Wizard 481

Chapter 481 Rest with Miko Arian, Part One

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 The sun was still high in the sky and Shinji and Ariel were able to easily get into one of the rooms at the inn. Fortunately, they had rented the most expensive room, and the room was very clean.

 Now, as Shinji guides Ariel to the bed, Ariel looks around the room with interest, having never been in an inn before. But then, Shinji hugs Ariel from behind because there is no way that the man who has been so aroused during their walk through the city couldn’t hold it. And so, it made Ariel didn’t even have time to clean herself up.

 ”Danna-sama… um, I just wanted to wipe my sweat off… Mmm…”

 ”I’m sorry, but I can’t wait. You smell so good… I’d rather remain like this…”

 ”It’s embarrassing, Danna-sama… Ah, mmm…♡”

 Shinji buries his face in her neck and licks her neck with his tongue, not caring about the faint scent of Ariel’s sweat. Her ears turn red with embarrassment, and she turns her head away from him, but he undoes the shoulder straps of her one-piece dress and removes her bra to get a raw feel of her big breasts.

 Her G-cup breasts are as firm as they are heavy, and if he grabs them with both hands, his fingers are enveloped in a happy softness. Shinji squeezes them with both hands, feeling the warmth of human skin.

 Then, opening his hands wide, he rubs them enveloping the entire breasts, lifting them up from the bottom, or rubbing them in a circular movement, enjoying the exquisite breasts that are exclusively for him.

 ”Ah, ah… D-Danna-sama…♡ You keep on rubbing my breasts so much… Mmm… Ah…”

 ”Are your breasts not enough?”

 ”…♡ *Nods*”

 Ariel, still blushing, nods silently. At this response, Shinji reaches out his hand to her plump thighs and opens her legs so that he can touch her secret parts. And when he slips his hand into her panties, he finds that it’s wet.

 Of course, he inserts his fingers. Also, thanks to the anticipation of being cuddled and the caresses on her breasts, Ariel’s vagina was filled with her love juice and she accepted his finger without any difficulty.

 ”Ahhh…♡ Danna-sama, Danna-sama’s finger…♡ Ah, Hahhh…♡ Ah, it’s so good…♡”

 ”You’re already moist. Has Ariel liked it here?”

 ”Ah~♡ Yes…♡ Mmm, mm, ah~♡ All the way there, ah, hahh, ah~♡”

 Shinji’s fingers touch Ariel’s weak spot. She writhes and shivers, her voluptuous body trembling, and Shinji enjoys her reactions as he talks and squeaks.

 ”Ah~♡ Mmm~♡ Mm~♡ Danna-sama… Danna-sama~♡ Ah~♡”

 Ariel, moaning in a lovely voice, can’t stand and puts her hands on the bed. Shinji’s hands follow her as she gets down on all fours and covers her from behind. But his movements not stopping, rather, they become more daring. The sound of the water echoing in the room was even louder, and Ariel trembled with pleasure as her hardened nipples were pinched by his fingertips.


 Ariel climaxes lightly as she continues to be tortured by her weak points. She arches her back, shivers, and falls down on the bed. Behind her, Shinji removes his own pants and made her butt raised.

 He then pulls up the skirt of her one-piece dress and pulls down her panties. Ariel’s wrinkled dress remains on her torso, and Shinji grabs Ariel’s waist with both hands and places his cock on her secret part.

 Ariel’s pure white wings are folded, fully revealing her body from head to butt, and a sigh of anticipation escapes from her mouth.

 ”Ariel, I’m putting it in”

 ”Y-Yes… Anytime… M…♡”

 With a squelch, the head of the p*nis, which is erect and eager for penetration, enters Ariel’s vagina, which is waiting for penetration. The head enters deep into her vagina, and her butts ripple as Shinji’s hips slam against her butts.

 ”Ariel’s vagina is so comfortable, after all…”

 ”Ahhh…♡ It’s in the deepest part…♡ Ahhh…♡”

 Ariel’s hips are pressed forward, and the glans push against the back of her vagina. Ariel’s hips bounce and her vagina tightens, and Shinji decides that it is safe to move immediately.

 Ariel obediently keeps her butts lifted, and she can’t stop moaning sweetly at the gripping hands and the forceful, rhythmical piston movements. She was so comfortable that she kept her grip on the sheets and wiggled her hips in time with Shinji’s movements. The well-timed use of their hips further heightened their mutual pleasure.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Danna-sama, Danna-samaa~♡ It feels so good~♡ Mmm~♡ Is it also good for you, Danna-samaa~… Ahhh~♡”

 ”Yes, of course. It’s so good, I’m going to come right out…”

 ”Mmm, mmm…♡ Ahh…♡ Whenever…♡ You want, Danna-sama…♡ whenever you want…♡”

 Ariel turns around and meets Shinji’s eyes. Ariel’s face is happy with pleasure, but her words are filled with devotion to Shinji.

 Now, her vagina is tightening teasingly, and she is sucking on it, begging him to ejaculate as soon as possible. *Pound! Pound! The sound of their skin colliding with each other quickens, and it chases Ariel away.

 ”Ahhh~♡ No… Don’t…♡ If you keep doing this, I’m going to… ahhh…♡ Ah…♡ ahead…♡ Mmm~♡ Mmm~♡”

 ”You’re about to cum? Ariel, you can cum whenever you want.”

 ”N-No…♡ Ah~♡ It’s no good~♡ Danna-sama, Danna-samaa…♡ I want cum…♡ Together~♡ Ah…♡”

 ”Okay… Ah, you’re so tight… it’ll come out…”

 Ariel feels her climax coming. But she was trying hard to hold on until Shinji’s climax. Shinji’s ejaculation was almost simultaneous with Ariel’s limit, as she wiggled her firm butts hard and the walls of her vagina tightened even more around the rod, as her love juices flowed.

 ”Ah, I’m cumming~♡ I’m cumming… Ahhhhhhhhhh~♡”

 ”I’m cumming too…!”

 Shinji ejaculates while pushing the p*nis deep into her vagina. Ariel’s vagina also squeezes tightly as a thick stream of cum pours into her, filling her womb and vagina.

 ”Ah…♡ Ah… Danna-sama’s cum… overflowed…”

 Ariel squealed forlornly at the sensation of the sperm spilling out of her vagina and running down her thighs. This was due to the increased ejaculate volume from being rushed around town so much. And now, Shinji pulls his p*nis out of her and moves around in front of her.

 He thrusts his p*nis, soiled with sperm and love juice, in front of her mouth. His cock, which continues to erect without wilting, seems to say that it is ready for more, and he insists on pouring it in as many times as he can.


 ”Yes…♡ Mmm… mm, *Slurp…* *Slurp…* Mmm~♡”

 Ariel stares at his overly muscular p*nis with a debauched face, but when her name is called, she welcomes the head into her mouth without hesitation. Then, as she gently sucks the cock with her tongue, Shinji slowly combs her white hair.

 Ariel-chan and Shinji have s*x.

 Shinji fucks her from the back.

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