Wizard 479

Chapter 479 Miko Arian’s Request

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 In an unexpectedly fast time, the combination of <World Gate> and time magic was completed, and Shinji could not help but be amazed at Iris’s talent. Especially when he heard about the ideas and theories she came up with. Shinji is deeply impressed by Iris’s free and creative way of combining magic, which he has never seen or heard of before.

 [Iris is very talented]

 [Yeah, I didn’t think she would be in a position to teach me so soon]

 Shinji replies to Freri’s thought as she helps Iris with her research on behalf of Shinji, who is traveling around the territory on business for Wolf territory. Even though Iris says there is no need for him to thank her because this is a very valuable experience, he feels compelled to do something to help.

 [<Green traveler>’s promotion should still be a long way off… but, I’ll have to think about what to do after she joins the tea party]

 [Hmm. There’s a possibility that they’ll end up like Shinji and the others]

 There is a previous example of <Running Wolves> who suddenly encountered big trouble, solved it, and got promoted to a higher rank. But that doesn’t mean that Iris and the others won’t be like that.

 [I have no doubt. Well, I’ll think of countermeasures for Iris later.]

 […It’s your responsibility. Because Shinji doesn’t take care of them]

 [Hey, Shinji, answer it quickly-noja!]

 Shinji receives thoughts from Flair as well as Freri, and he wonders what to do about the expectant look in Miko Arian’s eyes as she sits in front of him.

 Currently, he visited Miko Arian to discuss the operation of the <World Gate>, but when she appeared in front of Shinji, her bad mood was obvious at a glance. It would be more correct to say that she was sulking rather than in a bad mood.

 The reason is Shinji, of course. When Shinji and the others stopped by <Medio> after the wedding in Alvin’s hometown, he did not visit the temple but went to bed early to give Charlotte a lewd dream.

 During that month, Miko Arian also refrains from seeing Shinji because of the wedding. Even so, she had planned to meet Shinji when she stopped by <Medio>, but before she could do so, Shinji left for <Nord>, the capital of the kingdom.

 Miko Arian thought that Shinji was busy and waited for him to settle down. Therefore, Shinji visited Miko Arian only after the improvement of the <World Gate> was completed. So, it’s obvious that she got tired of waiting, even though she is a patient person.

 Thus, after much discussion, Shinji decided to ask Miko Arian about her request, which was to “go on a date” with him.

 ”Of course, it’s fine. Is there somewhere you want to go?”

 ”Danna-sama, I’d like to walk around the town alone with you… and I’d like to have some time alone together…”

 ”…Okay. I’ll see what I can do. But we’ll need some help from Flair and the others”

 The wish for a private date is a small one for a commoner, but it is a big one for Miko Arian, who always has a priest by her side. This is because she is not allowed to walk outside without being accompanied by them while she is playing the role of a Miko of Goddess Arian.

 In addition, when Miko Arian goes out in the town, she attracts the attention of the residents and is approached everywhere she goes. This problem must be solved if Miko Arian’s wish for private time together is to be fulfilled. Flair, who is sitting around the table with Shinji, looks at him.

 ”So, do you have a solution-noja?”

 ”Well, I have magic I’ve prepared for when Arian moves in. It’s disguise magic. A magic that makes other people see her as someone else by giving them the illusion of a different appearance. I’m sorry, Arian but…”

 ”No, Danna-sama… I know it is necessary to do that since I am a Miko… But this magic…?”

 After his marriage to Miko Arian was fixed, Shinji, with Freri’s help, created this new magic called <Illusionary Wrappings (幻纏)>. It is a unique magic that is based on the succubus magic of Freri and other succubus demons.

 It took much longer than Iris, who mastered the magic of time in no time at all, but Shinji had also succeeded in creating new magic.

 ”Well, at least, something like that. Even after retiring as a Miko, Arian will continue to attract attention. Many things will happen after your retirement because you will no longer have a priest to protect you. So, to eliminate those worries… Mghh!?”

 ”Danna-sama, I’m so happy… Thank you very much…♡”

 Miko Arian is so happy that she stands up from her seat in front of Shinji and hugs him. She holds her beloved’s face to her chest and kisses his head and his cheek.

 ”That means we will be able to fool the priests’ eyes, huh? A whole day would be tough, but we can fool them for half a day or so-noja”

 ”…Puha. The worst-case scenario is that we will use <Teleport> magic to get back to this room. After all, no one can enter the room without Miko’s permission”

 ”Hmm. No one will know. Not to mention Shinji, the apostle of the Goddess. But you mustn’t go anywhere that might put Miko in danger-noja”

 ”I know. I’ll take my date to a safe street. Most women like the fashionable stores on the main street”

 ”Danna-sama… When do you want to…? Arian wants to go on a date with you as soon as possible…♡”

 Miko Arian sits on Shinji’s lap as she looks up from the happy softness pressed against his face. Shinji, on the other hand, stares back into her enraptured eyes as he continues his talk.

 ”Either way, I’ll let you know the date and time in advance”

 ”Yes…♡ I’m looking forward to it…”

 ”And about the <World Gate>…”

 ”Yes… Leave it to Arian, Danna-sama…”

 When Shinji and the others go to the other world with the magic of <World Gate>, the cooperation of Miko Arian is indispensable. If the <World Gate> is not kept open, the magic of time loses the effect that an hour in this world is a day in the other world.

 Therefore, knowing that Shinji is an apostle of the goddess, Miko Arian was the first candidate who has the skill and magical power to keep the <World Gate> open.

 Fortunately, when Shinji asked her in advance, he received a good response. And in order not to change her mind, he decided to accept her request for a private date.

 After that, Shinji then asks Miko Arian, who smiles happily, where she wants to go, and they make plans.

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