Wizard 483

Chapter 483 Advice from Goddess Arian

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 With the help of Ariel, who is Miko Arian, Shinji finishes preparations to travel to the other world where his parents live. Due to Ariel’s magical power, the magic of the <World Gate> is only maintained for two hours. But since one hour in this world is one day in the other world, it is possible to explore the other world for two days with a single teleport.

 Still, since Shinji does not know what will happen in the other world, he has a safety-first policy that he can retreat to this world if the situation is bad, and he has informed Emily and the other members of <Green Traveler> of this understanding.

 Upon deciding the day to leave for the other world, Shinji is summoned to the shrine. As usual, the Goddess Arian, who borrows Yoriko’s body, was waiting for him in Miko’s room.

 After the bow to the goddess, Shinji joins her at the same table, and the atmosphere changes to the usual tea party with Flair serving tea. Shinji is relieved that there is no new work for the apostle to do first. Naturally, Goddess Arian had heard this thought.

 ”Apostle Shinji. I am not talking about work. There is something I want you to know in advance about the world you are about to enter.”

 ”Thank you very much, but… may I?”

 He crosses the world for his own personal purpose, to meet his parents. So, Shinji thinks that it is wrong to ask for Goddess Arian’s help for personal use, even if it is for an apostle’s work. And he is right in his opinion, for normally the Goddess would not lend her power.

 ”It is fine. Apostle Shinji will continue to work for me. I need you to come back safely.”

 Shinji understands that these words are just a front and that Goddess Arian is trying to help Shinji with her personal feelings. But seeing her still maintaining her goddess-like appearance, Shinji bowed his head deeply with respect and deep gratitude like an apostle.

 ”Thank you, Goddess.”

 ”…Yes. Now, listen with your heart.”

 Goddess Arian nodded her head with a satisfied smile at Shinji, who did not get carried away by the special treatment but always remembered to behave in an apostolic manner and be respectful. She realized again that Shinji’s ideal attitude was cute because she had been talking with other apostles, giving oracles, and running all over the world.

 (I have to control myself too… I should not just leave it to Apostle Shinji’s self-control and I must not get too attached to him…)

 However, by the time a goddess thinks of giving advice based on her personal feelings, it is already too late, but no one points this out to her. Rather, her cheeks flushed slightly red as she began to speak once again.

 ”The world that Apostle Shinji crosses is one of the worlds I manage. It is very close to this world and is also inhabited by monsters. However, there are no monsters as powerful as those in this world, and there are no dungeons. Therefore, there are many conflicts among human beings in this world.”

 ”Even more than this world…?”

 ”Yes, but on a different scale. That’s a world where war often breaks out between nations as they gather thousands of soldiers and fight each other for territory.”

 ”Thousands of soldiers fighting… “war,” huh…”

 First of all, there is no culture of “war” in this continent which is already united as one country. There are different countries across the sea, but because of the existence of big demons living in the sea, traveling to another continent is a risk, no one would think of invading another continent with an army, and there is no conflict between countries.

 But within a country, there is the largest conflict between nobles. However, the method used to settle these disputes is the duel, the individual against the individual.

 As for the number of people involved, the most common conflict is against the bandit groups that infest the country, but even then the number is in the dozens, and never exceeds a hundred.

 Besides, the existence of monsters, the common enemy, restrains the foolish acts that waste many human lives and diminish the power of humans.

 ”Apostle Shinji, in the other world you must never get involved in wars. In that world, life is lighter than in this world. Even Apostle Shinji cannot do anything if surrounded by many soldiers.”

 ”Yes, I will keep that in mind.”

 Goddess Arian’s words were very useful. Shinji had been thinking of countermeasures for various troubles, but they were mainly for dealing with monsters.

 Recognizing that his biggest enemy is the same “human”, he decides to delay his departure date to have more time to think about countermeasures against interpersonal problems. At the same time, he wonders why his parents live in such a harsh world, and why the Goddess tolerates such a world.

 ”When I interfere with the world. It is when there is an invasion from the outside world that harms the world under my control. Or, in the rarest of cases, when the world could be destroyed from within. I’m only managing the world, not leading it.”

 ”…So you’re saying that the enemies of the apostles are the enemies of the world?”

 ”That’s right. The direction of the world is in the hands of the people who live in it. That’s how diverse worlds are created.”

 ”I see… that’s how it is, huh?”

 A world where Shinji and others live and people and monsters fight. A world where Freri and other spirits live. A world where Shizuku and Hayate live in, where there is no magic but science is developed. A world where nations fight each other for power. All these worlds are different, but they are equally beloved by Goddess Arian.

 It is a story on a very large scale. So much so that Shinji cannot possibly understand it all. However, his willingness to listen and accept new values makes Goddess Arian happy.

 Like the <World Gate> magic, Shinji has stepped into the realm where mere apostles cannot go. Only Goddess Arian knows his intentions. However, certainly, her personal favor is not the only reason.

 ”Yes. Well, I will continue. There is more to tell.”

 ”Yes. Thank you, Goddess.”

 Only he knows the purpose of his parents. Thinking this way, Shinji asked Goddess Arian to teach him.

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