Wizard 471

Chapter 471 With You, Who Holds Faint Memories, Part Two

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 Shinji pushes his hips forward. His p*nis penetrates her vagina, which is dripping with her love juices, and penetrates deep into her body. It had been almost a month since Alvin and the others had left Wolf territory, but her corrupted body remembers Shinji’s p*nis and tightens up to welcome his penetration.

 ”It’s so easy to get to the root now, isn’t it?”

 Shinji smiles as he opens the front of his revealing nightgown and strokes the skin above his vagina, making Christina more aware of the sensation of penetration.

 ”Jin… It’s not your fault….♡”

 ”Yeah. But you don’t have to rephrase my name. Well, I don’t care which name you call me if it’s Tina”

 Shinji carefully stripped off her half-removed nightclothes without shaking his hips after he inserted himself into her. He removed her bra, and even after he stripped her completely naked, he gently rubbed her beautiful breasts that were the size of the palm of his hand.

 The situation was half-consensual since Christina did not resist, even though Shinji forced himself on her. And not needing to be crippled by the pleasure, Shinji enjoys her reaction.

 ”Haa, haa… Mmm…♡ Jin… Haaa…♡”

 ”Tina’s breasts are so comfortable to the touch. I want to touch them forever…”

 Christina shivered as she was massaged from the base of her breast to the tip, and her skin, which had been groomed before the party, felt as if it was being sucked by my fingers.

 (Wh-Why isn’t he moving…? Besides, it’s embarrassing to be stared at so intently…♡)

 In contrast to Shinji’s happy smile, Christina is filled with frustration and shame. His change drastically increased sensitivity has already been cut off and she is back to her normal state. It is understandable that she feels unsatisfied with her fully developed vagina.

 In addition, she was not thinking and she felt his eyes on her as if he was licking her, which made her cover her face with her arms.

 But the sight of her so newborn body brought a small laugh from Shinji’s mouth.

 ”You’re so beautiful. You don’t have to be shy, okay?”

 ”I-I know what you mean, Jin……♡”

 Shinji’s hips wiggled back and forth slightly, and Christina’s sweet voice escaped when he poked the back of her vagina with his cock. Christina glances at Shinji through the gap between her arms, but this only serves to encourage him as she opens her legs wide and accepts the man.

 ”Well, I’m sorry. I’m just happy to hold the most beautiful Tina after the party, you know. Please don’t stare at me”

 ”Mmm, hahh… ahh~♡ S-Stupid… Mmm~♡”

 ”I don’t mind being stupid as long as I can see Tina’s naughty figure”

 Christina’s familiarity with the same casual talk as before is reflected in the fact that she recognizes him as Jin. This pulls off the mask of the lady she thought she had acquired perfectly, and brings out her tomboyish inner self that even Alvin has never seen before.

 If her mind cannot reject Shinji, her body adapts to him more and more. Her vaginal folds also entwine themselves around his object, making it feel good just to insert it, and the heat rising from within naturally increases her sensitivity, making her horny.

 And now, for the first time… Christina thought of Shinji or rather Jin to make her feel good was growing inside her. It meant that she no longer resisted saying to urging him to do it.

 ”Hey… Ah… Mmm…♡”

 ”Hmm? What is it, Tina?”

 Christina looked up at Shinji, who was making slow back-and-forth movements as if he was enjoying her vagina, and her eyes were tinged with lust.

 ”Move… More…♡ Like you always do…♡”

 ”Okay, Tina!”

 ”Ahh…♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡ Yes, this…♡ This is good…♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡”

 Shinji pulls back Christina’s arms, who is still shyly hiding her face, and looks at her face from the front, while Shinji increases the speed of his piston movement.

 The sound of his cock bubbling and his juices bubbling make Christina embarrassed to stare at him, but her attempts to do so do not work.

 ”Jin, ah…♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡ You’re teasing me…♡ ah…”

 ”You say that, but… it’s even tighter than before. It’s okay if it’s embarrassing, as long as it feels good. Right?”

 ”~♡ I, I don’t know…♡ Nhaa~♡ Ah~♡ Too intense”

 Shinji sounds half-amused, but he does not slow down his aggressive moves. He lifts her hunched hips gripped with his both hands, and as he slams his hips deeper and harder into her, Christina’s cries become louder and louder. She arches her back, gripping the sheets tighter for more pleasure rather than denial, and takes the force of the thrusts.

 ”Ah~♡ I’m cumming~♡ I’m… cumming~♡ ~~♡”

 Shinji’s hips were pulled back and he remained motionless as he felt the pressure of his vagina tightening with his cock.

 Christina, on the other hand, was blank from her climax. Her tight vagina keeps feeling the thick and strong p*nis, and remembers the p*nis that makes her feel the most comfortable. When she understands that it is the same p*nis that has given her pleasure many times before, her vagina wriggles in a flirtatious manner, and the pleasure is so great that it causes Shinji to feel a sensation of ejaculation.

 ”Kuh… Tina’s vagina, it’s great… it feels better than before… I almost ejaculated…”

 ”Haa~♡ Haa~♡ Haa~♡ Haa~… Mmm…♡”

 Shinji’s hand slides down into Christina’s arm while he waits for the stirring in her vagina to subside. He then pulls his hips away from her, and Christina’s body sinks back on the bed while her fingers intertwining with his fingers as if they were lover’s fingers. Now, Shinji covers her and resumes his pistoning motion as Christina squeezes his hand back and they exchange the warmth of their palms.

 ”Ah… Haah, ah~♡ Jin… Don’t do this~♡ It’s so slow, but it feels so good…♡ Haah, hmmm….♡”

 Once she climaxed, her sensitive body felt more than enough pleasure even with gentle movements. The gentle movements are similar to Alvin’s own movements. However, the pleasure of the movements is different from that of Alvin’s. Of course, Shinji is heaven and Alvin is earth.

 (It’s the same, but totally differ…♡ Ji…♡ Jin’s, pe…♡ feels g…♡)

 Christina finally compares Shinji and Alvin. It meant that Shinji had entered into her heart, which she had never allowed him to enter.

 Her unconnected arm goes around Shinji’s back and her hands clasped tightly while her legs spread wide for a deeper connection. Her vagina squeezes tightly to let the trembling p*nis, which is about to ejaculate, come into her vagina.

 ”I’m going to cum… Tina…”

 ”Mmm, mmm… put it in… Jin…♡”

 If the climax is not too strong, there is no need for too much pleasure. Then, Shinji and Christina climax at the same time, both heightened by the gentle piston movement alone.

 ”Ah… Ah, ahhh… It’s amazing, it’s coming out so much…♡”

 A quiet, but massive amount of semen fills Christina’s uterus and vagina. At the same time, a gentle, deep, and very happy climax filled Christina’s heart with euphoria.

 (Ah… So happy…♡)

 The pleasure of immorality that she should not know seeps into her heart. The image of her fiancé (Alvin) that had flashed in her mind for a moment is no longer in her mind, and her eyes are glued to Shinji in front of her.

 So, even though his hand was on her cheek and his face was getting closer and closer, Christina did not move and her eyelids were gently closed.

 ”Jin… *Kiss….♡”

 Tears streamed down her cheeks. Even so, the happiness Christina felt was not dimmed.

 Shinji is a bad man after all.

 Christina, at last, allows him access to her heart.

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