Wizard 485

Chapter 485 Shinji and the Others Look Around the Village

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 The building with the altar room where Shinji and the others were staying was the gathering place of the village. In their original world, it was nighttime, but in this world, the sun was shining and it was bright. Therefore, they could easily see the village with houses made of wood and soil, and they could easily look around the terrible scene.

 As they looked around the village, they saw the same sight everywhere. In addition, the warehouses where food and other things, which were supposedly stored, had been ransacked, indicating that they had been looted.

 Because of this, Shinji and the others returned to the altar room, which was the only room in the village that had not been ransacked. Despite the gloomy atmosphere in which everyone keeps their mouths shut at the gruesome scene, Shinji is the only one who does not lose his demeanor. Though he did not say so, he was relieved to see the complete looting and to know that the looters would not come back. It is typical of him to put his own safety and that of his friends ahead of that of complete strangers.

 ”I’m sorry, everyone. For putting you all in this situation out of the blue.”

 ”…It’s not senpai’s fault, desu”

 ”That’s right. Still, I was surprised to find myself in this situation… though I knew that I would encounter it someday.”

 Despite the gloomy atmosphere, Iris and Lila are also first-rate adventurers. One of the skills they need is to maintain their composure. Shinji, who had been able to judge that everyone’s facial expressions were acceptable, also smiled.

 ”Thank you, I appreciate you saying so. …And now, although we had an unexpected accident, we are still going to do what we have to do. I really wanted to stay here to gather information… So, Freri, what’s new? Do you think we can locate Mom and Dad?”

 [Hmm, I don’t know at the moment. If we get closer, I’ll be able to tell by their presence.]

 ”Then let’s start by finding out where we are. Then we’ll find out where the demon lives and head there. Is that okay?”

 ”Of course! That’s exactly what we’re going to do!”

 Since everyone except Shinji has the lewd crest, Freri’s thoughts are received well and the conversation proceeds smoothly. Emily also appeared to be back to full strength and was able to smile again.

 In this world, wars are not uncommon. And Shinji recalls his knowledge of a world he calls “the World in Conflict”. It is a world where countries of various sizes are in turmoil, and each country has a different ideology.

 Some countries are tribalistic, where only humans and beasts gather together, while others have various races. Among these countries, Shinji decided that the most likely for his parents to be living in is a country that accepts demons as its citizens. So he told everyone about it before he departed.

 Originally, the plan was to gather information in the first town and go to the country where the demons are located. It is painful not knowing where the other towns are, but fortunately, the road for people extends outside of the village. And he can only hope that there is a town where people live beyond that point.

 (I was hoping we could detect them within Freri’s detection range, but I guess that’s not so easy to do. Well, we’ll have to look for them steadily)

 Shinji and Freri are not physically connected to Shinji’s parents, and they could not exchange thoughts directly with each other. Therefore, they had to get as close to their parents as Freri could detect. And considering his parents’ interest in cuckoldry, he thought it would be better to search for them in a big city where there are many people (creatures), and made a plan to do so.

 ”…I don’t like to leave it like this and go on, but…”

 ”We don’t have a choice. We can’t just bury them on our own. Lilu, stay strong.”

 ”I know. I’m sorry, Lili.”

 Although she has changed her mind, Lilu is the one who has been lingering the most among the members. She is kind-hearted enough to try to help the prostitutes who have turned into a succubus, so she feels guilty about rushing ahead and leaving the village in such a miserable state.

 The logic makes sense. But, the time to maintain the <World Gate is limited>, and it makes no sense for them, who are not residents of the “World of Conflict”, to meddle in the matter. Still, Lilu thinks that the villagers should be given a proper burial, considering their regret. However, she does not want to disrupt the circle.

 Shinji does not change his behavior either, and only pats the somber Lilu on the back. He tells her that feeling guilty is not a bad thing, instead of being able to express it.


 ”Lili. I’m sorry for making you express such a difficult thing.”

 ”It was necessary. It’s not like I don’t feel anything.”

 ”I understand. So thank you. I appreciate you trying to respect our arrangement.”

 ”You’re welcome.”

 Shinji looks around at his friends and sees that they have all finished packing their belongings. All that was left to do now was to decide which direction to go.

 But then, Lila’s <detect> spell was triggered by a new person. The reaction of some people heading toward the village at a reasonably fast speed means that a group of people on horseback is approaching. The speed of the horses would reach them before Shinji and the others leave the village, even if they are on foot.

 ”Shinji-san! Someone has to approach the village as fast as a horse!”

 ”…Let’s take a look at the outside first. Worst case scenario, we must return to our world. <Magic Eye>”

 Depending on who they’re dealing with, negotiations can be made. The reason Shinji thinks so is that the dead villagers are of multiple races, human and beastman. If they came from a position to protect the village, there was little chance that they would be eliminated without question because of their different races.

 As he thought so, his creation of a flying eyeball slips through the ceiling of the altar and floats in mid-air. Shinji’s vision is connected to the eyeball, and when he can see the village from a high vantage point, he looks out over the village.

 ”Lila, what is the direction?”

 ”From the north road.”

 ”Hmm… that’s… Cavalry, huh?”

 Shinji turns his eyes in the direction he was told and sees a group on horseback approaching the village. And then he looks more closely to find out the true identity of the group.

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