Wizard 482

Chapter 482 Rest with Miko Arian, Part Two

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 After Ariel’s cleaning blowjob, Shinji lies on his back on the bed and Ariel straddles him again. Her glamorous figure with her pure white wings spread is very beautiful.

 Her body is spotless as if she has been treated with the utmost care. Moreover, she is a rare-winged race. Also, except for Goddess Arian, she has the biggest breasts Shinji has ever known, and they sway with her breath.

 As a Miko of the goddess, she usually shows a normal smile to the public, but now Shinji is the only one who can see Ariel’s smile, the smile of a woman enchanted by pleasure. There was no way that his p*nis could ever wilt in the presence of this exquisite woman.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ahn~♡ Ah, ah~♡”

 Ariel’s moans were so delightful as she straddled him, her hands on Shinji’s chest and her hips bucking wildly. The sound of their skin colliding with each other tells how hard she is working her hips.

 The inside of her vagina is already moistened by the ejaculation that has already taken place once, and yet it has the good quality to suck the p*nis as if it wants to be filled with cum again. And because, the big p*nis penetrates her vagina, hitting her weak spot precisely. It is no wonder that Ariel is shaking her hips with a dreamy expression on her face.

 In addition, Ariel is feeling more pleasure than usual. So, the amount of her love juice is so large that it soaks the bed sheets.

 (Danna-sama…♡ Danna-sama’s thing feels good…♡ More… more…♡ Let’s make love…♡)

 While doing so, people couldn’t see the inside of the inn from the outside. But from the inside, Ariel could see the scenery of people, and the words she hears here and there. Thinking about it again, she was so happy to walk around the city for the first time with everything fresh and new, looking around her with a lot of enthusiasm. It was thanks to Shinji’s creation of magic for her that Ariel was able to experience the warmth and happiness in her heart.

 This happened when Goddess Arian, whom she called her mother, arranged a half-forcible engagement with Shinji to make him one of her own. Ariel took it for granted that she would be the wife of an apostle who was held in high esteem by the Goddess, and she has been devoted to her. In fact, thanks to Shinji, she was able to save Goddess Arian from a crisis, and she fell in love with her future husband (Shinji) and realized that she had done the right thing in being devoted to him.

 If she is told that he has been developing magic for Ariel for a long time, she could know peaceful happiness for the first time… She falls more and more in love with him and wants to devote herself to him.

 The deepened love leads to a physical response. This was the reason why Ariel was feeling more than usual, and also the reason why her vagina was getting so good that even Shinji, who had fucked many women and satisfied even a succubus, could not hold back the ejaculation that was rising in him.

 ”Ggh… Ariel… you’re even more amazing today, aren’t you?”

 ”Ah~♡ Yes…♡ Danna-sama~♡ Ah~♡ I want to be with you more… Mmm~♡ I want to make you feel good…♡”

 ”Kuh… You’re sucking on me so hard…”

 ”Mmm~♡ It’s twitching~♡ Ah, I understand it will come~♡ Ah~♡ Mm~♡ Danna-sama…♡ You can ejaculate anytime…♡”

 Ariel senses that Shinji’s ejaculation is close to coming, and she gives the last spurt. The up-and-down movement, the bubbling sound of his p*nis, the uterus sucking his cock, and the soft flesh of her breasts held by his outstretched hands, all serve to finish Shinji off.

 Ariel, however, also pushes herself to the limit by moving herself hard. Her limit was the same as Shinji’s.

 ”Kuh… I’m going to cum!!”

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Aaahhhhhh~♡ Mm…♡”

 The semen is ejaculated with the same force as the first time and pours into Ariel’s womb. Shinji’s fingers of both hands sink into her large breasts, squeezing them and feeling their happy softness, which increases the amount of cum that comes out of them.

 Meanwhile, Ariel bends over and stretches her wings, shaking and trembling. Feeling the warm semen spreading from her uterus to her vagina, she lets her head burn with pleasure. At the same time, her body was making a careful effort to make sure that she didn’t leave any cum in the p*nis.

 (It’s getting to be a different kind of pleasure, close to that of the Goddess and Freri… is she becoming more like the goddess in this way?)

 Shinji suddenly thinks such a thing, perhaps because his ejaculation is so pleasant. Ariel, who was gazing at him in the afterglow of his climax, did not miss his eyes swimming slightly.

 ”Danna-sama… right now, look only at Ariel… Mmm~♡”

 ”I’m sorry. I mean, I’m surprised you noticed…”

 Ariel’s face is clearly dissatisfied as she rotates her hips in a circular movement. Shinji thinks that he now sees her face more often, with a sulky expression, a face with negative emotions, which is not typical of her, since she does rarely break her gentle smile.

 But it is a kind of sweetness that shows Ariel’s personal feelings only to Shinji, instead of being a Miko. Her face of frustration from jealousy is somewhat adorable, but even Shinji apologizes to her for his bad behavior.

 ”I can see right through you, Danna-sama…?”

 ”…You’re becoming more and more like the Goddess. I wonder if you can read my mind.”

 ”Fufu… what do you think…? It’s a secret, even from Danna-sama… And since it was the goddess who you thought, I forgive you… Fufu, mmm~♡ Mmm~♡”

 With a giggle, Ariel rocks her hips back and forth and gazes at Shinji with a feverish gaze. The comparison with the Goddess Arian is the only reason she is not jealous. Rather, the word “goddess-like” is the best compliment for her unique sensibility as a Miko who lends her body to the goddess.

 Anyway, because Ariel’s free time is limited. Shinji thrusts his hips up from below to make love to her until the very last minute. They devour each other’s body and soul, not caring that the bed creaks and squeaks.

 Ariel, who is straddling Shinji’s body and shaking her hips endlessly, is held by Shinji, and he is squeezed to the hilt.

 Perhaps because of this, Ariel is in a better mood on her way back to the temple, and gladly accepts the role of maintaining the magic of the <World Gate>. On the other hand, Shinji can go looking for his parents. And thinking of this, Shinji begins to make final preparations for the departure of his otherworldly journey.

 Ariel-chan, Part Two.

 This is the story of Miko Arian, who puts her personality to the forefront.

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