Wizard 484

Chapter 484 Shinji Proceeds Beyond the [World Gate]

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 After receiving the information from Goddess Arian, Shinji shares it with Emily and Lila. When Shinji asks them again if they are willing to go with him, they all agree. So, Shinji pledged to do his best to bring everyone back home, and everyone agreed to cooperate with him, which was a good thing, considering the fact that the hastily formed team now had a clear common goal.

 So, not only Shinji but also each of the members took measures during the few days when the departure was delayed. Now, Shinji and the others, with the results of their efforts, gathered in the Miko’s room for the first time to move to another world. The eight members are Shinji, Freri, Emily, Lila, Lili, Lilu, Iris, and Ariel known as Miko Arian.

 Shinji has created a golden door using the magic of the <World Gate>. The control of the door that leads to the other world has already been passed to Ariel. She is skilled in magic and has no trouble maintaining it, and she looks at Shinji with perfect control.

 ”Danna-sama, please be careful… Be safe and make sure you come back… Ariel will keep the door open until you return…”

 ”I have to ensure our safe return more and more, this is a big responsibility. My first priority is our safe return. We’ll come back as soon as I feel it’s safe.”

 ”Yes, I believe you, Danna-sama…”

 The door can only be opened by Shinji, who created it, and Ariel, who controls it. Ariel is never in danger because no one can open the door without her permission while it is being maintained.

 But because of her character, she will keep the door open as long as her magic lasts until Shinji returns. If so, it is clear that Ariel will be burdened by the delay in his return.

 However, Shinji smiles at her anxious Ariel and puts his arms around her back, hugging her tightly. On the other side, Ariel’s face is buried in his chest, and she wishes him well.

 ”…I wish you all the best.”

 ”Thank you… then, will you do that for me?”


 A door to another world opens in front of Shinji and his friends. Beyond the door, there was a darkness beyond which nothing could be seen. Despite this, Shinji steps into the door without fear, and Freri and Emily follow him in turn.

 Leaving Ariel with her arms folded across her chest, Shinji and the others depart for another world.

* * *

 As a sensation of something invisible passes through their bodies, Shinji and the others step into a strange room. Shinji looks around alone while Emily and the others, who have experienced this strange sensation for the first time, are unable to move and their heads are dizzy.

 ”Wooden pillars, clay walls. A warehouse somewhere…?”

 The room was spacious enough to contain wooden pillars, a floor, and earthen walls between the ceiling and pillars. If Hayate had been here, she would have said it looked just like a Japanese-style building.

 The room was plain and simple, and he turned to see the door through which Shinji and the others had passed and a small wooden altar. The door was already closed and would not open unless Shinji or Ariel wished it to. However, it would be too noticeable if left unattended, so he casts a magic spell to hide it from view.

 The small altar is kept in a clean condition, and flowers are placed on it, indicating that the altar is very well cared for. With so many people of faith, the power of the goddess is strong, and it is clear that this place was chosen as the location for the opening of the door.

 ”Is everyone all right?”

 ”Ugh, my head hurts… is this what happens when people cross the world?”

 ”That’s right. I guess you should get used to it.”

 ”I heard it makes people feel sick… but it’s harder than I thought it would be…”

 ”It varies a lot from person to person. Iris, are you okay?”

 ”Yes, I’m a little calmer now… Desu…”

 Emily’s complexion was particularly pale, followed by Iris’s. On the other hand, Lila and her two sisters are back on their feet, their long, slender ears straining to detect the presence of people and sounds around them.

 ”No one nearby, maybe? I can’t hear them.”

 ”I can’t hear it either… Onee-chan?”

 Unlike Lili and Lilu, Lila, the eldest daughter, looks very grim. She is a scout by profession, and she has been using her <detect> magic. Thanks to this, Lila noticed that there was something strange outside this room.

 <Detect> magic is a magic that can search for the presence of a person, but it does not know whether the target is alive or dead. However, there are many reactions outside the room they are in, and yet none of them are moving at all. There is a door in front of them that leads to a corridor, but Lila, like her two sisters, cannot detect any sound of conversation or any sign of movement.

 (I don’t think they are all… dead…)

 Lila has heard from Shinji about the knowledge of this world. She thought that if she went to a world where people kill each other in wars, she might see a lot of people who lost their lives. However, she did not expect to see so many dead people as soon as they arrived here.

 Of course, as an adventurer, Lila had seen the bodies of her peers before. However, the number was in the single digits at most, and this was the first time for her to be reminded of the horrific deaths of more than a hundred people. It is not surprising that she was horrified as the worst imaginations came to her mind.

 Still, she did not lose her composure and opened her mouth, taking care not to let her voice tremble.

 ”…Shinji-san, it doesn’t seem right. Although they are responding, none of them are moving. There are people in this room, right outside, but…”

 ”Huh! No way…!”

 Shinji comes to the same conclusion as Lila and heads for the only door in the room. The tension in the room is felt by Emily and the others, who are also on their guard. Having arrived at the door, Shinji slowly opens it and peeks out through the crack.

 ”…It’s terrible, isn’t it?”

 There were many people lying on the floor in the long and narrow corridor leading to somewhere. All of them were drowned in a pool of blood, and it was obvious at a glance that they were dead.

 The corpses were dressed only in ordinary clothes, and no weapons were found on the ground. It is easy to guess that the dead are civilians.

 The village that was attacked and destroyed.

 This was the first otherworldly place Shinji and the others visited.

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