Wizard 488

Chapter 488 Repay the Compensation to Hayate

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 Back in their own world, Shinji and the others decided to return to their daily routine until there was progress in Freri’s surveillance of Kuroumaru and the others. Shinji and Emily went to work in Wolf territory. Meanwhile, Lila and the others are working as adventurers.

 Shinji, who is supposed to be the treasurer, is asked by Christina to go to a village in the territory. The village is too far away for a day trip, and an overnight stay is necessary to return.

 Although the request is ostensibly from Christina, who is in charge of the work, it is actually at Shinji’s request. The purpose was to have plenty of free time at night.

 Then, upon arrival at the village, Shinji reconfirms the contents of the petition from the village as requested by Christina, and investigates them using magic. After informing the village head of his findings and promising to report to the lord (Alvin), Shinji rents an empty house in the village for a day.

 A normal official would spend the night, but Shinji is different. He changes into a formal suit prepared in advance and puts on a mask that covers the upper half of his face. Shinji, who looks like he could attend a masked ball hosted by an aristocrat with a luxurious look, sends a thought to someone.

 [Hayate, are you ready to go?]

 [Ah, onii-san. I’m ready!]

 The thought is directed to Hayate. Shinji needed to make time to invite her to a top-class restaurant (hotel) in the capital, which he had promised to do.

 [Then, can you send the magic power to the invitation? That way you can teleport to the hotel.]

 [Okay. But isn’t it too much to coming in and out to the hotel with teleport magic? Invitations are disposable.]

 [Well, but wouldn’t it be conspicuous if I brought my mistress to the hotel with me? Besides, this service is favored by aristocrats who are worried about being seen.]

 [Then why didn’t they have mistresses in the first place?]

 [Well, it’s none of my business. Anyway, it’s a lot easier if we don’t have to walk around anymore, isn’t it?]

 Shinji sends magic power to the invitation card he took out while speaking lightly, and the teleport magic is activated, and Shinji moves to a room in the hotel. The room was brightly lit by magic and had a calm atmosphere. Hayate in a dress, who arrived first, noticed Shinji’s presence and turned around.

 Hayate, like Shinji, has a mask covering the upper half of her face. The long skirt of her mermaid dress was almost to the floor, completely concealing her legs.

 However, the bust of the dress is wide open, so that the cleavage created by Hayate’s big breasts is visible from the front. There is no other fabric besides the straps of the dress that cover her shoulders, and her skin is visible from her neck to her bosom, making her dress sensational.

 The dress and the mask were prepared by Shinji, as Hayate could not afford to buy a dress made of luxurious and shiny fabric.

 ”Ah, onii-san. What do you think? Does it look good on me?”

 ”Yes, just as you said. You look good and pretty. “

 Hayate was dressed more fashionably than ever in her life, including before and after her transfer to the other world. When she looked in the mirror before she left, she couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. Her heart was pounding in her chest as Shinji presented her with a dress that suited her perfectly, even if it was only a token of his kindness. Although he is used to seducing women, his straightforward praise makes her feel happy.

 (It’s bad, my face… becomes hot…. Onii-san… I can’t believe you making my heart pound like this…. Geez, you’re a womanizer!)

 Fortunately, Hayate is wearing a mask. Otherwise, Shinji would have seen her reddish face, which was obvious to him. Then, to cover up her embarrassment, Hayate vigorously wraps his arm around Shinji’s arm.

 ”Thanks! I was looking forward to thanking you today. Please escort me, Onii-san!”

 ”Yeah, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself to the fullest. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of food they’re going to serve.”

 Shinji feels the softness of Hayate’s breast against his elbow, and when he looks down at the side of the room, his eyes are drawn to the flesh of her breast and the cleavage of her cleavage, which is changing its shape lewdly as it is pressed against him. Still, Shinji leads Hayate to the back of the hotel in a gentlemanly manner.

 There is no need to rush. After all, he already knows that he is going to hold Hayate after the delicious meal. So,for now, Shinji is going to enjoy his meal for the sake of better taste.

* * *

 Shinji and Hayate enter one of the many private rooms in the back of the hotel. The living room has a chic atmosphere and is furnished with a table and chairs that are just the right length for two people to sit side by side.

 Behind the living room is a bedroom with a double bed. In addition, there is a toilet, a changing room, and a bath room. In addition, there is a doorbell on the table in the living room, and if the doorbell is rung, a maid will be at service, so that they can spend a perfect time.

 Now, Shinji and Hayate are shown to their room and drink a welcome drink. Hayate is surprised by the refreshing and pleasantly high quality alcohol. The difference from the ale she used to drink as an adventurer is too great to even compare.

 But this is only the beginning of her surprise.

 ”It’s so good~♡ So delicious~♡!”

 Hayate was in love with the appetizers, soups, and other delicacies that came out one after another. She could not stop her knife and fork in front of what she thought was the most delicious dish of her life. The gesture is not admirable, but no one can blame her for it.

 ”If I had my smartphone, I could have taken a picture. It’s a shame really, because it looks so stylish.”

 ”I know pictures are the still images you were talking about before, but smart phones look… another new term…”

 ”Ah, sorry, onii-san. Do you mind? I probably can’t explain it well, and I don’t know the structure of it either. If it about the pictures, I’m good… but the video camera… no, those recording crystals are so expensive…”

 The distant look in Hayate’s eyes reminded Shinji of the time she asked him if he could take a video of her. He told her that she could buy a recording crystal that could record images, but from the way Hayate looked at him, he guessed that she did not buy it.

 Hayate, who knows about modern video cameras, would never have thought of buying a recording crystal because of its high price and inconvenience of not being able to edit the video, such as cutting a scene, or overwriting the video without re-shooting.

 As they eat, Shinji listens to Hayate talk about why she wants photos and videos, albums, and home drama, the act of preserving memories in a physical form. Hayate was pleasantly surprised by Shinji’s speaking style, which was not only listening but also speaking in a way that made the conversation lively at key points.

 They chat over a delicious meal and drinks. Hayate, who is a cheerful and sociable person, enjoyed the conversation very much. Then they continued to talk, changing the topic one after another and changing their facial expressions.

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