Wizard 478

Chapter 478 At the Green Traveler’s Rented House, Part Three

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 Shinji gazes at Lila as Lilu clings to him after her climax. Shinji does not deny her words with a charming smile. Rather, he can only agree with her.

 ”I’m sure it will be soon if you get promoted to a higher rank. Speaking of time magic, it would be easy to get into the <Witches’s tea party>, wouldn’t it?”

 ”Yes. The magic guild would never miss it if they knew of the existence of new magic.”

 The <Witches’ Tea Party> is the face of the Magic Guild, which consists of ten of the best wizards in the guild. Shinji and his friends all know that Iris’s dream is to join the <Witches’ Tea> Party and spend her life studying magic.

 The existence of the new magic called “Time Magic” is so significant that if Iris can fulfill the minimum requirement of becoming a high-level adventurer, she is certain to be admitted to the Tea Party. It is impossible for the magic guild to know of its existence and leave it alone.

 ”If anything, I’m more worried about backstabbing. Iris is a commoner with no backing. There will be people who want to do bad things for the fame of discovering new magic…”

 ”That’s obvious, but Iris-chan will be recommended by the temple. In addition, Iris-chan is an acquaintance of the priestess and the Goddess has given her permission.”

 ”…That’s all right then. I’m sure people will avoid making enemies of the goddess religion… Come on!”

 ”Hwahh…♡ Suddenly… Again…♡”

 Shinji’s cock continued to occupy Lilu’s vagina even while he was talking seriously. No sooner had Lilu’s breath started to settle down, Shinji shook his ass, which was still in his grip.

 ”Lilu shouldn’t be the only one feeling good, should she?”

 ”Lili’s right. Let Shinji cum too~♡”

 ”Ah~♡ I know~♡ Haah, ah, ah~♡ Hwahh, mmm~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡”

 Lilu shakes her hips as her sisters do as they say. She lifts her hips and slams them down, her vagina wriggling in an attempt to squeeze the cum out of him. Lilu’s mouth closes as it begins to gurgle. Lila’s mouth also closed as well, since she intends to talk only in between s*x sessions. Anyway, since Shinji doesn’t intend to just have s*x with her, he concentrates on Lilu when the s*x resumes.

 ”Haah~♡ I knew it, it’s great~♡ It feels so good, I’m going to cum again soon~♡”

 ”No, hold off until Shinji starts cumming. Then, it’s Onee-chan’s turn.”

 ”Haah, haah, nnnn…♡ Shinji-san…♡ Hurry up…♡ Please, please…♡ No, I can’t do it anymore…♡”

 Lilu’s sensitive vagina after her climax is pushed up again and again, and Lilu is already at her limit.

 ”I’m cumming…!”

 ”Ah, ahhhh~♡ So great… it’s pouring out inside…♡”

 Shinji poured his semen into Lilu’s vagina, which repeatedly came shallowly, and Lilu was completely weak as she was led to a deep climax. Now, Lilu, breathing heavily, moves from the top with Lili’s help, and Lila sits on Shinji’s lap in place of her.

 ”It’s my turn now, Shinji-san. You didn’t need to ask me if I’m okay…. Ah, as expected…♡”

 Lila’s finger strokes the back of Shinji’s pole, which is slick with semen and love juice. Her cheeks are stained with her unabated s*xuality, and she inserts his dick just like her sisters do.

 Shinji’s arousal is heightened by the unusual situation of having the sisters in turn in the same face-to-face position. This is even more so if the partner is Lila, the girl he likes. As Shinji gazes closely at the red marks on her rich breasts, Lili, whose face is close to Shinji’s ear, whispers to him.

 ”Shinji-san, you really like Onee-chan’s breasts, don’t you?”

 ”Shinji-san really likes Onee-chan’s big breasts…”

 ”It’s a little late for that… don’t make that kind of noise…”

 Lilu, who had returned from the opposite side of Lili’s voice, also whispered. Shinji couldn’t help but chuckle at the twins’ accusing tone. So, Shinji’s fingers touch the twins’ secret parts, which are dripping with semen, and he inserts his fingers into them. Shinji’s fingers touch the sensitive areas of the twins’ vaginas, stirring them and making them squeal sweetly.

 ”Lili likes the way it feels inside her vagina, and Lilu likes the way it feels when I poke her deep inside, huh?”

 ”Comparing them like that, you’re still a devil as usual… Ah~♡ Ngh, ngh~♡”

 ”I only poke the weak parts just because they’re my favorite, you know.”

 Lila moves up and down between the twins, who kiss Shinji’s neck and cheeks and run their tongues over him. Her big breasts bouncing boldly and swaying in the air was a lewd sight, and it made the cock more aroused. The sweet pleasure of each thrust of the cock against the womb, which has descended to be conceived, gives Lila’s brain a tremendous amount of happiness.

 ”Ahh~♡ Ahhh, Shinji-san~♡ Ahhh, that’s good, that’s good~♡ Ahh~♡”

 ”Finger me more~♡”

 ”I’m cumming again~♡ Ahhh~♡”

 Shinji looks around with satisfaction at the three different types of lewdness, and realizes once again the future of impregnating all three of the beautiful elf sisters.

 (Still, the temple is the backer of Iris, huh? I should be thankful to the Goddess)

 Iris becomes the leading figure in time magic, which is favorable for Shinji who does not want to be conspicuous. If Iris’s research makes time magic more widely known to the public, it will not attract attention even if Shinji is seen using it. The policy of taking practical advantage over interest has remained unchanged.

 The temple protects Iris. Then Shinji should take measures to protect her from unjustified methods. Shinji thinks that he has to think of a way before Iris joins the Tea Party.

 (The situation will change quickly when <Green Traveler> becomes a higher rank. I’ll have to keep a better eye on things from now on. It’s a busy time, indeed)

 Shinji is for profit. Iris has a dream. Lila and the others are trying to make their wishes come true, to make everyone happy. Realizing that he has a lot to do even after meeting his parents through the magic of the <World Gate>, Shinji pushes Lila up and down and stirs Lili and Lilu’s vaginas hard in an attempt to make them all come.

 ”Ah, Ah~♡ I’m cummmmming~♡ Mmmm~…♡”

 He pours his semen into Lila’s womb as she screams, and holds Lili and Lilu close with his arms after he makes them cum with his hands. Together with Lila who falls on his chest, he holds all the sisters in his arms. Then, Shinji mutters as the girls look up at him, breathing hard.

 ”Ah…that felt so good…”

 ”Yes…very good…♡ I really wish I could do more…♡”

 ”We don’t have time for another round, do we?”

 ”I’m sorry…♡ Let’s do it again next time, Shinji-san.”

 Everyone laughed at each other, feeling pleasantly exhausted and united. In the midst of all this, Shinji turns to the Iris, who remain as silent as she was before they began having s*x, still dabbing away at a piece of paper.

 All the while Shinji and the girls were having s*x, Iris was exchanging thoughts with Freri about the time magic and writing down her ideas. Iris is ignoring all the pleasant sounds of the water without losing her concentration.

 Even though her body has been degraded, Iris’s desire for knowledge is stronger than her s*xual desire. Although her appearance is likable as a human being, Shinji is not interesting as a child of a succubus, but it is useless for anyone to interfere with her.

 ”…At this rate, the <World Gate> will probably be improved soon… really, Iris is amazing…”

 ”Yes… I’m looking forward to traveling to other worlds…”

 Shinji’s eyes narrowed as he was dazzled by Iris’s talent.

 It would be a few days before he found out that his intuition was correct. A few days later, Shinji received word that Iris had managed to incorporate time magic into the magic of the <World Gate>.

 <The Green Traveler>

 Lila and her sisters seem to be the friendliest, and Iris is the furthest away from being a friend.

 Since they knew about the situation of the goddesses’ camp because of the <Hateyama> incident, they were supported by the goddesses’ side to keep them in the fold.

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