Wizard 470

Chapter 470 With You, Who Holds Faint Memories, Part One

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Christina was pushed down on her back, her heart racing, and she could not look at Shinji’s face. But despite the fact that she had been forced to lie on her back and had been praised as a good woman many times before, she was still unable to look at Shinji’s face.

The fact that Shinji = Jin was that important.

(Wh-Why am I so excited? My face, it’s so hot…)

In Christina’s mind, Shinji had changed from the lowest level of being a scumbag to a person whom she partially recognized as a capable vassal of her husband. She would never give up her heart, even though her body had been corrupted, and she would never be bound to him as long as it was in the name of the Wolf family and Alvin.

But with the added memory of her first love as a child, she felt a sense of destiny. Just as she fell in love at first sight with Alvin when he saved her from a dangerous situation, Christina was very vulnerable to a story-like situation.

The story unfolds like a love story in which the first love, who was supposed to have died when she was a child and left her, forcefully seduces her who is engaged to another man. If it were just a reunion, Christina would have been rational enough to control her relationship, but her body has already fallen into Shinji’s hands.

And because of this, the balance that she had been able to endure because of her devotion to Alvin is about to be shaken.

[Shinji, you should tell Christina what’s going on]

[…Hmm, if Tina understands what’s going on, it’ll make things easier. I thought it would be impossible based on her reaction so far. That would be a great mistake]

Christina’s blushing and her refusal to make eye contact are unprecedented. Thinking about this, Shinji, who is about to immediately apply a lewd crest, decides to change his mind.

“Your face is red. You are so cute, Tina”

“Shut up, you’re so annoying. Why don’t you just act like you always do…?”

Shinji hugged Christina tightly, who did not shake his hand when it touched her cheek, but only kept turning her face away. It was the first time for him to give her a simple embrace without caresses. Shinji’s face was close to Christina’s ear, and she was confused.

“…Valencia used me as an experiment in magic”


There is no resistance, and her arms remain on the bed. She does not try to pull Shinji away from her, but continues to listen silently to his words.

“It’s a long-distance teleport spell. I was chosen because of the success of the first one. Apparently because I don’t have high magic power, the Valencia family didn’t need me”

The hand on her back moves down her spine toward her hip. Still, Christina’s hands remain motionless, even though she could easily stop them by grabbing his arms.

“I’ve been flung somewhere and it didn’t work. That means I’m marked for death. But actually, I’ve been transported to another world”

“Mmm… A, Another world…? Hwahh…♡ D-Don’t…♡”

Shinji slips his hand into the white lacy nightgown, and kisses her neck repeatedly while caressing her butts. Meanwhile, Christina only resists with her mouth, even though his hands give her only weak pleasure, and she relaxes her body to continue listening to him.

“Yes. Then I was picked up and raised by a couple of succubus. Those two eccentrics went to a lot of trouble to raise me. But because of them, I was able to return to this world. They saved my life”

Now, Shinji’s lips move down from her neck to her collarbone and then to her exposed breasts as he deftly undoes the front button of Christina’s nightgown with one hand. Shinji’s gentle voice was warm and gentle as he felt a great debt of gratitude.

“Haah, haah… Mmm, ah…♡ So, you call yourself Shinji…♡ Hmm, not Jin…?”

“Yeah. I’m the son of a succubus now. And Jin’s in danger if I don’t pretend he’s dead”

“Mmm…♡ Because Valencia’s gonna come after you… Haah~♡”

The kisses on her breasts, the pleasure from her breasts being squeezed through her bra, her legs being opened while stroking her inner thighs. His gentle voice and gestures were pleasant to her.

“That’s right. That’s why I was working behind the scenes, like a succubus’s son, to get a good woman in my arms. But I didn’t think that one of the girls I’d been messing with would be the one who took me out”

“Me too… I never would have thought that the boy I was with back then would be the one to do this to me…”

After saying this, Shinji temporarily separates from Christina and takes off his top clothes in front of her. Christina should have been familiar with his well-trained body, but she had a favorable impression of his muscularity, perhaps because she knew how he looked when he was a child.

And when Shinji’s p*nis, which had given her the ultimate climax many times, came into view, she understood once again that its length, thickness, and curvature were all first-class. As Christina gazes at the difference in size between Shinji’s and Alvin’s and she gulps a mouthful of saliva, Shinji smiles at her with a carefree smile he has never shown before.

“Still, I’m glad. I really enjoyed that time. I think it’s so special that I can say it was the best day of my life in the Valencia family”

Shinji tells her as he makes Christina sit between his legs, rubbing his hard dick against her panties. He also squeezed her breasts with both hands as he pulled down the front of her nightgown. The man’s words, as he enjoys the moist, finger-sucking skin that has been prepared for the party, are as close as Christina can get to the exact form of his thoughts.

(I can’t believe Jin felt the same way…)

Christina also thought that it was a special memory. And the moment she understands this, not only her face but also her ears become red. Her heart is pounding with a sense of fate, as if the faint feelings she had for him in her childhood have been realized.

But don’t get carried away. Christina is already Alvin’s fiancée. Still, she can’t get her body to move at all. Her body is dripping with love juices as she wants him to penetrate her, and in the end, the only thing she can resist is her mouth.

“Me too~♡ At that day, it was special… Mmm~♡ B-But…~♡ I’m already…~♡ Al-sama’s fiancée…~♡”

“I know. It’s my fault for wanting to hold Tina. Tina is too attractive even though she says she doesn’t want to, so I force myself to hold her because I can’t stand it. So you don’t have to worry about anything. It’s all my fault”

Shinji’s eyes change from a carefree smile to one glazed with male desire. Until now, Christina has been uncomfortable with this look. But now that she knows that Shinji is Jin, she feels the opposite….

(No, stop it…♡ Th-This doesn’t make me happy…♡)

She is intoxicated by the situation of being forcibly desired by the person she once had a crush on, and it is an immoral woman’s pleasure. The panties was taken off, and the glans was pressed against the entrance of the her secret part.

“I’m going to put it in, Tina”

“Ah, ahhh…♡ Hwahhhhh~♡”

The p*nis is slowly pushed in. Unlike before, Christina’s hands were not clutching the sheets as if to endure, but were resting on Shinji’s arms that were holding her waist.

Shinji is a bad man.

The weakness of Christina, who has a strong mentality, is that she is weak when she senses a sense of destiny. Well, fate doesn’t happen that often, does it?

If it started with a fateful love at first sight, it is only natural that it will be broken by a fateful reunion that exceeds the love at first sight.

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