Wizard 490

Chapter 490 At the Hotel with Hayate, Part One

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 Shinji enters the bathroom and smells the good scent of soap. On there, he finds Hayate waiting for him, lathering a soap in a wooden bucket.

 Usually, she wipes herself with a towel soaked in hot water and finishes with <Wash> magic. Although it is enough to keep her clean, it is not enough for Hayate who used to use body soap in her original world. Well, fragrant soaps are rather expensive luxury items, and it is hard for common people (Hayate) to use them on a daily basis.

 ”O-Onii-san! I found some soap. It smells so good〜♪”

 Thanks to the lather covering her breasts and waist, her nipples and pubic area are hidden from view. Although she was less embarrassed, Shinji saw that Hayate’s face was still a little red.

 (…No, it’s more erotic when she is covered with bubbles…)

 And this had the effect of making his p*nis, which had been hanging down, erect. Naturally, seeing it erect in front of her eyes, Hayate’s face turns red again in shame. Shinji could have urged her to suck it in her mouth, but he did not and smiled at her moistened eyes.

 ”It’s true. Soap that smells this good is a luxury item. Let’s wash our bodies with soap first.”

 ”…Y-Yes. That’s right… Then, O-Onii-san, let me wash you, so can you sit down?”

 ”Ah, please take care of me then.”

 Hayate, who had been preoccupied with Shinji’s muscular body, hurriedly pulls out a bath chair in front of Shinji. Shinji smiles and sits down in the chair, and she quickly steps behind him and pulls a wooden tub of bubbles toward him.

 As she scoops up the bubbles with both hands and rubs her hands on Shinji’s back, she notices that his well-trained back is much wider than she had expected. Because of this she becomes nervous. But then, she still carefully rubs her palms on it, and Shinji breathes in a pleasant breath.

 ”Haahh~… It feels so good… I guess having someone else wash me is different…”

 ”Really? I’m glad to hear that. I’ll give you a good wash for today, Onii-san.”

 Hayate starts to get carried away, thinking that she has nothing to be ashamed of without Shinji’s eyes on her. Not wanting to give up the initiative, she pulls out of her head of s*xual knowledge and presses her lush, bubbling breasts against Shinji’s back. At the same time, her hands pass under his armpits and she begins to wash his chest with her palms.

 (This way, Onii-san can’t see me and I can wash his front too! Men must like this kind of thing… Mmm~♡)

 She washes Shinji’s back with her body rocking up and down and from side to side, her breasts pressed against his back, twisted lewdly. Shinji feels her breath on his ear as he savors the happy sensation of her breasts crawling on his back. At the same, her soapy hands went down from his chest, down to his stomach, and then to his crotch.

 ”O-Onii-san…you’re getting so big…♡”

 ”Didn’t you see it just now? After all, I can’t wait to hold Hayate in my arms.”

 ”No, not yet… I haven’t finished washing you yet.”

 Hayate’s supple fingers touch his thick, muscular p*nis. The fingers of both hands crawl from the base of the rod to the tip of the glans, and when the rod is sufficiently wet, Hayate squeezes it in a circle with the thumb and middle finger of her left hand.

 At the same time, the fingers of the right hand caress the glans gently, making the p*nis harder and making Hayate’s breath ragged in anticipation of being penetrated by the hot and virile presence. The tips of her breasts against his back were also getting hard, and she was beginning to feel good just by washing them.

 Shinji judges from the heat of her breath against his ear that Hayate has become naughty, too. As he thought so, he turns his head to the side and meets eyes with Hayate’s eyes moistened not with shame but with anticipation.

 ”Hayate, your hands are nice, but I want you to wash me with your breasts.”

 ”Mmm…okay. Then, sit down there…”

 ”Yeah, please.”

 Out of the corner of her eye, Hayate kneels between Shinji’s legs on the edge of the tub. They are facing each other, but she is no longer embarrassed. Her mind is occupied with the anticipation of the s*x that awaits her after she has served the object that has corrupted her.

 With her eyes entranced, she welcomes the p*nis that is erected in the cleavage of her large breasts. Even with her F-cup breasts, the p*nis protrudes from her cleavage, and her breasts jiggle and shake.

 ”As I thought, Onii-san’s thing is big…♡ I wonder if it feels so good because it’s so big…♡”

 ”Well, it’s also a matter of chemistry. It means that Hayate had the ability to receive mine… oh, Hayate’s breasts, they feel so good too… Please make them harder…”

 ”Haa, haah~♡ Mmm, yes~♡ Onii-san, please enjoy it~♡ Mmm, mmm…♡”

 The gentle, enveloping, flapping, slurping, and breastjob is replaced by a squeezing of the breasts from side to side to increase the pressure in order to give Shinji the stimulation he desires. In such a state, the breasts are bobbed up and down, and the cock is pushed from the base of the pole to the tip of the glans, which is surely a very pleasurable experience.

 *Pound~♡ Pound~♡ Pound~♡ Pound~♡

 The intensity gradually increases in order to make Shinji ejaculate. Although her breastsjob is not very skillful, Hayate’s efforts and sincere behavior arouse him.

 ”I’m gonna cum…!”

 ”Hyaa~♡ Ah, amazing… it’s in my breasts…♡”

 On the verge of ejaculating, Shinji pulled his hips back and buried his glans in Hayate’s breasts. Hayate was holding the p*nis against the soft flesh of her breasts as the p*nis was spurting its thick cum into her breasts.

 When the quivering p*nis quieted down, Hayate let go of her hands, and the white cum ejaculated between her breasts.

 ”O-Oniisan, that’s a lot of cum…♡ Did it feel goo…♡”

 ”Yeah, it was great. Thank you, Hayate.”

 ”Mmm, fufu… You’re welcome~♡”

 Hayate smiles at the words of appreciation, but her eyes are on the p*nis that remains erect even after ejaculation. She can’t wait to be inserted it into her. With such a look in her eyes, Shinji washes the soap from his p*nis in hot water and urges her to stand up so that he can have intercourse with Hayate.

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