Wizard 475

Chapter 475 Iris’s Extraordinary Talent

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 As Shinji said, <Green Traveler> had moved from <Medio> to <Bejin>. It is not only because of the Wolf family’s house where Shinji lives.

 But also because the Wolf territory was severely damaged by the flood of monsters from <Hateyama>. It made people and goods are now actively working for the reconstruction. In particular, the transportation of goods has been active, and merchants have been going from town to town every day.

 Due to this, there is a growing demand for adventurers to work as guards in <Bejin>. Many merchants are concerned that there may still be strong monsters in <Hateyama> nearby, and many are willing to hire high-level adventurers to escort them.

 Though hiring a high-level adventurer requires a high cost, in the Wolf territory, the Wolf family pays a part of the cost of an escort only for the business related to reconstruction.

 This policy allows merchants to travel safely, adventurers to get escort jobs, and the Wolf family to speed up the reconstruction of the territory by increasing the flow of goods. The <Green Traveler> also moved to <Béjin> to take a job as a merchant escort.

 Now, the <Green Traveler> has risen to the rank of adventurer to the upper-intermediate rank. But, to be promoted to the upper-upper rank, they must accumulate achievements. After all, the more work one does for the people of the kingdom, the higher one’s reputation with the Adventurers’ Guild and escorting merchants is one of the best ways to earn that reputation.

 The <Running Wolves>, who saved the town twice and rose through the ranks, is a special case, whose merits are to be accumulated steadily, which is the proper way to advance through the ranks of the adventuring party.

 So, using the Adventurer’s Guild in <Béjin> as their base, the <Green Traveler> traveled around the kingdom, escorting merchants. Even when Alvin and the others were away for a month to attend a wedding, they were still active as adventurers.

 Shinji is aware of their movements to some extent. He hears directly from Lila and the others through their thoughts.

 But now, although they can communicate with each other without meeting in person, Shinji still visits the rented house where Lila and the other girls are staying to meet him. The reason for this is nothing but the study of magic.

 ”—That’s why, if we change this thing—”

 ”—Then, even more—”

 The day after the visit to the pasture. Shinji had finished the work he was asked to do and was sitting across from Iris, discussing interpretation and ideas about the time magic circle that was spread out on the table. Next to Shinji sits Freri, who is listening to the discussion.

 ”Onee-chan, can you pass me the salt?”

 ”Here, Lili… Lilu, can you prepare the plate?”

 ”Yes. You two, dinner will be ready in a minute.”

 Meanwhile, the three sisters are cooking dinner in the kitchen. Lila and Lili are preparing the food, and Lilu is serving it on plates. The appetizing aroma of food spreads through the living room, bringing Shinji and Iris’s discussion to an end.

 ”…Let’s continue after dinner, desu”

 ”Yes, let’s do that. Shall we clear the table?”

 ”Yes, desu”

 Why is Shinji talking about magic with Iris? Because she has already spent a lot of time studying time magic with him.

 Besides, Iris also has been invited to a room where the flow of time is different because of the Hateyama case. At that time, she learned of the existence of time magic, and when she was returned to her original world with the Goddess Arian’s help, she asked for permission to study time magic.

 Therefore, Iris was absorbed in her research to be able to use the new time magic. Though, she only got permission to study, not to be shown the magic circle like Shinji.

 However, she taught herself time magic based on two things only: the knowledge that time can be manipulated, and the experience of having been in a room where the flow of time was different.

 For now, she can only do <Restore>, which slowly turns back the time of an object in the palm of her hand, but it is expected that she will soon be able to learn other spells.

 What a talent in magic. Shinji couldn’t help but think so when he heard Iris’ story about her newfound magic and her excitement.

 (Like Emily, Alvin, and Iris… they all reach the right answer by their intuition)

 Shinji, who is aware that his intuition, talent, and sense are not so good as those of Iris, does not think he can do the same. He has a lot to envy, but he can accept that there is no use in asking for something he doesn’t have because he has the confidence that he has been able to devise a plan and achieve results.

 (I wonder how far Iris can master the magic? What kind of time magic will she show me? I am looking forward to seeing more of it)

 For Shinji, magic is only a means to achieve his goals, and he is not interested in fame. So, it is refreshing to see Iris’ love and passion for magic.

 That is why Shinji, with the permission of the goddess, shared his knowledge of time magic with Iris. Besides, Shinji wanted to improve his knowledge of the magic of the <World Gate>. And Iris could help to further his knowledge.

 (This may be the last time I teach. I can’t teach her anything more than magic manipulation)

 It is easy to imagine that without Freri, his amount of magic is small, and the repertoire of magic is becoming less and less different, but the time magic will make a big difference.

 With his student (Iris), who has made great strides since he first met her, surely he will be able to improve his magic. It seemed natural, and Shinji looked at Iris’s face as she cleared the table.


 ”Well… You’ve become more dependable. I think I’m going to be the next one to be taught magic by you”

 ”…It’s all thanks to senpai, desu”

 Iris looks back at him curiously and smiles.

 If it weren’t for Shinji. Without his help. If he hadn’t introduced her to Lila and the others. If she hadn’t known that he was an apostle of the Goddess.

 She can say with certainty that she would never have found the time magic she wanted to devote her life to research.

 ”I think it’s because of Iris’s hard work…”

 ”…No, meeting senpai was the beginning. So, from now on… Senpai is my only senpai”

 Looking at Iris’s smiling head, Shinji gently stroked it with the thought that it was him who had guided her to this place.

 <Green traveler>

 Iris-chan is very talented in magic.

 She is a magic-loving girl with lots of magic power, hard work, and inspiration.

 Iris-chan is a “rainbow,” because she is a magician of the seven elements: fire, water, wind, earth, light, darkness, and time.

 Next time, we’ll be back with dessert after dinner.

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