Wizard 492

Chapter 492 Alvin’s Rotten Habits Deepens

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 After finishing his meeting with Hayate, Shinji returns to his original location and rides his horse leisurely to Wolf’s mansion. On the way, Shinji suddenly remembers the conversation he had with Hayate about the recording crystal.

 She did not buy it because it was too expensive, but Shinji had used it several times. The main use of the recording crystal is for “making evidence”, such as recording important meetings, but it is also used for entertainment.

 That is “watching recorded s*x”.

 There are adult stores in the backstreets, where people rent a recording of a s*x scene, pleasuring themself, and feel refreshed. The cost is low because they rent them and return them instead of buying them. This makes it one of the popular pastimes for common men.

 (I thought Alvin had gone as far as he could go… but I guess there’s still more… Freri’s eye for talent, I must admit…)

 Shinji thinks back to a time not so long ago.

 It was after returning to Wolf territory from the capital <Nord> and Shinji started working in the treasury.

 With the territory now relatively stable, Alvin went to visit other territories adjacent to Wolf territory to greet the newcomers.

 In order to manage the Wolf territory, which is mainly agricultural and livestock farming, taking advantage of its large land, it is essential to build a good relationship with the <Vaas family>, one of the shipping destinations and the lords of the area where the goods are transported to the royal capital.

 The <Vaas family> also wants to have a good relationship with the <Wolf family>, which is arguably the most popular family in the world today, and the meeting between the heads of the two families was agreed upon.

 When Alvin visited the <Vaas family>, the male head of the family treated him to a feast. The head of the <Vaas family>, a man in his early forties, was modest, but he did not look down on Alvin, a young man, and treated him kindly. This allows Alvin to experience his good-natured and straightforward nature, which is not typical of aristocrats, and the two quickly become acquainted with each other.

 As a result, it can be said that the relationship between the Wolf family and the Vaas family is now on a positive track. Satisfied with the successful meeting, Alvin heads home. On the way, Alvin overhears a conversation between the soldiers he is taking with him while they are resting.

 They said that when they returned to Wolf’s territory, they would go to an adult store on a back street.

 If there had been even one woman in the group, they would not have brought up such a topic, but this visit was a completely male group, and they were not reserved in their conversation during the break. The soldiers did not think that Alvin in the carriage could hear them, and the conversation continued.

 Alvin, who continues to listen to their conversation, is greatly shocked. He was surprised at the fact that he could watch the s*x on the recording crystal, but what surprised him the most was that there was a situation called “cuckold report”.

 This is a very immoral act in which a wife has intercourse with a stranger and reports it to her husband. But it opened a new door for Alvin, who was aroused by the sight of his wife (Milis) being held by Shinji.

 (Is there such a way?)

 Alvin knew that it was a very dangerous thing to do. Even though he trusts Shinji, there is no chance that he might go out of control and break his promise. That is why Alvin was watching him closely so that he could stop him in case of an emergency.

 But if he asked for a cuckold report, Shinji and Milis would be left alone together. Even though there is a recording crystal, there is no stopper in case of an emergency, and there is no guarantee that he keeps his promise.

 (This is not good… very bad… But, I think Mil and I can handle it…?)

 Milis is embraced by Shinji, and even though she is in lewd and lascivious mood, her love for Alvin does not seem to have waned at all. Alvin is also aware that his feelings for Milis have become firm after the official wedding.

 Shinji is also married to Renka. So, it was hard to believe that Alvin’s trusted man would break the promise he made to Alvin during the play and cause Renka’s sadness.

 (Y-Yes… it would have been bad. But if we could…)

 No, they can do it. The thought of it was enough. And thinking about it, Alvin gets so excited that his crotch hurts, and he can’t help but want to do a “cuckold report” using the recording crystal. Once he thought it was okay, his thoughts worked to find a reason why it was okay, and by the time he got back to the Wolf house, he was completely ready to do it.

 Alvin immediately prepared the recording crystal and talked to Milis first. She agrees if Al-kun wants her to do it with Shinji. Well, there was no way she would not accept this proposal, which she could use as an excuse to do it with Shinji behind his back.

 This leads to Shinji, who has no reason to refuse, accepts Alvin’s and Milis’ proposal and receives the crystal recordings for the new play. He filmed his action with Milis and gave it to her.

 (I wonder if she already gave it to Alvin…)

 The following is the answer to Shinji’s question. When Shinji comes home, he learns that Alvin and Milis had been playing with the recording crystal while Shinji was spending the night with Hayate. But there was no way for Shinji to know that now.

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