Wizard 474

Chapter 474 Who will Help You Find Your Parents(Ask)

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 For Shinji and Freri, improving the pasture was a piece of cake. The only thing they needed to do was to remove the blood that remained in the soil after defeating the monsters that had flooded out of Hateyama, which was a bad influence.

 And since only the impurities are removed by magic, it does not ruin the grass that is growing in its own way, though it takes time to dig up the soil. Now, after telling the caretaker of the pasture to check on the growth of the grass, Shinji, Freri, Emily, and the guards left the place.

 [With the help of the teleport magic, we are faster than Emily and the others.]

 [Don’t tell anyone because Tina will make me work hard]

 [Hmm. I’m just saying. Travel time is precious free time]

 The image of Christina that comes to Shinji’s mind is the one he has been seeing since the discovery that Shinji is Jin-Valencia, but he knows that she is the type of person who keeps her private and public life separate. And because of that, it is easy to imagine that she would assign him to work with a big smile on her face if she knew the existence of the magic that allows her to come and go freely.

 (Besides, it is a policy not to depend too much on individual power. So, let’s keep it secret until there is nothing to be done about it)

 While Shinji reminds himself once again that he should keep it a secret, Freri is silent. So far, the attempt to combine <World Gate> magic with Time magic has not been successful.

 They know that they cannot continue to use contraception indefinitely. So, as Shinji works for the Wolf family, Freri continues to try to improve the magic with the frustration of not being able to succeed. Understanding this, Shinji also engages in a meaningless exchange of words with Freri.

 [Hey, hey, Shinji~. How’s the magic improvement going?]

 [It’s still difficult. I think it’s going to take a while yet.]

 [I see~…let me know if there’s anything I can do.]

 [Okay, Emily, I’ll let you know when I finally succeed. I don’t know what’s going to happen, so I’m counting on you.]

 Emily, who follows Shinji, joins the conversation. This is because she is planning to accompany Shinji.

 She is aware that Shinji is going to the other world to look for his parents as a personal errand. Flair is not counted as a member of the apostle’s force because she is not an apostle, and she is unable to talk to Alvin because of the purpose of the mission. The same goes for Milis and Renka, who are technically pregnant. Furthermore, Shinji did not want to take Renka to a place where anything could happen.

 So, Shinji decided to take Emily with him just in case, although he could take only his partner, Freri. She too works for the Wolf family, but Shinji is her top priority. Emily is the perfect choice for a secret trip, as she will never betray the Wolf family.

 [Yes~♡ I promise I’ll protect you! In return, you’ll make sure to introduce me to your parents!]

 [Of course. Emily is a very important member of my family]

 [Hehehe, I’m looking forward to it~♡ This is a date in another world, isn’t it~♪]

 Emily’s attitude hasn’t changed since her degradation. The crazy devotion and obedience that comes from her deep love for him are evident.

 The happiness of serving, the happiness of being rewarded for one’s devotion, the happiness of being Shinji’s property…the master-slave relationship perfectly matches Emily’s sense of happiness. If they were husband and wife or lovers, it would have been an unhealthy relationship. Rather, the current relationship, in which both parties support each other, is good.

 [Shinji also approached Lila]

 [Oh, really? Shinji. But isn’t it fine if it is just three of us? If you want to play scout, I’ll do it!]

 Emily recoils at Freri’s comment, who has just been picturing them walking arm in arm in her mind’s eye. She reacts as if she thinks that she, Shinji, and Freri can handle most of the situations.

 [But you never know what will happen in another world. It is better to leave it to the professionals and to have more manpower. Lila and the others seem to be interested in other worlds too]

 It is not surprising that Lila and the others, who are interested in the other world and have left the closed elven village, accept Shinji’s invitation. The life span of an elf is long, but without this opportunity, there is no chance for them to travel to another world.

 For Lila and her two sisters, it was a chance to see the beauty of the unknown, and for Iris, it was a chance to gain valuable experience. Besides, the <Green Traveler> has decided to cooperate with Shinji’s search for his parents because they have favor in mind above all else.

 [It’s pity. But I get it if that’s how it’s decided]

 [We’ll be a temporary party, but I’ll be counting on you. I’m sure Emily can handle it]

 [Of course! I’m in charge of training a lot of my men now]

 Emily’s work as Commander of the Lord has been excellent in the absence of Alvin and the others. So, it is hard to believe that she had a past of selfishness, and Shinji was able to make the choice to team up with Emily and the <Green Travelers>.

 [Lila and the others have moved their base to the Adventurers’ Guild in <Bejin>. We will be in touch with them soon, so Emily can keep an eye out for them]

 [Okay! Hey, hey, let me change the subject…]

 After the conversation about the <Green Traveler> comes to a close, Emily takes the initiative in the conversation. On the way back to the Wolf family’s house, Shinji continues to exchange thoughts with Emily without anyone speaking on the surface.

 The group enters a period of preparation to go to another world to search for their parents.

 And now, the story begins with the first member to cross over to the other world.

 Renka is the one Shinji intends to take with him after reuniting with her parents and making sure they are safe.

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