Wizard 480

Chapter 480 Walking Around with Miko Arian

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 Shinji’s day off. Miko Arian asks Flair not to let anyone into Miko’s room.

 She also told the temple that she has an important talk with the goddess. If there is any problem, Flair is to stand in front of the door. And since it is not often that a spirit stands at the door, the priests decide to stay away from Miko’s room, thinking that it is an important talk.

 However, in reality, it is a camouflage for a private date with Miko Arian, the daughter of the Goddess Arian, with the approval of her parents.

 (…No one pays attention to me. It’s a strange feeling…)

 Shinji and Miko Arian go out on the town, wearing the magic Shinji uses. They are the only two people who can recognize each other’s correct appearance, and people on the street see Shinji and Miko Arian only as ordinary, featureless people who can be found anywhere.

 When a walker passes by, even if their eyes meet, the other person immediately looks away and walks away, seemingly uninterested. It was a new experience for Miko Arian, even though it was just that.

 ”Let’s walk on the main street first, shall we?”

 ”Yes, Danna-sama… Let’s go…”

 Miko Arian nodded her head with an exuberant face, a mixture of anticipation and nervousness. It’s no wonder. She had never shopped before.

 Winged people are the only race that can become Miko of the Goddess Arian, but there are less than a hundred of them. They live on a single floating island in the sky, protected by the blessings of a goddess, and they have no culture of money.

 Of course, they have knowledge. Winged people study hard to become Miko from the time they can remember, and their knowledge of the outside world is learned from books. Then, those who excel go to the temples of the Goddess Arian religion as Miko of the Goddess Arian.

 In the temples, everything a Miko needs is provided. Everything from food to clothing to entertainment. If necessary, the owner of the store would go to the temple.

 Furthermore, the Miko only leave the temple when they perform the service. Even when they do, they go to their destinations, as in the case of the oracle of the goddess and the previous Hateyama riot, and return to the temple as soon as the purpose is fulfilled. Because the temple did not want anything to happen to Miko by any chance.


 Arian, is a name only the Goddess and a Miko are allowed to use. Meanwhile, the name “Ariel” was a name that Arian had used as a child before she became a Miko, and she had decided to use it when they were on dates.

 Now, Shinji calls her name and holds out his hand. Miko Arian, or Arie,l senses his intention and lays her hand on top of his. She holds his hand tightly so that they don’t get separated, her tension eases, and she slowly walks next to Shinji.

 ”What is there on the main street?”

 ”…Anything, I guess? But let’s go into the store Ariel is interested in.”

 ”Yes… But I’m having trouble with all the places I’m interested in… Everything is so new to me… where should I start? I’m so lost…”

 Clothes in glass show windows. Stores with groceries. A decorator’s store with an opulent carriage. There is something here and there that catches Ariel’s eye.

 All the stores were interesting, and Shinji smiled at her because she seemed so young when she was trying to make a choice.

 ”I can usually get what I want… For example, something I wanted in the past but wasn’t allowed to have.”

 ”Mmm… mmm…”

 Ariel’s wish has been granted as she and Shinji walk hand in hand into town. She is a Miko, and her education has left her with little ego, so she just wanders around with her eyes roving about.

 ”…Okay, let’s go around at random. Let’s start with that clothing store. Come on, Ariel.”

 ”…! Yes, Danna-sama…♡”

 Ariel’s face lights up as she looks up at Shinji who pulls her hand a little harder.

 (I guess I should take the lead a little more forcefully.)

 Ariel doesn’t let go of Shinji’s hand even after they enter the restaurant, but rather leans closer to him and puts her arms around him, and Shinji knows that he will be spoiled by her for the rest of the day.

* * *

 After that, Shinji and Ariel visit several stores. On the surface, Shinji escorts Ariel with a gentle smile, but his heart is filled with lust. It’s no wonder. Shinji’s arms were always in contact with Ariel’s big breasts as she held him in her arms without letting go of his hands even for a moment.

 Sometimes they pressed hard against each other, sometimes his arms were between the cleavage of her breasts, and sometimes they were slightly touching his elbows. It was a happy feeling, but it was also a lethal one. If it were a saffle, he would have immediately taken her back to the inn, but he couldn’t do that today, because his goal was to entertain Ariel.

 Still, Shinji is uncomfortable as they are always seen by others as a passionate couple. But when they finally took their seats, they felt at home.

 Shinji watches Ariel eat her favorite fruit platter, and slowly sips his coffee to calm down. She looked so innocent and feminine at her age as she munched on the fruits without the Miko-like atmosphere she usually has.

 The fact that her breasts kept touching his arm was not intended to seduce him, but just because he was too close to her. It was not fun to be made to agonize, but she seemed to be enjoying her date so much that he thought it was okay if her wish had been fulfilled.

 ”It’ll be a little over an hour when we leave here… Ariel, are you sure you want to visit the stores you haven’t seen yet?”

 ”Yes, Danna-sama… Ah”

 Ariel nodded her head once, but suddenly looked away and stumbled over her words. Shinji could not hear anything, but he could tell that she was receiving a thought from someone from the way her face turned red as she pretended to hear something.

 As Shinji guessed, it was advice from Goddess Arian. The content of the advice was that if she did not ask him out voluntarily, the time limit would expire just for a walking date in the city.

 ”Actually, Danna-sama… I’m a little tired and would like to go somewhere where I can rest…”

 Their date alone in the city was very enjoyable and happy. Of course, she still wants to keep going. But more than that, there was a desire to connect. Because she knew the peaceful happiness she felt on the date, she wanted a more intense and intense pleasure of being cuddled.

 ”Of course. Shall we go then, Ariel?”

 ”Yes, Danna-sama…♡”

 Ariel’s invitation is a godsend for Shinji. With Ariel in his arms again, Shinji heads out of the restaurant to the inn where he is taken in, his heart overflowing with desire.

 A walking date with Miko Arian.

 Miko Arian is a job title. This is meant to make her a little closer to Goddess Arian and to make it easier for her to receive her oracles. Every Miko has her maiden name before she became a Miko.

 And Arian’s maiden name is Ariel.

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