Are you really Jin…?”

 A single tear fell from Christina’s eye, and Shinji couldn’t help but be puzzled. Christina also couldn’t understand why she was crying now, since she had never cried tears of regret even when her body had been played around, and the same was true for Freri, who was watching her.

 ”Why are you crying? There is no reason for that”

 ”There… There is. I remember… taking your hand and running in the garden with you. Don’t you remember, Jin?”

 ”…H-Huh!? A-At that time…!?”

 Shinji realizes that Christina is a girl he met only once when he was a child. The only happy memory from his unfortunate childhood still remains in Shinji’s mind.

 While he was alone in his room looking out, a pretty girl suddenly appeared in the distance. Despite her appearance, she took him outside forcefully and ran around the garden to her heart’s content.

 Although he didn’t remember her face anymore, he still remember her blonde hair shining in the sun. And now, this blonde hair in his memory and the blonde hair of Christina in front of him seem to be one and the same.

 Since things become like this, the faint smile on his face falls away, and Shinji asks her honestly.

 ”We didn’t even tell each other our names at that time, but I learned it when I got home. Jin-Valencia. I’m so glad you remember me…”

 ”…I didn’t think she was you, Tina. What a… coincidence, hahaha”

 His friend Alvin’s wife is his only friend whom he played with when he was a child. Shinji can’t help but laugh, wondering how many coincidences could have brought about such a situation.

 Christina also feels nostalgia and familiarity in Shinji’s genuine smile, which is different from the wry smiles, scheming smiles, and friendly smiles that she has seen in the past.

 ”Hahaha… Well, since you know it, let’s just make sure that you can’t say that name”

 ”Hey, you should have explained why are you doing that first!”

 Christina interrupts Shinji as he tries to keep her mouth shut. The mask of a lady is completely removed, and Shinji’s eyes narrow as if he is taken aback when she raises her voice.

 ”Wow… What happened to your usual ladylike behavior? I remember how loud you were when you were dragging me around”

 ”You’ve become quite insidious that way. You were chasing after me so hard back then”

 ”I had good reason to be”

 Christina’s face darkens and sinks as she frowns, remembering the face of Shinji’s abominable parent she met at the party.

 ”Are you hiding it because he tried to kill you?”


 Shinji keeps his mouth shut. After all, he has no need to tell her about his past in order to keep her mouth shut. Seeing this in his attitude, Christina continues to speak.

 ”I can only assume so. You see, hiding a child who can run around so much by lying about his physical weakness. And then he forced his child to do something that could have killed him”

 ”…You’re mostly right”

 Based on the information she gathered, Shinji understand Christina’s guesses were mostly correct, and it saved him the trouble of having to explain himself, so he just affirmed it.

 Nevertheless, Shinji continued to move toward Christina, and soon, she was soon cornered on the bed. He grips her shoulders with his hands and manipulates her magic to interfere with the imprints he has made on her.

 ”~♡ Ah, kuh… Stop it, Jin…♡ Why are you doing this to me…♡ Ah…♡”

 Her body is becoming more and more sensitive. The s*xual desire that wells up from the core of her body is so great that in no time at all, the color of lust fills her eyes. But unlike the past, her heart is resisting hard. There is no resignation that she will be able to endure it, but rather a deep-seated feeling of unconvincing.

 The remnants of her childhood memories have made her want to know why he had turned out to be such a jerk.

 ”It’s better if you don’t know. As usual, just recognize me as a guy who wants to hold a good woman…”

 Shinji pushed her shoulders and pushed her down on the bed, and tried to increase the effect of the crests as he said so.


 So far, Christina had only looked regretful or disapproving of what he had said to her, but seeing her blushing red when he praised her for being a good woman, he couldn’t help but stop his hand.

 Shinji realizes that they had played together as children without knowing each other’s names. Nevertheless, Shinji is still acting normal.

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