Wizard 476

Chapter 476 At the Green Traveler’s Rented House, Part One

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 Shinji wanted to resume the magic talk immediately after the meal, but he had to wait a while for Iris to wash the dishes. He tried to help her, but she refused him because he was a guest, so he sat down on the sofa and Lila sat next to him.

 ”It’s our turn next, isn’t it, Shinji-san?”

 Lila turns a charming smile to Shinji as she twines her arms around him and presses her large soft breasts against him. Her green eyes are moist with anticipation as she gazes at him from behind her slick blonde hair, and her thighs are pressed so tightly together that they are irresistible to the point of stroking.

 ”Shinji-san would never say that he was going to do nothing, right?”

 Lili looks into her big sister’s face from the other side of the room with her side tails waving provocatively. Her flirtatious look, which is the exact opposite of her mouth, clearly shows that Lili wants to have s*xual intercourse together with her sister.

 ”I want Shinji-san’s cock…”

 Lilu, on the other hand, sits at Shinji’s feet, looks up at him, and touches Shinji’s crotch over his pants. And looking down at Lilu, his cock immediately becomes erect and hard.

 The three beautiful elf sisters are begging for his attention, and Shinji knows that if he does not respond to their demands, he will ruin his name as the son of a succubus, so the first thing he reaches out for is Lila’s big breasts. Grabbing the soft flesh of her breasts, Shinji can hear her longing breath escape from her mouth.

 ”Ah…♡ Please touch them more, Shinji-san… *Kiss~♡* Mm, *Kiss, Kiss~♡*”

 ”Lilu, let’s make him feel good.”

 ”Yes. Together, you and me”

 Lila’s arms go around Shinji’s neck as her breasts are caressed with just the right amount of strength to change shape. Meanwhile, Lili and Lilu’s hands reveal his p*nis and give it rain of kisses.

 ”Hamu, mm…♡ *Slurp, slurpppp…* *Smooch~♡”

 ”*Lick, lick,* haa…♡ *Lick, lick…♡*”

 Lili’s small mouth takes the glans in her mouth, licking and sucking the sensitive tip. Lilu’s tongue, on the other hand, crawled around the underside of the p*nis and gently touched the ball sack, making the erect p*nis tremble with pleasure.

 The twins were giving Shinji a breathtaking double blowjob. They share one p*nis with their sister, and their tongues intertwine with each other’s, exchanging saliva. The way they accept their sisters’ lust without hesitation or hesitation makes their hearts flutter in their chests.

 ”All three of you are so aggressive.”

 ”After all, it’s been a long time since I’ve had s*x. I’m so horny… it’s Shinji-san’s fault, you know…”

 ”Of course… then I have to get rid of it, right?”

 Shinji opened the front of Lila’s outfit and removed her bra to find her pink nipples hardening. Her breasts were so heavy that they didn’t fit in his hands. But he still grabbed them with both hands and squeezed them.

 And the fact that Shinji doesn’t apologize after a long time because it is natural for him to give priority to Renka.

 But, he still needs to satisfy Lila and her sisters when he has s*x with them. This is the role of a person who has a saffle. And it is because he wants to make them happy as a son of a succubus.

 (Ah… Shinji-san’s… Eyes…♡)

 Lila felt Shinji’s passive mood change because of the rather forceful s*x. She holds Shinji’s head as he sucks on her breasts, which attracts the eyes of men when they walk outside as if they were his own. And now, burying his face in the valley where the sweet scent of a woman is strong, Shinji feels the happy softness.

 ”Mmm… more, mark me… Please… Ahhh~♡”

 Shinji makes many red marks on Lila’s white skin, hoping to prove his relationship with her. And being pinched by her swollen nipples and loved on her breasts, Lila’s desire to be fucked is growing in her mind. The same goes for Lili and Lilu, who continue their double-blowjob.

 ””Nnnnghh~♡ *Slurp~♡* *Kiss~♡* *Kiss, kiss~♡*””

 And thanks to the twins sucking the cock, it can be said that it is all ready to go. Shinji thought about ejaculating once, but the way the twins were asking for it made him feel that even the foreplay was a waste of time.

 (There’s not much time to spare. I can’t stay here too long)

 Since his marriage, Shinji has not stayed out overnight, leaving Renka behind after returning to the Wolf family mansion. This rule is to prevent his new wife (Renka) from sleeping alone in the bed while he is balancing his life as a human and a son of succubus.

 Well, even if they do not have s*x, the time they spend together in bed talking and reflecting on the day is peaceful and makes Shinji feel human happiness. Besides, this is what Renka wants and what should be her first priority.

 However, he cannot continue to mingle lazily, considering the time it takes to take a bath. And now, as he tries to take the initiative to satisfy Lila and her sisters in the limited time available, Shinji is concerned about Iris.

 He turns his attention toward the kitchen, but all he hears is the sound of her washing dishes with a blank expression on her face. Unbeknownst to Shinji, Iris had an appointment with Lila and the others.

 Iris promised that Lila and her friends would monopolize Shinji before the meal and after the meal.

 In the meantime, Iris put her desire for knowledge before her desire for s*x. She wanted to study magic with Shinji rather than have s*x with him. The opposite is true for Lila and the others.

 So Iris does not join Lila and her sisters but continues to wash the dishes while exchanging thoughts with Freri about the time magic, using the lewd crest.

 [Shinji, I will talk to Iris. Don’t worry about it]

 [Really? If that’s the case, I’ll leave it to you]

 When Freri said this, Shinji stopped focusing on Iris, even though he didn’t know why. Instead, he whispers to Lila, whose eyes are moistened by his persistent playing with her breasts, and to the twins (Lili and Lilu), who are aroused by the double blowjob.

 ”Who wants to be fucked first?”

 To this question, all three of them scream at almost the same time.

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