Wizard 491

Chapter 491 At the Hotel with Hayate, Part Two

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 ”Uhh, do I have to face backwards?”

 ”Yes, keep standing.”

 ”Okay… Then, mmm… ahh… Onii-san, I’m going to insert it… ahh…”

 In front of Shinji, who was still sitting on the edge of the bathtub, Hayate was made to stand so that her back was exposed. Looking at her body line, he could see that her buttocks seemed to have become firmer compared to those at the time of the Hateyama incident. Therefore, he made her sit with her back toward him so that he could enjoy her ass.

 With Shinji holding her waist and guiding her, Hayate sits down with her knees folded and her plump ass sticking out. As soon as the head of the cock enters her vagina, which is dripping with her love juice due to previous s*xual service, Shinji’s p*nis is easily penetrated into her vagina.

 ”Haahhh…♡ This is bad…♡ It hits me right where I want it…♡ It’s going to go deep…♡”

 *Twitch! Twitch! Hayate’s hips quiver as Shinji’s hands slide up from her waist to her sides to her heavy breasts, lifting them up from the bottom and shaking them.

 ”I thought you’d like it, Hayate, since you like the doggy position… and I was right.”

 ”Mmm~♡ I think I like it… maybe~♡ Ah, hahhh, mmm~♡ Don’t shake my breasts~♡”

 ”I like this position too because it’s easier to squeeze. And even if you say no, your body is very honest. So, it’s better if I touch them, right?”

 As Hayate twists and turns with her hips pressed against him, there is no intention to escape, but only a complete and utter rejection. Rather, when both fingers sank into her breasts, changing the shape of them, her vagina tightened happily. Moreover, the amount of her love juice increased, and it was obvious that Hayate was getting pleasure from it.

 ”I’m sitting down and I couldn’t move. So Hayate has to move…. But just take it slow at first, okay?”

 ”I-I get it~♡ Ah, mmm~♡ But, Onii-san~♡ Take your hands off my breasts, mmm…♡ If you touch my nipples, I can’t move…♡”

 Hayate’s tone becomes more lustful as Shinji tweaks her hardened nipples with his fingertips. However, with a rigid p*nis inserted into her vagina, caressing her breasts is not enough for her.

 He wants her to made his p*nis thrust up into her vagina more. So, Shinji removes his hands from her breasts in response to Hayate’s plea for more intense pleasure. Immediately, Hayate began to move her hips up and down.

 There was no pain thanks to the abundance of her love juices, and the sound of the water echoed in the bathroom. Lifting her hips and pushing her vagina apart, Hayate immediately concentrates on shaking her hips, as the p*nis slips out of her, and she feels so good.

 ”Hahh~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ It’s good, it’s so good~♡ Onii-san, as I thought, it feels so good~♡ Ah, hah~♡ Mmm, mmm~♡ I can’t stop, I can’t stop~♡”

 The fact that they can’t see each other’s faces also helps Hayate not to be embarrassed when she performs her eager hip shaking. Shinji watches Hayate’s lewd dance, which is steeped in pleasure, and his arousal is heightened by the way her buttocks sway with each thrust.

 ”Ah, oh no…♡ It’s still big…♡ Ah~♡ I can’t take this…♡ It hits the best part…♡ I can’t stop…♡ Ah~♡ Another big one…♡ I-I can’t take this…♡ Ah, no…♡”

 Shinji’s hands reach out to her ample breasts, which are so much rougher than the rest of her backside, as she moves them up and down. Hayate, who has learned how to swing her hips, does not stop when Shinji grabs her breasts again. So, right now, when Shinji rubs the sensitive tip of her nipple with his finger, Hayate’s vaginal sensitivity is heightened, and she becomes even more horny.

 This intensified pleasure makes Hayate anticipate her climax, and her hips change to a small movement. If she did not do this, she would cum herself. This is also last spurt to urge Shinji to ejaculate.

 ”O-Onii-san~♡ I’m going to cum now~♡ Please you cum too~♡ ah, ah, ah~♡ cum and ejaculate inside me~♡ I want you to cum~♡”

 The most pleasurable thing Hayate knows, vaginal ejaculation climaxes. But Shinji was not ready to give in to his desire yet. He wanted to show her that there were other pleasures than a simple vaginal ejaculation.

 ”Hayate, look up and look in front of you.”

 ”Hahh… ah~♡ In front of me…? ♡”

 Hayate, who had been looking down, looked up to see a mirror made of water, which was somehow there, reflecting Shinji and Hayate. The surprise makes Hayate stop dead in her tracks.

 The reflection is a sight that even Hayate herself thinks is lewd. Shinji’s arms grab her large breasts from behind and twist them in a lewd manner. Her body is sweaty from the strenuous exercise, and her hair is shiny and sticky with sweat. Although she can’t see where they are connected, it stirs her imagination.

 Above all, Hayate’s face. Her eyes, which should have widened in surprise, were already drooping lazily at the corners, and her mouth was still slack. Her cheeks are upturned, and the tears on her face are more pleasant than surprising.


 But then, Shinji thrusts forward, and Hayate’s face turns even more lewd. The mixture of embarrassment and pleasure gave Hayate an unbearable pleasure.

 ”Put your hands on your knees and hold on.”

 ”Mmm~♡ Ahh~♡ Hahh~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡”

 Shinji poked Hayate from behind as she did as he asked, lying on her knees with her hands on her knees, trying not to collapse from the pleasure. Bending forward, Shinji puts his arms around Hayate’s stomach and holds her firmly, and she is left to his serious piston thrusts.

 *Pound~♡ Pound~♡ Pound~♡ Pound~♡

 The sound of their flesh hitting each other violently echoes, and the sweet sound of their sweet voice is played. Her big breasts sway with each thrust, saliva overflows from her mouth, tears flow from her eyes, and her face is lewd. All of them meet Shinji’s eyes observing her through a mirror.

 (It’s all, all being watched~♡ So embarrassing~♡ But~♡ It feels so good~♡)

 Hayate learns that shame is the best spice for pleasure. Because she has a feeling of climax that is even stronger than the one she had felt earlier.

 Now, Shinji holds her, and he thrusts his hips to make it easier for her to ejaculate while she is trapped in his arms. Her lowering uterus is a sign of her greedy need for cum, and she can’t help but shudder with pleasure as Shinji’s glans presses against the opening of her womb with a thud.

 ”Cumming~♡ I’m cumming, I’m cumming~♡ Onii-san~♡ Onii-san~♡ I’m cumming~♡ Ahhhhh…♡”


 With an “Ahhhhh~” a flood of thick semen poured into her womb, and Hayate experienced her deepest climax ever. While she fights with her legs to keep from collapsing, she feels the warmth of Shinji’s chest on her back and the strength of his arms supporting her body, and she feels a sense of security.

 (Ah…♡ ah…♡ Onii-san…♡)

 Hayate had thought that even though her bodies had corrupted, and made their relationship was one of give and take. But she was wrong. She understood by instinct that she had already become Shinji’s property, just because Shinji was treating her as an equal.

 However, Hayate could no longer think that this was a bad thing. Shinji treats her as a woman. He does not treat her unfairly, he keeps his promises, and he pays her. Above all, he is the one who taught her this kind of happiness.

 (If it’s Onii-san, it’s fine… In his arms, I feel safe… and he protect me like this…)

 Hayate’s legs had already lost their strength, and she was completely supported by Shinji. Shinji does not drop Hayate to the floor, but waits for her to catch her breath and regain her composure.

 ”Haah… haah, that was great…”

 ”Are you okay? I think I pushed you a little too hard.”

 ”Onii-san, you pervert… taking the trouble to make a mirror…”

 Hayate, who was finally able to stand without Shinji’s support, glanced at Shinji through the mirror with a blush on her cheeks. Shinji smiles a mischievous smile and speaks without any evil intentions.

 ”But it felt good, didn’t it?”

 ”…it was embarrassing… but…yeah…♡ it was the best feeling I’ve ever had…♡”

 ”Then, that’s good. I’m gonna pull it out once.”


 Remembering the pleasure of her deep climax, Hayate could not help but nod. When the p*nis was pulled out, she felt not fatigue but a sense of loss. Meanwhile, as if he could see through her mind, Shinji whispered to Hayate, who remained in his arms.

 ”Let’s continue in bed, shall we?”


 Needless to say, Hayate immediately nodded.

 Shinji and Hayate then moved to the bed to continue having s*x. There was no time limit today, and Hayate got to know Shinji’s adulterous behavior over the course of the night.

 There is no intense climax with a sense of shame, as there was in the bathroom. However, the constant pleasure that Shinji gives Hayate takes her to new depths.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Onii-san~♡ It’s really amazing…♡ Ah~♡ Ahhh~♡”

 Now that she understands that she belongs to Shinji, she simply and unconditionally enjoys the pleasure she’s being given. They entwine their arms, legs, tongues, saliva, and bodies to Shinji.

 ”My breasts feels so good…♡ Ah, I’m cumming…♡ Again…♡”

 She bends over as she climaxes for the umpteenth time. And the semen pours out. The sheets were already soaked with sweat, love juice, and semen. Hayate’s expression was so disheveled and happy that a heart mark seemed to float in her eyes.

 Then, one night passed.

 ”Ugh… I’m so sleepy…Onii-san, it’s your fault…”

 Hayate’s eyes are drowsy and she is rubbing her eyes on the magic circle that allows her to return to her original place. Shinji next to her was unperturbed and looking very much the same as before.

 ”I’m sorry. But Hayate was having fun too.”

 ”Yeah, but… mmm, I don’t understand why Onii-san seems so unconcerned about it.”

 ”Well, I guess I’m used to it, huh?”

 ”I see, I see. Onii-san is Onii-san, huh? I’m in the hands of a terrible person…”

 Hayate’s face was bright and she kept smiling even as she said that. However, her eyes seemed to be expecting something, and Shinji could see what she was hoping for.

 ”Well, I won’t let you regret it. I’m counting on you for your knowledge of the other world. Will you help me?”

 ”Yes. I’m on it, Onii-san. In return, you take care of your subordinate (me) properly.”

 Shinji nodded silently at the satisfied look on Hayate’s face as she smiled at him.

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