Wizard 472

Chapter 472 After-the-fact, Least Verbal Promise

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 Shinji continued to hold Christina’s lips gently enough to make her believe he had affection for her. At the same time, Shinji’s excellent p*nis never wilted even after many ejaculations into her vagina, giving Christina much pleasure.

 They continued to have s*x with each other not only in the normal position but also in the doggy position, cowgirl position, side-to-side position, and face-to-face sitting position until their stamina was about to run out.

 As a result, Christina was loved all over her body afterwards, and she was enveloped in a pleasant feeling of exhaustion. And now, while accepting Shinji’s presence, she lies down next to him, using his arm as a pillow, breathing heavily with a vaguely uplifted face.

 ”It was a great time… Are you okay?”

 ”Mmm, haah… haah~♡ Do I look okay…?”

 ”Hahaha, I’m sorry. Tina’s reaction was so cute that I overdid it”

 ”…You idiot. Mmm…♡ Geez, you’re not reflecting on what you did…”

 Christina, who is looking at Shinji with half-open eyes as she hugs his shoulders and pats his thighs with a self-satisfied look, doesn’t shake off his hand. It seems that she has become much more open and honest about her feelings, Shinji thinks behind his smile.

 ”Yeah. Tina is Alvin’s fiancée, so we should enjoy the time when we can”

 ”…Ah, that’s right. I’m Al-sama’s fiancée…”

 Christina’s euphoria rapidly disappears as she is being poured cold water. She tries to pull away from Shinji, thinking she should not be swept away as a noblewoman. Still, it is impossible to do so with him holding her shoulder.

 ”It’s all right. Alvin is sleeping soundly. No one is going to enter this room. So, Tina’s position will not be in danger”

 ”That’s not the point… Mmm…♡ G-Geez…♡”

 Her will is melted as Shinji’s hands move from her thighs to her hips, squeezing her butts and stroking her gently. Her heart is pounding in her chest, knowing the comfort of the skin-on-skin contact.

 (This is absolutely wrong. But when Jin touches me… even though I know it, I can’t resist…)

 Christina closes her eyes and accepts the kiss, even though she knows she must avoid Shinji’s approaching face.

 ”*Kiss…♡* Mmm, nfu… *Kiss,* Kiss…♡*”

 And not being able to control her actions with her rational mind, Christina is at a loss. All she knows is that she will experience the greatest of pleasures if she surrenders herself to Shinji’s aggressive lead.

 ”Don’t worry. I’ll make sure no one finds out about it, just like before. I want the Wolf family to prosper, too”

 ”…I’d be doubting you if I didn’t know about Jin’s background. You know that?”

 ”I guess you’re right. Nobles are creatures that read each other’s minds”

 Knowing that Shinji had been raised by a succubus, Christina could finally accept his words and actions. At the same time, she understands once again his strong desire to hold her, even if it is unethical.

 ”…Does Jin plan to continue to hold me?”

 ”Of course. I’m not going to give up, Tina. We will continue to have s*x behind Alvin’s back”

 ”Really, that’s the worst… Mmm… *Kiss…*”

 Shinji smiles happily at her, and Christina shuts her mouth in hatred. But as Shinji stroked the pale pink crests on her vagina, she became aware of its presence once again. She thinks she has no right of refusal in the first place and has no choice in the matter. So, she makes excuses to herself, and she is filled with self-hatred.

 (But… I am also the worst… I’m so happy to be asked for forcefully…)

 But along with the self-hatred, there was also a vague sense of pleasure. Sex with Shinji, whom she met again like fate, is too much for Christina’s taste. She never thought that the joy of being desired by her partner could be so good by changing one’s perception.

 She is being consumed by the nectar of the pleasure of cheating, which is different from Alvin’s marital happiness of loving and being loved. Still, she never wavers in her core.

 ”…I will marry an Al-sama. I don’t want the Beltz and Wolf family names to be damaged”

 ”Yeah, of course. I’ll be very careful”

 It is no secret that the Beltz family supports Alvin, including today’s party. Every nobleman in the kingdom knows that Christina’s marriage to Alvin results from family ties.

 So, if her affair were to be exposed, it would affect not only the Wolf family but also her birth family, the Beltz family, and tarnish their name. Unable to resist and with Shinji unwilling to stop her, Christina has no choice but to conceal this fact for the rest of her life.

 Her mask of a lady may be gone, but she is still proud to be a noblewoman, even if she feels thrilled. Shinji smiles, saying that he still likes Christina.

 ”Tina is really a good woman”

 ”…It sounds sarcastic even if you say it now…”

 ”I do mean it. So as long as my relationship with Tina continues, I will work to ensure the prosperity of the two families. I’ll even listen to your personal requests depending on what you have to say”

 Shinji smiles confidently. His secret relationship with the Valencia family has never been exposed, and he has even been able to conceal the Valencia family’s magic tools, making him a very active wizard in the territory.

 Despite his bad character, Christina feels he is reliable when he is on her side, and she even feels she can count on him to protect her secret. However, Shinji is the cause of the problem in the first place.

 ”But don’t act like a lady when you are in my arms. It makes you hotter and… more importantly, your reaction will be more honest and cute”

 ”…I-Idiot… Even if you say that… Mmm~♡ Wh, Why are you touching me again… Ah~♡”

 ”We just took a break, okay? I’m not done fucking yet.”

 Shinji’s forceful request was met with a flushed cheek from her racing heartbeat, and Christina couldn’t resist… or rather, didn’t resist at all.

 It was the least she could do. Because she knew that Shinji would be on her side as long as she stayed with him. Also, she wanted the immoral pleasure of being desired by Jin.

 ”…Please be gentle, Jin…♡”

 ”Yeah. Make me feel good too, Tina…”


 Christina’s arm wraps around Shinji’s neck. And after that, their lovemaking lasted until almost dawn, and Christina’s sweet voice never ceased.

 The following day, the carriage leaves the capital. Christina, who is returning to Wolf territory with Alvin and the others, dozes off after a long night’s sleep.

 Alvin, who does not know that she had been engaged in cheating s*x all night, talks with Milis while lending her his shoulder, and they are on their way back to the territory.

 The aftermath with Christina.

 She has a strong heart for the family, and even though she has been corrupted, her heart is still strong. Her complete corruption is yet to come.

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