Wizard 489

Chapter 489 Taking off Hayate’s Dress

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 The dreamlike meal time comes to an end. There was no disappointment, even down to the dessert, and Hayate was completely satisfied. And having finished cleaning the empty dishes, the personal maid is no longer in the room. Unless the bell rings, no one visits this room anymore.

 Now, as the maid was cleaning up, the conversation was once interrupted. In the indescribable silence, Hayate glances sideways to check on Shinji, who is in the process of removing his mask.

 ”You can take off your mask, too, Hayate. If you don’t ring the bell, the maid won’t come.”

 ”I-I see. Then, I’ll take mine off too.”

 Hayate looks away from Shinji as she takes off her mask. She is restless and it is obvious that she is conscious of Shinji, but she pretends not to notice him as she drinks her water.

 In return for her advice, Shinji brings her to a restaurant (hotel) and eats a meal with him. Since the promise has already been fulfilled, there is no problem to push Hayate down immediately. Dressed up, she is indeed very attractive.

 However, Hayate’s knowledge of the other world is too useful to treat her as a saffle who can be cut off at any time. Just as in the case of the dragon and the improvement of the <World Gate>, it was very gratifying to have useful knowledge readily available. The importance of Hayate has increased in Shinji’s mind.

 (However, it is not good to suddenly change the attitude. I need to make her think that she can continue to lend me her knowledge)

 He can afford to do so because she is already bound by the lewd crest and he has the means to make her soggy and debauched with pleasure if the need arises. It is obvious that Hayate is willing to do so when she chooses this place (love hotel) in the first place, and all Shinji has to do is to wait and see.

 ”…Then… Onii-san. Do you want to take a bath?”

 Hayate regained some of her composure after taking a breather, thanks to her mind telling herself that it was a give-and-take relationship. She also has no intention of taking her relationship with Shinji any further than it is right now. Instead, she prefers the comfortable position of friend and collaborator (with physical contact).

 ”Well, the bathtub was not that big, but it was clean.”

 ”No, it’s big enough. In the first place, there is no bath in a normal house. But in this case, it’s big enough for two people.”

 ”That’s true. It’s nice to take a relaxing bath in a big bath. Though it’s a bit extravagant.”

 ”Onii-san is soaked in the luxury of the aristocrats…”

 What Hayate though on his mind was just what Shinji wanted. He likes her spontaneous ideas, but she doesn’t intend to foster a love affair between a man and a woman. Now, after exchanging light banter to keep the atmosphere from getting too sweet, Shinji and Hayate head for the changing rooms.

 In the changing room, Hayate puts her hands on her shoulder straps to take off her dress, but Shinji stops her.


 ”It’s hard to take off your dress by yourself, isn’t it? Turn around.”

 ”What? Uh, yes…”

 Shinji is right, it takes a lot of time to untie the back of the dress and the laces of the underwear by groping with both hands behind her back. Still, Hayate, who has quietly exposed her back to Shinji, feels a surge of embarrassment as his hands undo the back straps, pull her arms out of the shoulder straps, and slowly lower her dress down.

 (Wh-Why? It’s not the first time I’ve been seen by Onii-san… But why am I so embarrassed?)

 Her dress falls on the floor, and Hayate in her underwear shakes her body shyly. Then, after her backless bustier removed, Hayate hides her breasts with her arms while looking at her backside. But there is no way that her arms can cover her big breasts, and her breasts are softly crushed by her arms. By the time Shinji puts his hands on her panties that covered her plump buttocks, Hayate took a step forward and away from him as if she wanted to escape.

 ”I-It’s already enough! I’ll go in first!”

 Hayate, red to the ears, runs away to the bathroom with her panties on.

 Until now, as soon as she was naked, the caresses started and she was tossed about by the pleasures, which distracted her from her thoughts. Or, in the atmosphere of s*xual, the desire to feel good was more important than embarrassment.

 But now it is different. She can afford to look at him closely. It was not that she was not embarrassed because she had been looked at so many times, but it was just that she felt so comfortable that she could not even afford to feel embarrassed.

 If Hayate had been in a position to take the initiative and to blame him as a reward, as she did in the hypnotic state, she would not have been embarrassed. In the case of Shizuku and his girlfriend, even though Shizuku gave up her position, Hayate was still in control of the situation. Therefore, she is often on the side of the blaming, and she is not used to being pressured.

 (I’m embarrassed by the way he looks at me…. Ah, let’s try not to be seen too much. When he comes in the bath, I’ll turn around and wash his back!)

 Hayate plans to do so, takes off her panties and looks for soap. However, Shinji, who senses through the door that Hayate is flustered, slowly removes his clothes with a smile on his face.

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