Wizard 473

Chapter 473 The Impact of Christina’s Corruption

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 A few days have passed since Alvin and the others returned to Wolf territory from <Nord>, the capital of the kingdom.

 Now Alvin is spending his days doing his lord’s work. And although he has been away for more than a month, there have been no major problems thanks to Christina’s and other vassals’ efforts, and the handover has been easy.

 Therefore, Alvin has been able to lead a relatively relaxed life. He works in his office, visits the villages in his territory, and trains with the soldiers of his territory. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a slow life compared to the life of a life-threatening adventurer.

 Of course, Alvin spends his days alternating between Milis and Christina. Though his energy is limited to one day for each of them, the days of making a baby with Milis and having lovemaking with Christina can be described as a smooth sailing aristocratic life itself.

 That is, on the surface.

 But the reality is very different.

 After returning from <Nord>, Shinji, the Wolf family’s treasurer, has moved into the vault in the first corner of the mansion. The room was built to protect the Wolf family fortune by providing strict magical security to the room and is only accessible to those who work in the mansion.

 And Shinji generally stays in the vault during his working hours except when he goes out as a wizard. So the room is furnished with a variety of furniture from a sofa for napping to a desk and a bookshelf.

 Visitors to the room range from butlers and maids who work for the Wolf family to Alvin, the Lord of the house, and the room is treated as a place where anyone can come and feel at home. In other words.

 ”Haah~♡ Ahh~♡ Ahh~♡ There~♡ My back~♡ is good~♡ Ahh~♡ It’s deep…♡”

 If Milis is not satisfied with her baby-making s*x with Alvin, she comes to Shinji during the day to relieve her s*xual desires.

 ”Haah… Mm, ahh…♡ Jin…♡ Please, don’t pinch me…♡ Ah, I’m cumming… I’m cummming…♡ Ah~♡”

 Shinji also summons Christina and pushes her down on the sofa, and when Christina is filled with happiness by a vaginal ejaculation, she urges him for a second time while kissing him deeply.

 ”Shinji-san… Does it feel good…?~♡ Haah, it’s okay… Even though I have to change my maid’s uniform… Please cum on my breasts like this… Mm… mmm…♡”

 Sometimes, when Akane brings a drink, she kneels down and undoes the front buttons of her maid’s uniform, and gives Shinji a breast job.

 ”Nbu~♡ Nfu~♡ *Slurp…♡* *Lick, Lick…♡* *Smooch~♡* *Slurp…♡* Puha…♡ Haah, haah… Shinji, I’m moving today…Ah, wait! Aaah~♡ Hwaaa~♡”

 And if Emily comes, she’s going to attack Shinji on the couch, sucking his dick to get him erect, and then knock him out with cowgirl position and reverse seed press.

 Thus, the vault during the daytime became a room where they could fuck each other without ever being discovered.

 And, as soon as his working hours are over, Shinji spends his time with Renka. Moreover, since they are married, they share a room with only one double bed, a perfect arrangement for newlyweds to engage in s*xual activity. They also have lifted the ban on child-bearing. So, they have s*x with each other every night.

 ”Zzz… Zzz… Mmm…”

 Afterward, Shinji caresses Renka’s cheek as she falls asleep, and Freri and he spends many nights trying to improve <World Gate> magic.

 Now, with Hayate’s advice, Shinji has found a solution to the problem, and he uses succubus magic to prevent Milis and Renka from getting pregnant. Although Renka knows that Freri is a half-succubus, she does not know that Freri can control pregnancy, and Shinji does not intend to tell her. The only thing they can do is to hasten the improvement of their magic so that they can make her pregnant as soon as possible.

 Thus, the Wolf family has become the sole domain of Shinji, not Alvin. Shinji manages to balance his two ways of life: during the day he teaches his saffle how to enjoy the pleasures, and at night he takes care of Renka like a newly wedded couple.

* * *

 ”So Shinji, are you going to the ranch in this village?”

 ”Yeah. I’m going to take care of the pasture. I’ll be back in half a day or so. Then, I’ll return the key to the vault.”

 ”Okay! I’ll leave it to you!”

 Shinji works more energetically for the Wolf family, and Alvin and the people benefit as well. In particular, Freri, the flower spirit, will be of great benefit and will be extremely useful in managing the territory, from plant matters to soil matters.

 Although some of the other wizards in the territory have contracted with flower spirits, none of them have contracted with a being who can communicate with them and use the great power of a high spirit as Shinji and Freri do. This is partly because their relationship is too unique.

 However, if Shinji and Freri do everything, the people will not grow up and become dependent on them. So, following Christina’s instructions on how far and how much to use their power and how much to help, the Wolfs aim to manage their territory in a healthy way that does not rely too much on their own individual strength.

 ”Be careful, Shinji”

 ”Yeah. Don’t worry. I’ll be back”

 ”Of course, we’ll be here for you! Right, Shinji~?”

 ”Yeah… See you later”

 Shinji and Emily were seen off by the soldiers who were offering their services, along with Renka. Shinji kisses Renka lightly on the cheek and mounts his horse.

 As a red-faced Renka watches him off, Shinji rides his horse to fulfill his duty.

 It is now back in Wolf territory.

 Christina’s corruption has had a great impact, making it easier for Shinji to do all sorts of dark things.

 Well, on the surface, everyone is happy.

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